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Eyeshadow is essential to completing our makeup looks and while many of us dip our brushes into eyeshadow palettes often, most still struggle with our techniques.

Some of us find it hard to keep the eyeshadow from creasing while others can’t seem to get it to last very long.

Well, there’s a new solution making its rounds on social media, and it’s none other than the “eyeshadow sandwich” method.

What is the “eyeshadow sandwich” method?

Photo source: @Fevfay/XiaoHongShu

“Eyeshadow sandwiching” is a simple layering process that will get your eyeshadow to stay on your lids for longer without creasing or flaking.

Photo source: @Anncy/XiaoHongShu

This method is also great for gradient eye looks!

Wanna find out how you can achieve the look? We’ll walk you through it step by step.

A step-by-step guide to the “eyeshadow sandwich” method

Step 1: Apply a layer of powder on your eyelids

Photo source: @露娜不打野/XiaoHongShu

Before you start layering on eyeshadow, sweep some powder on your eyelids. The powder will help to blot away any excess oil and prep your lids, preventing your makeup from smudging.

Feel free to use any setting powder you have in your makeup stash. If you don’t have one, we recommend the Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder (S$20.50) which feels oh-so-soft on the skin and has fine powders that will effectively sop up sebum.

Step 2: Base layer

Photo source: @mini乔安娜/XiaoHongShu

Next, you can start sweeping some light eyeshadow onto your upper eyelid. This layer will act as your base to keep the entire eye look more pigmented and long-lasting.

You’ll want to spread it on your entire eyelid so you can really get a nice gradient effect later on. If you see any caking or creasing, use your fingers to gently blend it out.

For those of you with double eyelids, take extra note of creasing for this step. Make sure you lift the fold of your lids up and spread all the pigmentation out.

Step 3: Mix eyeshadow cream with eyeshadow

Photo source: @缓缓babe/XiaoHongShu

Eyeshadow creams have a dewy consistency and won’t dry up as quickly as regular shadows. Mixing an eyeshadow cream with powder eyeshadow will help you achieve a seamless look that promises no creasing. Plus, creams are hydrating so it eliminates the chances of your eyeshadow breaking up or flaking.

Dab a small amount of eyeshadow cream on the back of your hand and slowly spread it out with your finger. Then, pick some powder eyeshadow up with a brush and mix it on your hand.

Afterwards, sweep this mixture onto your upper eyelids.

Step 4: Lower eyelid

Photo source: @Anncy/XiaoHongShu

Adding some colour to your lower eyelid is a great way to give your look a more complete and balanced composition.

Reach for your eye primer and gently tap on a thin layer of it on your lower eyelid with your fingers.

Photo source: @露娜不打野/XiaoHongShu

Finally, pick an eyeshadow that’s a darker shade than the mixture you used for the upper eyelid and paint it on the outer corner of the upper eyelid eye and one third of the lower eyelid. Then, blend it out with a small, dense eyeshadow brush for a seamless finish.

And you’re done!

Feature image credit: @Anncy/XiaoHongShu