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If you’ve been trying every trick under the sun to get your hair to stop falling and start growing but to no avail, it’s understandable that you get frustrated. Maybe you’re even considering giving up rescuing your thinning hair and just want to resign your crowning glory to its fate.

But before you give up entirely, consider this information: there’s a number of real underlying reasons behind your severe hair loss that you may not even be aware of yet. Let’s find out what they are, and how you could potentially turn your thinning hair woes around.

The top five factors that could be hindering your hair growth

Lack of iron

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Source: Adam Niescioruk/Unsplash

Getting enough iron is key to healthy tresses and the truth is, the best sources are most likely already in your diet – chicken, turkey, beef, oysters, nuts, legumes, seeds, spirulina, and dark leafy greens are all packed with iron.

Our advice? Check with your doctor and get a blood test to find out if your iron is at a healthy level or if you should try an iron supplement.

Not getting enough sleep

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Source: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

You’ve probably heard this countless times already, but we have to reiterate it: sleep is essential. Not getting enough of it can lead to an array of health problems, one of which is unhealthy skin and hair.

You have a right to those eight hours so it’s time you consider them top priority, especially if healthy hair is what you’re after. Plus, you can dream about having long, luscious locks while you’re catching the Z’s.

Trimming too much hair

Woman Getting Haircut In Salon

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You may have heard of this numerous times before: get a trim every quarter of the year to keep your hair in tip-top shape.

But the truth is not all hair was created equal, so why should everyone follow the same schedule when it comes to trims? While it’s important to touch up split ends before they cause serious breakage, you don’t want to overdo it either.

Find a hairstylist you trust and ask them how frequently you need to schedule haircuts. Once they know your dedication to growing out your locks, they can get you on a plan where trims only tackle what needs to be removed.


Woman Stressed At Work

Source: Energepic.com/Pexels

Research has shown that stress impacts everything in the body, including your hair. When you’re unable to channel high levels of anxiety or pressure, it not only leads to lack of hair growth but hair loss as well.

If your stress level is frequently through the roof, try meditating for 20 minutes first thing each morning – it’ll help calm the mind before you start the day. At night, you can try listening to slow, meditating music to help you ease into bed better so you can get sufficient rest.


Woman Scratching Scalp Long Hair

Source: Bennie Lukas Bester/Pexels

It is true: less than half of women will make it past age 65 with a full head of hair. This condition, known as female pattern hair loss (or androgenetic alopecia medically) is – you’ve guessed it – hair loss that affects women. It’s pretty similar to male pattern baldness, except that women lose their hair in a different pattern than men.

Unlike male pattern hair loss, most women don’t get a bald spot on the crown. Instead, there is overall thinning and the first noticeable signs are a widening of the parting and a smaller ponytail.

Of course, hair loss in women is just as normal as it is for men, especially as you age, and it’s also crucial to note that female pattern hair loss is hereditary. It’s also more common in post-menopausal women, so some experts have hypothesised that hormones are likely responsible as well.

While it may not be possible to completely stop genetic hair loss, there is a promising technology in hair care that keeps scalp and hair as healthy as possible and helps prevent premature hair thinning and boost regrowth.

What can you do to reverse the effects of hair loss?

The technology we’re talking about is stem cell technology. More and more research into regenerative beauty are suggesting that this particular technology has the ability to undo the effects of hair loss and kickstart new hair growth.

How? To explain it simply, it does so by “waking up” dormant follicle stem cells and also supporting the natural cell growth cycle in hair. By activating and improving stem cell performance, this technological advancement is able to harness the body’s potential and reawaken its natural capacity for hair regrowth.

Phs Hairscience Fem Thickening Group Products

One such brand that has been pioneering such advanced technology is homegrown hair and scalp label, PHS Hairscience. The trichology brand has created a homecare range to supplement its flagship hair loss treatment, which you might want to consider if you just don’t have the luxury of time to visit their in-salon treatment

Meet the stem cell-based haircare range that can help you fight hair loss at the comfort of your home

Called the FEM Thickening range, which consists of a Thickening Shampoo, Stem C Growth Activator, and Stem C Ampoule, each product is carefully formulated with a cutting-edge blend of cell-signalling technology, growth factors, and DHT (short for dihydrotestosterone, which is a male sex hormone) blockers to help women control severe hair loss and thinning, and to activate new, healthy hair growth.

Phs Hairscience Fem Stem C Ampoule

The star of the range that should be incorporated into your daily routine is the FEM Stem C Ampoule, S$359 (30 x 3ml).

This highly concentrated formula of cell-signalling proteins, oleanolic acid, and apigenin is developed to signal follicle stem cells to initiate cell growth cycle and activate follicle stem cell regeneration while increasing hair’s anchoring power at the roots to keep hair fall at bay. In other words, think of it as a trigger to your cells’ messenger to tell your follicles to start keeping the hair in them intact!

With continuous usage, you can expect hair density to improve significantly until you see a fuller-looking mane.

Phs Hairscience Fem Stem C Growth Activator

You’d also want to complement the FEM Stem C Ampoule with the FEM Stem C Growth Activator, S$239 (15ml). Cell-signalling proteins, growth factors, and biotin work synergistically in this formula to help activate, encourage, and sustain new hair growth by reinforcing hair follicles and inhibiting DHT formation.

Yes, the serum essentially suppresses the male hormone that’s been identified as the main culprit of hair loss while building up your hair’s strength – it’s a two-pronged approach!

Time to give your hair the wake-up call it needs

As mentioned earlier, it may not be humanly possible to completely stop hereditary hair loss but with the right products, you may just be able to reverse the signs and delay the process. With PHS Hairscience which is an established expert in addressing serious scalp and hair problems, you can trust that to happen because of the brand’s commitment to using only the purest botanical essences in all its formula to deliver results.

In addition to that, all of its products do not contain harmful additives like parabens, mineral oils or benzophenone, and are also highly concentrated to ensure optimal effectiveness without damaging your hair and health.

So, our advice? Don’t give up on your crowning glory just yet – it probably just needs an energising jolt to restore itself and PHS Hairscience’s FEM Thickening range may just be the wake-up call your hair needs.

Find the FEM Thickening range at all PHS Hairscience outlets as well as online at PHS Hairscience’s official website.

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