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Scented candles that look like real-life snacks and drinks? Questionable but definitely not unthinkable.

In fact, candles of such have been all the rage in South Korea lately, with many independent craft studios handmaking these and even offering workshops for you to DIY them.

Now, you can even find them locally. From cookies to bubble tea and even fruit tarts, lifestyle brand, Dodi Singapore, offers scented candles that look extremely realistic.

Dodi Singapore’s realistic candles

lotus cookie

Why only settle for pleasant scents when you can score yourself candles that are visually appealing too?

Apart from its realistic designs, Dodi Singapore also offers a range of scents for you to choose from. A customised set of candles retail from S$15.

monster cookie

This monster cookie looks so much like store-bought ones – we won’t be surprised if you accidentally took a bite out of them!

breakfast set

From design ideation to the physical crafting of candles, the entire process is made by hand. This explains the longer waiting time of 10 to 13 days as all candles are crafted on a per order basis, unlike mass-produced ones. We’d wait patiently for these yummy-looking candles, and at least you know you’ll receive one that’s unique to you.

instant noodles


All candles over at Dodi Singapore are also soy-based which means they’re biodegradable and eco-friendly, so you’ll be doing good for the environment as you reap the benefits of less toxic and longer burning candles.

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boba with ice cream

If you’re worried about melted candle wax getting all over the place, we’d suggest you consider the ones that are housed in a glass jar like these bubble tea-themed ones that are topped with a glorious scoop of lilac coloured ice cream.

matcha latte

A cuppa matcha latte for you? You can even opt for a green tea scent that would make it feel all the more like an actual cup of matcha goodness.

fruit tart and coffee

Good things are definitely meant to be shared and so are these candles. Opt for the candle bundles that start at a price of S$25 to share the joy with your bestie as you lighten the burden on your wallet.

Head on over to Dodi Singapore to get your very own snack-themed scented candles that would definitely add some sparkle to your room! The brand ships to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and also offers free shipping for all orders above S$60. 

Coconut-inspired scented candles

gungarama coconut candles

If you miss vacations by the beach, these coconut-inspired scented candles will transport you right there.

The simple yet intricate candle set is made mostly with wooden materials and comes with a statement cloth logo that has the brand name plastered on it.

The detail we’re loving the most? The 3D pop-up palm tree that adds a pop of colour to the rather plain coloured candle base.

gungarama coconut candle full set

The coconut husk actually serves as more than just a cover, but also a candle itself!

gungarama coconut candle

gungarama coconut candle design

The back of the husk also features an exquisitely carved-out design that we’re absolutely digging.

Unfortunately, Gungarama doesn’t ship the full set to Singapore, but you can get the coconut husk-shaped candle from Shopee for S$115.26.