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If you’ve gone for hair treatments at salons, you know how boring it can get when you’re stuck in your chair for hours.

For those of us who are dreading the monotony of our next hair appointment, this local salon has come up with a unique way to entertain their customers!

So, read on to find out all the details about this unexpected service.

How Did This Start?

Credits: Athens Salon

The salon in question is Athens Salon, located in Far East Plaza.

Ann Lin, the salon’s director, revealed to Mothership that she was inspired by local singers who frequent her salons.

She personally also enjoys singing, which spurred her to offer this one-of-a-kind free service to her clients!

How Often Do They Host Karaoke Sessions?

The salon clarified on its TikTok account (@athenssalon) that they do not host karaoke sessions every day, and these occur only when requested by a customer. Otherwise, the treatments “will still be in peace”, said the salon.

With such an amusing service, it’s no surprise that people are flocking to the salon to experience this for themselves!

Credits: @annl8686/Instagram

Singaporean actor and singer Desmond Ng was filmed belting a Mandopop song mid-appointment, hair slicked back, while still in a haircutting cape.

Credits: @annl8686/Instagram

Another customer eagerly participated in a karaoke session while getting his hair washed, singing his heart out even while lying flat on his back.

What Are People Saying?

Credits: @annl8686/Instagram

Some users lauded this as a creative solution to boost business, with one enthusing that it was their “time to shine”.

Meanwhile, others complained about the noise created. One netizen declared that they would “rather be bald” than endure other clients’ karaoke sessions.

“It’s supposed to be an oasis of peace & rejuvenation. If someone comes in and screams, then it’ll be torture,” said another.

Credits: @annl8686/Instagram

One practical netizen mused that shampoo going into your eyes at the hair salon is already an unpleasant experience, and wondered what might happen if shampoo got into one’s mouth.

Another user joked that if a customer has a horrible voice, they might be required to “pay extra for staff suffering”.


You can sing karaoke while washing your hair at Athen Salon #karaoke #hairsalon #singapore #tiktoksg

♬ Graduation (“Mom, Don’t Do That!” TV Series Theme Song) – Eric Chou

“So depending on the customer, the shop will draw customers or drive them away?” asked one curious commenter.

One netizen directly asked the salon if they would let customers play on a Playstation 5 during their haircut, to which the salon confidently replied “Of course”.

However, we’re still waiting for another viral video to confirm this!

So, will you be flexing your singing skills at this salon?

Featured image credits: @annl8686/Instagram.