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Stress can hit hard, especially during these unprecedented times. Even if we’re meditating each morning and streaming yoga classes by night, the effects of the current climate can affect more than our minds. It can also take a toll on our skin, the largest organ in the body. When we’re feeling overwhelmed, stress mirrors our mental state and manifests itself as irritation, breakouts, dullness, and dehydration.

Our first course of action would be to spam it with numerous harsh treatments and pray that our problems disappear overnight. However, that can backfire and aggravate our skin even further. If you’re looking to get your complexion back on track, turn to Korean skincare.

Why Korean brands are experts in urban-stress skincare

Rootree Korean Skin Pollution

Donning surgical masks has become a signature look for Korean celebrities over the years, and while it served as a way to go incognito from paps and fans, it’s actually an effort to shield the skin from HwangSa, or “yellow dust”.

Yellow dust is super fine, inhalable dust that has been compromising South Korea’s air quality for generations. Dust storms used to blow into Korea mostly during springtime, but dust levels have been spiking more frequently and to alarmingly greater extents over time.

This environmental stressor poses a problem not just for the respiratory health of Koreans but for their skin health as well. Bad air wages war on skin cells, breaking down collagen and elastin. This weakens the skin barrier, aggravates inflammation, and speeds up the onslaught of premature ageing.

Thankfully, Korean beauty brands have taken heed and have been developing anti-pollution skincare products to protect the skin from damage caused by dust, dirt, and even internal stress. While we may not experience gusts of dust here in Singapore, we still live in an urban environment that’s riddled with pollutants, and our stress levels have also skyrocketed to unprecedented heights. So what better source to take notes from than those who actually live through the thick of it yet come out with glowier, more gorgeous skin?

It’s no surprise that the demand for anti-pollution and anti-stress skincare products are on the rise, but they usually come with hefty price tags. This is why we’ve been loving Rootree’s range of skin-soothing products. They put out the fire, diminish tightness, and strengthen the skin – all without the exorbitant prices.

How Rootree products soothe stressed skin

Rootree Cryptherapy Full Range

An affordable, natural beauty brand that doesn’t skimp on quality ingredients is hard to come by, which is why we were thrilled when we found Rootree. Led by its ‘made in forest’ philosophy, this K-beauty brand harnesses the natural goodness of Jeju’s forest so that our skin can reap all its healing benefits.

These natural formulations take all the possible irritants and allergens out of the equation too. What we get are safer products that are chock-full of nourishing, skin-loving nutrients. Each formula is crafted using eco-friendly methods, and every bottle and jar is bursting with ingredients that are organically farmed. The label is also cruelty-free, so no animals were harmed in the making of every product.

Embracing its Korean approach to beauty, the brand is big on creating products for urban dwellers like us. So to offer our stressed skin some respite, Rootree has infused three key ingredients into its Cryptherapy range.

  •  Jeju Samdasoo water

When you do a quick scan of a product’s ingredients list, you’d usually find water right at the top. Instead of using distilled water, however, Rootree uses Jeju Samdasoo water – mineral-rich water that’s found in the layers of volcanic rock. Since it’s sourced from a well-preserved forest, the water is free and far from contamination. It refreshes tired or fatigued skin and provides all-day hydration.

  • Cryptomeria Japonica leaf extract

Rootree’s skincare range is named after this ingredient for a reason. Cryptomeria Japonica, also known as cypress, is high in antimicrobial phytoncides. This plant-derived chemical cools down the skin and speeds up its healing process, so it effectively combats acne, premature skin ageing, and hyperpigmentation. If you have a weakened skin barrier, phytoncides can help to rebuild your epidermis for a younger, fresher-looking complexion too.

And here’s a fun fact: Being around Cryptomeria Japonica trees can be good for both your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s often called ‘forest bathing’, and it’s proven to reduce stress hormone production, improve feelings of happiness, as well as lower heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Wheat Sprout extract

In Korea, wheat sprout juice is commonly used in detox plans to help one achieve a slimmer physique, but it can do more than just that. Rich in vitamins A and C, wheat sprout extract feeds nutrients and moisture to damaged skin. The high chlorophyll content also removes gunk in your pores, so your skin will look smoother and clearer.

