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Countries worldwide are gradually opening their borders and relaxing their regulations. You know what that means – we can finally book that long and much-deserved vacation.

Speaking of vacations, your next trip should definitely be Seoul, South Korea. Not only does it have a long list of beauty shops worth visiting, but one of them also features a Laneige cushion-making robot!

Yes, you read that right. You can now book an appointment via Naver to visit Laneige’s showroom in the area of Myeongdong, Seoul to have your personalised foundation made by a pair of robotic arms.

What the Laneige Bespoke Neo experience looks like

Laneige Cushion Robot the screen

The Laneige staff will first sit you in front of a screen. You will then be asked to input some basic information like your age as well as two main skin concerns (for example, hyperpigmentation and dryness).

Then, you get to choose between a cushion or foundation. A camera on top of the screen will then measure your skin tone to provide you with your perfect foundation shade match.

Laneige Cushion Robot the foundations

With 150 foundation shades available, we think you’ll definitely be able to end up with a shade that will look amazing on you! Still, you’ll be given the option to select and test to find if it really does suit you.

You can even insert your name to be printed on a label, which will be placed on the bottom to make your foundation even more special.

Laneige Cushion Robot the robot

The next step is to take out your phone and film the process of the robot making your customised product, because it’s such a special and unique experience.

As soon as the label is applied to the bottom, the process is complete, and you get to enjoy your new, customised foundation!

Laneige Cushion Robot the finished product

If you opt for the special gift-wrapping service, you might be able to receive three free samples to be used with your foundation.

You can only book a slot on Naver but take note to plan ahead of time (two weeks from the current date) as this service is very popular, especially on weekends.

It is available at KRW45,000 (~S$46.64) for a cushion and KRW60,000 (~S$62.19) for a foundation.

BRB, we’re going to go and check out how much the flights are from Singapore to Seoul!

Featured image credit: Laneige & rachelheheh