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Whether we are of a healthy weight or could shed a few pounds, many of us suffer from cellulite.

Cellulite is dimpled-looking skin or “orange peel” of skin, most commonly seen around the buttocks, thighs, and tummy, and is caused by abnormal storage of fats in adipocytes fat cells in the hypodermis (deeper layer of skin that is responsible for storing fat).


Unfortunately, it is most prevalent amongst women; a 2014 medical study notes that 85%-98% of women suffer from it. And unlike weight loss, cellulite cannot be easily rid of.

More bad news: the condition will only deteriorate over time because our skin tissue is susceptible to variations in hormone levels during menstrual cycles, pregnancies and menopause. This means that it can only become worse as we age.


Is there any way to treat it?

aesthetics surgery for cellulite

Yes, there are ways to treat it. You can choose to surgically remove cellulite. These invasive procedures can only be performed by a medical doctor under anaesthetic and come with a significant amount of downtime. Since the procedure is invasive, it certainly comes with a set of risks, and would not be an option for those who are afraid of pain or surgical treatments. Of course, they don’t come cheap as well.

Any non-invasive procedure to consider?

Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are now non-invasive procedures that can help improve the look of cellulite. If you’re looking out for an option, consider the Advance Hi-Constructive Therapy by Marie France Bodyline. This treatment uses a state-of-the-art equipment that has three programmed motorised rollers that smooth out irregular skin.


The procedure helps redefine body contour, and reduce the appearance of cellulite without the involvement of any medical treatment or the use of any chemical substances. At the same time, it increases blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, which can fundamentally treat the appearance of cellulite since these two are factors that contribute directly to this condition. More importantly, this painless procedure is actually rather relaxing to go through, and you can see significant results within just one session.

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It treats loose skin too

Cellulite and loose skin are both caused by the lack of collagen and elastin to hold up skin to keep it looking plump and taut. The Advance Hi-Constructive Therapy has the ability to tighten and tone loose skin, to help your overall silhouette look more defined and contoured.

Ms Margaret Ong, 42, sought help from Marie France Bodyline after many attempts to lose weight. She was pleasantly surprised at the results the Advance Hi-Constructive Therapy provided after just 4 weeks. She lost 4.5kg and noticed that her fold lines around her belly became lesser!

Try it yourself!

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