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It now almost goes without saying that any hair salon worth their salt will be offering some form of hair or scalp treatment along with their usual hair styling services.

But what exactly do hair and scalp treatments comprise of? What’s the point of doing them? How do they complement or enhance your at-home hair care routine?

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Popular and renowned hair salon Apgujeong Hair Studio has received accolades for the quality of their hair styling works, but they also provide comprehensive scalp treatment services for customers. We ask them more.

Who should be doing scalp treatments?

Everyone! Our hair comes into contact with so many potentially damaging factors everyday, such as pollution, and even friction.

Unless you happen to have struck the genetic lottery, you would likely have some form of hair damage in one way or another, which a scalp treatment would certainly help with.

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The most common scalp issues that Apgujeong stylists have seen are an excessive oil production, and also excessive hair loss. “In some clients, the two may be related,” says Apgujeong. “Excessive sebum on the scalp causes the hair follicles to clog up, resulting in increased hair fall.”

When it comes to the actual health of the hair, Apgujeong says the most common problem they have to treat is dry and damaged hair.

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Apgujeong says, “Many people have had their hair chemically treated with colours, perms, or rebonding treatments, which may cause the hair to be damaged.”

I already have a hair care routine at home! I don’t need scalp treatments!

You probably knew this was coming but: yes, you still do!

In the first place, it’s unlikely that you are equipped with the tools that professional hair salons like Apgujeong use to accurately analyse your hair and scalp conditions to determine the type of treatment you really need.

Besides, hair and scalp conditions don’t stay stagnant either. They may change when the weather changes, or when you travel to another country with a drastically different climate. Your lifestyle habits may also play a role.

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With all these factors deciding how your scalp condition is like at any one point in time, it is therefore essential that a professional consultation is done each time to ensure that you’re still receiving the most appropriate hair and scalp treatment regime for your need.

Hair and scalp treatments also include many steps that is difficult for most people to do for themselves at home, such as scalp exfoliation which helps to deep cleanse hair follicles clogged with sebum and which causes excessive hair shedding.

What is done during a scalp treatment?

In most hair salons, the hair stylist does a quick visual assessment of your hair and scalp, before applying a suitable scalp care product as directed.

Unfortunately, in some salons, only one product is used without considering differing individual needs for every customer’s scalp condition.

Apgujeong may be a hairstyling salon, but they believe in caring for their customers’ hair and scalp health. This is why more comprehensive options are available there.

The scalp treatment service at Apgujeong begins with a personalised hair and scalp consultation for each customer. The stylist will use a hand-held scalp scanner to much better observe and analyse the client’s hair and scalp condition.

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The stylist will then recommend a Kérastase treatment ritual, customised to target at each customer’s individual hair and scalp concerns.

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All Apgujeong stylists will have undergone specialised training to not only identify hair and scalp issues, but also to construct effective scalp treatment solutions for each customers, while also offering home care tips as well.

How are scalp treatments tailored for you?

Trained hair stylists typically pick the most suitable product that can best achieve the intended objective for a particular customer’s hair and scalp condition.

At Apgujeong, they pick from not one but many different ranges from renowned and top-quality salon hair brand Kérastase, each product from each range specially formulated to cater to specific hair needs.

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The Kérastase Spécifique range targets issues such as scalp sensitivity, itchiness, dandruff, hair loss, and oily roots to achieve a well-balanced scalp.

Professional Apgujeong hair stylists can also select products from the Kérastase Fusio-Dose range, to address your primary and secondary hair concerns.

If damaged, thin and lifeless hair are the main concern for the customer, appropriate Fusio-Dose products will be used which nourishes and strengthens hair while adding radiance and volume.

If you’d like, you can also purchase the very same treatment products from them to continue using at home, so as to prolong the effectiveness of the treatment you just received in the salon.

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Apgujeong hair stylists also share with their clients simple hair care tips specific to them, which might greatly aid them in improving their hair and scalp conditions.

For example, those with oily scalp may be advised to wash their hair at a greater frequency to prevent excessive build-up of sebum or even styling products.

How often should you be doing scalp treatments?

If you have very severe scalp conditions, you may choose to do an in-salon treatment as frequently as once a week. However, if you’re only looking for general maintenance, going through treatments once a month will suffice.

How do you know if the treatments are working?

You only need to simply observe the condition of your hair and scalp to assess whether the treatment is working out for you.

If you are treating the hair in itself, the results are usually apparent even immediately after one session. Customers report an increased shine and lustre to the hair, as well as a smoother texture.

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If you are looking to address scalp concerns, it is likely that at least a few sessions of treatment will be required before you begin to discern results.

However, you should eventually be able to observe an improvement in your scalp concern. “Balding spots will close up, for instance,” says Apgujeong. “New hair growth will be noticeably thicker and denser.”