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K-pop fans may be familiar with LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura, who is well-known for her naturally charming and radiant aura!

Having been an idol since she was just 13 years old, Sakura knows exactly how to take care of her skin under heavy stage makeup, and how to look and feel her best when she’s out of the spotlight.

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

In a recent video with Vogue, Sakura revealed all the details of her day-to-day beauty routine, sharing how she maintains flawless and healthy skin, as well as how she achieves barely-there makeup that enhances her natural beauty.

If you’re keen to find out her secrets, we’ve compiled all her most essential products in her routine, so read on to find out more!

Step 1: DIY Toner Pads

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

Sakura starts her routine with this moisturising and soothing toner, and shares how she makes her own DIY toner pads!

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

She soaks cotton pads with the toner and leaves the cotton pads on her face, making sure to cover areas like her cheeks and forehead.

Sakura says that she has dry skin, so she uses these homemade toner pads every night in winter when the air is particularly dry.

The Primera Hydro Glow Treatment Essence Toner retails for S$43.77 on YesStyle.

Step 2: Serum

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

Then, she uses this 2-in-1 serum as the next step in her skincare routine. Infused with both Vitamin C and Retinol, this serum aims to boost skin elasticity for a youthful glow.

Sakura makes sure to pay special attention to her undereye area when applying the serum, and shares that she’s been meticulously doing eyecare since she was a teenager, to prevent fine lines and dark undereyes.

The Primera Youth Radiance Vitatinol Serum retails for S$47.09 on Amazon.

Step 3: Rose Quartz Roller

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

She uses a small face roller all over her face to massage the serum into her skin, helping it to absorb better. The roller also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, as the gentle massage helps with circulation.

Face rollers can be found on Shopee for S$11.80.

Step 4: Emulsion

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

This nourishing moisturiser helps to repair damaged skin barriers and improve the appearance of blemishes. Sakura comments that this is a lightweight moisturiser, so it works well as a daytime moisturiser.

She uses this moisturiser on her neck as well, since she believes that caring for the skin of your neck is just as important as facial skincare.

The Primera Organience Barrier Repair Hydration Cream Emulsion retails for S$43.15 on YesStyle.

Step 5: Moisturiser

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

She uses this product as a second layer of moisturiser on drier parts of her face, such as around her eyes and chin, to give them an added boost of hydration.

This particular moisturiser has incredible anti-ageing effects, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and boost skin elasticity! It’s perfect for more sensitive areas, such as the skin around our eyes.

The Primera Youth Radiance Power Moisturizer retails for S$57.61 on YesStyle.

Step 6: Lip Treatment

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

For lip balm, Sakura uses the iconic Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment, one of the most famous products from Hailey Bieber’s beauty brand.

This lip balm promises glossy and pillowy lips, containing shea butter to nourish and moisturise the lips, and peptides to give you a soft and plump pout.

The Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment retails for S$63 on Zalora.

Step 7: Foundation

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

For her base, Sakura mixes her foundation and concealer together!

She uses the HERA Glow Lasting Foundation. Since this foundation contains SPF, it doubles as sun protection for her as well. It also has a natural finish that she says is often complimented by others.

The HERA Glow Lasting Foundation retails for S$56.68 on Shopee. It’s currently going at 20% off at the time of writing, so tap in to check the latest price!

Step 8: Concealer

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

She mixes her foundation with this concealer, creating a base with a lightweight and natural finish.

She shares that since her stage makeup is often heavy and dramatic, she tends to prefer lighter, barely-there makeup when she’s out of the spotlight.

The LUNA Long Lasting Tip Concealer retails for S$27.25 on Shopee. It’s currently going at 40% off at the time of writing, so tap in to check the latest price!

Step 9: Eyebrow Pencil

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

Sakura fills in her brows lightly, making sure not to go too dark. She brushes her brows up slightly with her fingers, as it gives her a brighter expression.

