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This “sakura milk tea” lippie from Dior will give you the sweetest pout

By Shervon Thiam
24 February, 2023

The cherry blossom season has arrived, but if you aren’t able to visit Japan during this period for hanami (“flower viewing” in Japanese), fret not.

You can still wear sakura on your lips, thanks to Dior’s gorgeous lippie.

Check out the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss in #018 Intense Spice.

Photo source: @戒不掉咖啡的黛小姐/XiaoHongShu

Its gorgeous shade reminds us of a cup of sakura milk tea and this fairly new launch has been trending all over TikTok.

Everyone who has managed to get their hands on this lip plumper has raved about its hydrating and plumping formula, as well as its range of gorgeous shades.

One swipe of this gloss and your lips will be transformed into a juicy pout with its lip care formula.

Photo source: @戒不掉咖啡的黛小姐/XiaoHongShu

Cherry oil and hyaluronic acid is infused in its formula to visibly smooth your lips and plump them to their full potential.

Photo source: @戒不掉咖啡的黛小姐/XiaoHongShu

Aside from fuller-looking lips, you’ll also get a deep muted pink hue that reminds us of sakura milk tea.

Photo source: @戒不掉咖啡的黛小姐/XiaoHongShu

With its muted hue, this wearable lip gloss is also great for practically any occasion – whether it’s a casual date or a job interview.

Photo source: @戒不掉咖啡的黛小姐/XiaoHongShu

Its glossy finish looks like an added spoon of syrup to the cup of sakura milk tea and will certainly make your lips look even juicier.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss in shade #018 Intense Spice retails for S$59, available at Sephora, Dior’s online boutique, and Dior stores and counters.

Featured image: @戒不掉咖啡的黛小姐/XiaoHongShu