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We’ve all looked at our favourite celebrities in envy, wanting to sneak a peek at the products they use to keep their skin looking radiant and dewy. Unfortunately, most of the products are way out of our budget.

This time, however, you can prep your skin around your eyes the way Selena Gomez does without breaking the bank.

In Vogue’s Beauty Secrets video, Selena Gomez revealed that her secret to less puffy eyes was the cucumber eye mask from the Sephora Collection.

We know all too well that the skin around our eyes is super delicate and prone to puffiness, which is why Selena likes to begin her beauty routine by applying these eye masks to soothe any inflammation.

Photo: @sephoracollection on Instagram

With their high levels of vitamins and minerals, cucumbers are perfect for calming and hydrating sensitive skin, erasing your dark under-eye circles. Plus, these single-use eye masks are infused with watermelon extract to help soothe and moisturise the skin under your eyes.

Photo: Sephora

Sephora’s Cucumber Eye Mask is also made from a soft bio-cellulose material extracted from fermented coconut water, making it not one, not two, but three times more absorbent than a regular eye mask.

This thin eye mask allows the serum to be absorbed into your skin in just five minutes. After a hard day at work, all you have to do is place these eye masks under your eyes and unwind like a celebrity.

Sephora Collection’s Cucumber Eye Mask retails for S$4.50 on Sephora.