The unique shape of this iconic brow pencil means that adding details to your brows will be a breeze – you’ll get fine hair-like strokes that blend perfectly for a natural look. The hard formula is also designed to glide on over foundation!

The shu uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil retails for S$42 on Sephora.

Step 10: Eyeshadow Base

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

Sakura uses this nude eyeshadow as a base for her eye makeup, making sure to apply eyeshadow both on her eyelids and just below her eyes for a more blended and balanced look.

The Laura Mercier Luster Eye Shadow retails for S$55.04 on Amazon.

Step 11: Eyeshadow Palette

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

She tops off the eye makeup with a shimmery pink eyeshadow from this palette on her undereyes to highlight her aegyosal, giving her eyes more dimension while maintaining a natural look.

The Tarte Fresh Picked Amazonian Clay Palette retails for S$39 on Sephora.

Step 12: Eyelash Curler

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

To get curled and doll-like lashes, Sakura uses this eyelash curler!

She presses harder at the roots of her lashes, and gradually lightens the pressure as she moves upwards towards the tips of her lashes.

The Shiseido Eyelash Curler retails for S$30 on Sephora.

Step 13: Gel Liner

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

Sakura likes subtle eyeliner that wings upwards, and uses this gel eyeliner to add definition to her eyes.

She tightlines her upper eyelids and extends the wing slightly, cleaning up any mistakes with her finger and a cotton bud.

This eyeliner has a smooth gel texture that helps it glide on effortlessly for a crisp and sharp line. It has a powerful fixing formula that’s resistant against water, oil, and even accidental rubbing with your fingers, so it’ll stay in place all day!

The Too Cool for School Artclass Fixing Gel Liner retails for S$19.91 on Shopee. It’s currently going at 29% off at the time of writing, so tap in to check the latest price!

Step 14: Mascara

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

Sakura uses Heroine Make, a Japanese brand renowned for their high-quality mascaras at an affordable price!

She presses the mascara into her lashes with slightly more force at the roots, then applies the mascara more lightly towards the tips of her lashes.

The Heroine Make Kiss Me Mascara retails for S$22.50 at Watsons.

Step 15: Blush

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

Sakura uses the Clinique Cheek Pop Blush for a naturally charming flush.

She applies blush on the apples of her cheeks while smiling, and adds a light touch of blush to her nose and chin. This technique gives her a radiant, youthful glow from within!

The Clinique Cheek Pop Blush retails for S$43 at Sephora.

Step 16: Powder Contour

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

For contour, Sakura uses powder contour by MAC. She applies the contour with a light hand, taking care not to go overboard, so that it simply enhances the natural shadows of her face.

She focuses mainly on her jawline and chin, and adds contour to her temples. She shares that this is a trick used by K-pop idols to mimic the shadows created by their hair, as their hair may not stay in place while they are dancing.

The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural retails for S$80 at Tangs.

Step 17: Liquid Lipstick

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

Lipstick is Sakura’s favourite step in her beauty routine, as it brightens up her face! She adds a pop of colour with this MAC lipstick, and applies a layer of clear lip gloss on top for added shine.

This weightless liquid lipstick has a mousse-like finish, offering up to ten hours of hydration for your lips! So, you’ll get a gorgeous matte look that stays comfortable all day without drying out your lips.

The MAC Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour retails for S$49 on Sephora.

Step 18: Lip Gloss

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

She uses matte lippies for performances where she’s dancing, and saves lip glosses for performances where she’s only singing, so that her hair won’t get stuck in the gloss while she dances.

The rom&nd Glasting Water Gloss retails for S$9.20 on Shopee.

Step 19: Body Cream

Credits: @Vogue/Youtube

For the very last step in her beauty routine, Sakura uses Le Labo’s body cream on her neck and elbows to keep her body moisturised.

This hydrating buttery cream carries the light scent of hinoki trees, so it doubles as perfume for Sakura.

The Le Labo Hinoki Body Cream retails for S$82.07 on Nordstrom.

Featured image credits: @Vogue/Youtube.