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Creer Beaute has done it again. After the Japanese brand has made ’90s kids lust after the Sailor Moon Prism Compact, they’ve now dropped the Sailor Moon Moisture Rouge collection, which is made up of five Sailor Moon lipsticks shaped like wands featured in our favourite anime.

If you’re hoping for some magic from these “wands”, you have it. These five lipsticks change colours on your lips depending on your pH. What this means is that even if your friend and you are using the same lipstick, the shade may turn out differently on your lips.

You can look forward to these lipsticks:

  • Sailor Mercury lipstick offers a pale pink shade, housed in a blue tube
  • Sailor Mars lipstick offers a ruby red shade, housed in a tube in the same shade
  • Sailor Venus lipstick offers a coral shade, housed in a yellow tube
  • Sailor Jupiter lipstick offers a coral-pink shade, housed in a green tube
  • and Sailor Moon lipstick, likely to be the most popular, offers a rose pink shade, housed in a pink tube with a red gem on top

And these aren’t just eye candies. Creer Beaute says that the lipsticks contain skin-loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, squalene, and macadamia seed oil, leaving your lips feeling hydrated and looking glossy.

They retail at 2,800yen each (approximately SGD35.95) but unfortunately are only available in Japan, and not in Singapore. However, besides flying to Japan for them, you can also put up a request on websites like Airfrov to ask a traveller to help you bring it back. You can use “DVSG10” to get SGD10 off your first purchase.