Going back to basics with Rootree’s Cryptherapy range

Step 1: Rootree Cryptherapy Purifying Cleanser

Rootree Cryptherapy Purifying Cleanser

When your skin is really stressed out, the tiniest things can aggravate it. This is why you need to start and end your day with a gentle face wash like Rootree’s Cryptherapy Purifying Cleanser. Rich and soft, its foam reminds us of fluffy cotton candy. The dense bubbles pick up dirt and impurities from your pores to keep your skin clean, balanced, and healthy throughout the day.

As with the rest of the Cryptherapy products, this cleanser contains a tinge of corn mint leaf. The menthol gives the formula an invigorating feel, which also soothes irritation and shrinks the appearance of large pores.

Step 2: Rootree Cryptherapy Facial Mild Scrub

Rootree Cryptherapy Facial Mild Scrub

Stress causes your skin to slack off, so your skin’s healing process can start to slow. When your skin doesn’t renew itself as quickly as it normally does, you’ll notice a dullness of your complexion. We recommend exfoliating your skin once or twice a week to slough off dead skin cells and speed up cell turnover.

If you have rough patches, try Rootree’s Cryptherapy Facial Mild Scrub. It buffs away dead skin and product buildup gently without causing any tears on the surface of your skin. The scrub also contains dendropanax morbifera, a botanical extract that’s high in antioxidants. It soothes irritation while it purifies and brightens your skin. Getting rid of those extra layers helps the rest of your skincare products to penetrate your skin better too, so you’ll get your glow back in no time.

Step 3: Rootree Cryptherapy Revital Toner

Rootree Revital Cryptherapy Toner

One of the worst feelings ever is getting a breakout after a high-stress day, and then stressing even more because an uninvited guest has popped up on your face. To calm your skin and anxiety, reach for Rootree’s Cryptherapy Revital Toner. It provides instant relief for your skin after cleansing, and it helps to maintain its moisture balance.

Aside from its three key ingredients, this toner is also infused with bamboo juice, a powerhouse ingredient that’s packed with moisturising silica and cellulose. It’s an essential organic compound that keeps your skin healthy, supple, and radiant. Bamboo juice is also rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from oxidative stress to prevent premature ageing.

Step 4: Rootree Cryptherapy Recovery Essence

Rootree Cryptherapy Recovery Essence

Should your skin need a little boost, add a glow-enhancing product into your routine like Rootree’s Cryptherapy Recovery Essence. This moisture-care essence sinks in deep into the layers of your skin to give it a dewy, glass skin-like effect.

Hyaluronic acid bolsters the formula and boosts your skin’s moisture levels to keep it soft and bouncy. The essence also contains rapeseed flower, an anti-ageing ingredient that’s high in beta carotene, as well as bamboo juice, a refreshing drink that soothes and hydrates.

Step 5: Rootree Cryptherapy Renewing Cream

Rootree Cryptherapy Renewing Cream

Hormones like cortisol surges when your body detects stress, which can ramp up the skin’s sebum production and increase overall inflammation. By feeding your skin nourishing omega fatty acids, you can help it recover quicker and restore its glow.

Rootree’s Cryptherapy Renewing Cream is a lightweight moisturiser that sinks into your skin quickly to deliver a dose of moisture without imparting a greasy film on your face. It uses vitamin-rich shea butter and macadamia seed oil to condition your skin and lock in moisture. There are also ceramides in the cream to strengthen your skin barrier and prevent dryness and irritation.

With this quick five-step skincare routine, you’ll get your skin back on track and looking better than ever. Try Rootree’s products out yourself at My Natural Story!  Each product from the Crptherapy range retails from S$26.30 to S$40.20.

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