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While silicones are occasionally avoided as a skincare ingredient, there’s no reason not to give them a chance when it comes to our beauty tools.

Prompted by curious commenters, beauty TikToker @daniel_jchan introduced viewers to his current favourite lip brush, and we’re obsessed.


i love silicone tips 😀 #sgbeauty #kbeauty #summer

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The unique brush had appeared in several of his previous lip product try-on videos, and while it was never the intended focus, it still stole the spotlight for its ability to blend out every lippie smoothly and effortlessly.

Another reviewer compared it to a regular lip brush with bristles in her video, demonstrating that you’ll be able to achieve a much more even colour distribution with it.

Credit: @gzhp9408/TikTok

Beyond that, it also leaves behind a superior colour payoff, as silicone tends to absorb less product than other materials.

Less product wastage equals more money saved. What’s not to like?

They’re more hygienic and much easier to clean

Unlike typical brushes, silicones are also much more resistant to bacteria, germs and product buildup. In fact, the silicone cleansing brush brand, Foreo, found that it’s a whopping 35 times more hygienic than conventional nylon brushes.

Due to silicone being non-porous, you can simply run the lip brush under the tap right after you’re done using it, and it’ll be as good as new every time.

The silicone lip brush retails for S$5.24 Shopee and S$5.22 on Lazada, though they are both on sale for about S$2 at the time of writing. Click in to check the promotion prices!

Featured image credit: can’t eat anymore/Xiao Hong Shu