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This “rice milk tea” lippie comes in the most gorgeous lipstick case – here’s where you can find it

By Shervon Thiam
6 December, 2022

On days when we crave a refreshing cup of milk tea but don’t want something too sweet, most of us reach out for a more balanced alternative like rice milk tea.

The creamy white of the rice purée mixed with the light brown hues of the milk tea turn into a satisfying beige hue as you stir it all up.

What if we told you we found a lipstick that perfectly resembles this yummy beverage?

Just look at how this matte lippie dresses the lips in a light beige shade.

Cue the drum roll and welcome Christian Louboutin Beauty’s Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip in shade #342M Milky Light.

This lippie, in particular, has a formula that is highly pigmented, long-lasting, and comfortable. One swipe and it’ll glide smoothly onto your lips.

To top it all off, it also boasts a complex of natural oils and seed butters so your lips will always stay moisturised.

You can easily get a just-bitten lip look similar to the Korean gradient lip just by applying the lipstick from the centre of your lips before blending it out.

There’s still one more reason we’ve fallen head over heels for it. Aside from its lovely shade and formulation, we’re obsessed with the case this lippie comes in.

The lipstick case resembles a magic wand that will look so luxe and enchanting. Its distinct shape and elegant etchings will surely stand out from the crowd.

Christian Louboutin Beauty’s Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip in shade #342M Milky Light retails for S$103, available at Selfridges.

Featured images credit: @猫茶芝/XiaoHongShu