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During a buzzing conversation the Daily Vanity team was having around the lunch table the other day, someone popped a question that made us dissolve into a fit of laughter… and then plunge into some serious discussion: “How far back should you cleanse your face if you don’t have any hair on your head?”

The premise, of course, was that the scalp is skin too – as much as the skin on your face is, well, skin.

It’s not such a funny question when you think about it. Indeed, the scalp is skin. For all the attention we’ve been paying to our flowing tresses, we’ve given far too little thought to the skin at the top of our heads – the skin from which our hair grows.

After all, a healthier scalp paves the way for healthier hair too.

Fortunately, scalp health has come back to the centre of discussion: we’re investing in hair care products that strengthen our scalp barrier, adding scalp exfoliation to our in-shower rituals once to twice a week, and – yes, going for scalp “facials” regularly.

What are scalp “facials”?

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Scalp “facials” are, essentially, treatments for the scalp that constitute elements of a facial. Think: a consultation and analysis, a mask application, and an ampoule application, to name a few.

As a scalp “facial” should target your unique scalp (and hair) concerns such as dandruff, oiliness, or dehydration, you should be able to experience a difference in how your scalp looks and feels after.

Even though you might not be getting (or wanting) a visible scalp glow at the end of it, you should feel pampered during the process and step out of the treatment centre with a healthier scalp.

Why should you go for a scalp “facial”?

Many of us supplement our daily at-home skincare regimens – no matter how comprehensive – with regular trips to the facial spa because it gives us a deep cleanse, renews our skin cells, and keeps our skin in good health over time.

The same goes for a scalp “facial”. Going for regular scalp “facials” will keep the skin at the top of your head healthy, and – let’s chant it together – a healthier scalp equals healthier hair too.

What is one scalp “facial” to go for?scalp facials - tk trichokare scalp purifying therapy

The TK TrichoKare Scalp Purifying Therapy is an award-winning scalp “facial” that uses a premium European herb blend to purify the scalp and strengthen the hair follicles.

Detailed consultation

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How does it go? You’ll sit down with a consultant who’ll examine your scalp and explain your scalp concerns in detail.

By in detail, we really mean in detail, because TK TrichoKare’s consultants use microscopic lenses that zoom up to 200 times to view your scalp up close.

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With the zoomed-in images, the consultant will be able to identify your scalp concerns. The flakey skin on your scalp might point to dehydration, the build-up around your hair follicles might be a sign of oiliness, and the redness on your scalp? Sensitivity.

She will customise your treatment according to your concerns, so you will really reap the best for your scalp by the end of it.

Scalp mask

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Masks and cucumbers are what we think of when we’re pining for a relaxing at-home spa day. Even though facials leave out the cucumbers, the clay mask step at the beginning of a treatment is what we always look forward to.

It soothes our skin, absorbs excess oil, and lifts impurities from our clogged pores, making our skin feel so much cleaner and fresher than before.

TK TrichoKare’s scalp “facial”, too, includes a mask step right at the start of the treatment. The trichologist will apply a customised blend of premium European herbs to your scalp to strip off excess sebum, remove impurities, and detoxify the scalp.

While you’re enjoying the calming, cool sensation and whiffing the fresh scent of natural herbs, your scalp will be better prepped for the next step to come!

Hair bath

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Since TK TrichoKare’s herbal scalp mask can’t be peeled off the scalp like a regular thick facial mask, which dries down after 10 minutes, the trichologist will lead you to the washing station to rinse the mask off.

It’s like getting a luxurious hair wash at a hair salon, because your trichologist will lather a clarifying shampoo (TK TrichoKare’s Nourishing Bath shampoo) onto your scalp and even give you an oh-so-relaxing scalp massage in the process.

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After TK Trichokare’s Scalp Purifying Therapy, customers can bring home a free haircare kit, which includes the Nourishing Bath and CompleteKare Mask.

We’re adding points to the pampering factor of a scalp “facial”, for sure, but a massage also directs blood flow to the scalp and, thus, grants your hair follicles an increased supply of oxygen and nutrients. Expect healthier hair, over time.

Oxygen infusion

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Oxygen facials are rather common when it comes to rejuvenating the skin’s glow. The key step in an oxygen facial, of course, is delivering oxygen to the skin cells, which stimulates cell renewal and boosts collagen production for skin that’s fresh and supple.

During the TK TrichoKare scalp “facial”, a similar oxygenation step is included in the treatment. Instead of directing oxygen onto your face, the trichologist does so to your scalp.

The Oxyjet accelerates cell metabolism and boosts blood circulation, so your follicles can better absorb nutrients too.

Customised ampoule

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Typically, a facial includes an ampoule application step, where a customised essence is applied to your face to target your specific skin concerns – hydrating, brightening, firming, you name it.

TK TrichoKare’s scalp “facial” doesn’t stray too far: the trichologist will also apply a customised ampoule (the Follicle MaxiKare) to your scalp, this time, targeting concerns like an itchy, oily, or dandruff scalp.

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A free Follicle MaxiKare ampoule will be applied to your scalp during TK TrichoKare’s Scalp Purifying Therapy.

The Follicle MaxiKare also brims with pro-vitamin B5 and rosemary essential oil, which strengthen the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth!

Photodynamic therapy

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We don’t know about you, but we’re always excited about the LED therapy step during a facial treatment.

There’s something relaxing about basking under the rays – albeit of the LED machine – knowing that, instead of a tan, you’re getting your acne spots targeted, sensitive skin soothed, or fine lines plumped up.

The TK TrichoKare Scalp Purifying Therapy ends – all too soon, with LED therapy too, only it’s called Photodynamic Therapy at this trichology centre.

Red light is directed onto the scalp to boost blood flow and reduce inflammation.

By stimulating an increased supply of nutrients to your hair follicles, the red LED therapy strengthens your strands and can even promote hair growth.


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TK TrichoKare’s Scalp Purifying Therapy will conclude with a second scalp analysis.

Step out of a facial treatment and you’ll see a visible glow on your skin.

Well, step out of TK TrichoKare’s scalp “facial” and the consultant will, once again, examine your scalp to note how it has improved after the treatment. Using a microscopic lens, the consultant will show you zoomed-in “after” photos of your scalp and compare them to the “before” images too.

Magnified photos of the scalp before and after the Scalp Purifying Treatment.

Your once oily, clogged, or flakey scalp will appear cleaner and fresher than ever!


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To go for scalp “facials”, or not?

At the end of the day, a scalp “facial” serves both as a pampering way to treat ourselves and our long-neglected scalps, as well as to keep our scalp and hair healthy – even as we put more focus on our hair care routines in and out of the shower at home.

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