“Support local” is a phrase that’s been frequently rolling off our tongues, especially when it comes to chowing down mouthwatering local delights or shopping popular local fashion labels.

When it comes to beauty brands, however, most of us are in the dark about the ones born on our very shores. But surprise, surprise, because there are local beauty labels that are worth discovering, and they’re making their mark not only here in Singapore and around the world too.

This National Day, we shine the spotlight on 11 Singapore beauty brands and the people behind these names, so you’ll really have something to celebrate this special occasion and beyond!

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  1. Lia - 5 To 5

Lia – 5 To 5

singapore beauty brands - 5 to 5

5 To 5 is a Singapore skincare brand that was born when its co-founder, Lia, started making self-care a priority in her daily life.

Turning to skincare products to ease the toll that her demanding lifestyle was taking on her skin’s health, she realised that it was way too challenging to find uncomplicated, honest formulations that she could trust.

That’s why 5 to 5 skincare is all about simple yet high-performance skincare that let you cut back on the number of products that you layer, yet still feel great in your own skin.

Besides the safe and effective formulations, the brand is also eco-conscious in its operations and pays attention to making its products more sustainable.

It is a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning that at least one percent of its annual revenue goes to causes for the environment, as well as fully offsets the carbon and plastic footprints that it generates during its operations.

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - (8)

5 To 5 only carries three skincare products at the moment (with more to come), of which our favourite is Aqualibrium, a lightweight oil-balancing and hydrating serum!

Infused with a refreshing blend of fruit extracts including watermelon and apple, as well as dual-molecular hyaluronic acid, the serum quenches the skin’s thirst quickly and easily.

It also uses niacinamide and zinc PCA, active ingredients that help to rebalance the skin’s sebum levels for naturally healthier, hydrated skin over time.

Daily Vanity’s associate editor has tried out this product and suggests that those with sensitive skin give this moisture-boosting serum a shot. It’s super gentle as well as fragrance- and essential oil-free!

Since the serum has a lightweight, gel-like consistency and leaves no sticky residue, it’ll also feel oh-so-comfortable on your skin.

Aqualibrium retails for S$40.50 (50ml) on 5 To 5 and Shopee.

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  1. Doris Du - AVALON

Doris Du – AVALON

singapore beauty brands - AVALON

Think of beauty drinks and AVALON’s petite pink bottles surely come to mind.

You might be familiar with the brand’s beauty, slimming, and detox supplements but still surprised to discover that AVALON is a local brand, founded in Singapore in 2004.

Found in over 600 stores and winning more than 80 awards since its inception, AVALON leads the way with its range of cult-favourite beauty supplements. And it’s not just in Singapore – it’s all over the world too.

Founder Doris Du, who grew up in a family of doctors, has always understood just how important nutrition is to health and beauty.

It’s no wonder that AVALON’s products aim to make you feel better in your own skin using evidence-backed ingredients like collagen, ceramide, and probiotics – it’s beauty that comes from within.

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - AVALON

AVALON’s recognisable pink glass bottles are, in fact, the brand’s bestselling Stemcell Beauty Drink, which helps to repair damaged skin cells for firmer, younger-looking skin.

The Stemcell Beauty Drink, infused with orchid stem cells, targets the root cause of skin problems – damaged skin cells!

By renewing and repairing skin cells first, the orchid stem cells empower other beneficial ingredients in the bottle like marine collagen peptides to work to their full potential. Marine collagen peptides are hence able to better boost collagen levels in the body so that it becomes firmer and younger-looking too.

Since the beauty drink has a fruity blend of grape, litchi, and apple juice as well as a zesty shot of sparkling water, it’s also delicious to sip every day, making it that much easier to integrate into your long-term skincare regimen.

Drink one bottle a day for seven days straight, as the brand advises, and you’ll begin to notice a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin, increased elasticity, and a more radiant skin tone!

AVALON Stemcell Beauty Drink retails for S$52.90 instead of S$69.90 on Shopee.

Snag 20% off AVALON products during their National Day Sale when you shop online on Shopee and offline at Guardian, Unity, and Watsons from 9 to 31 August 2022!

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  1. Michelle & Kai - MIAN

Michelle & Kai – MIAN

singapore beauty brands - MIAN

Many of us are familiar with actives that do good for our skin because we care about what goes on our face.

Michelle & Kai, the founders of local brand MIAN are particularly invested in skincare’s ingredients. In their struggle to find skincare products that actually work, they realised that there are many listing “shady” ingredients (those not backed up by research) and lacking transparency in their labels.

Instead of swearing off skincare, however, the duo became obsessed with creating products that are as honest as they are effective – and that’s how MIAN was born.

They gathered a dedicated team that consists of a pharmacist and a doctor to make sure only science-backed, tried-and-true ingredients go into their formulations. MIAN also spotlights ingredients that make up its product, detailing the exact percentages of actives included in its formulations while citing research.

Trust that when you pick up a product from MIAN, you’ll know exactly what skin-loving ingredients you’re using on your complexion!

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - MIAN

MIAN currently offers one hero product, the Retinal Neon Serum. It’s an overnight serum to gracefully slow down or turn back the clock on ageing effects on the skin.

The star ingredient in this skincare product is a more powerful cousin of retinol, retinal – full name, retinaldehyde. Like retinol, it’s a derivative of retinoid, but it’s estimated to be 20 times more effective.

Retinal Neon Serum is formulated not to cause the usual irritation on the skin, yet give faster and more powerful radiance-boosting effects. It is also blended with other active ingredients to boost collagen production, brighten skin, minimise fine lines, and lighten pigmentation.

You apply the serum onto your face and neck before you go to bed, and wake up with more youthful-looking, radiant skin!

MIAN Retinal Neon Serum retails for S$58 on MIAN.

Jenny Xu – Jenny Xu Eyebrow Embroidery

singapore beauty brands - jennie xu eyebrow embroidery

If you’ve wondered where influencers like Xia Xue (@xiaxue), Christabel (@bellywellyjelly), and Sophia Chong (@sophiachong) have gone to do their brows before, now you’ll know!

Jenny Xu Eyebrow Embroidery is a salon where many local celebrities, artistes, and content creators go for a hyper-realistic, natural-looking brow transformation.

It’s no wonder either – founder and master artist Jenny Xu has performed over 10,000 eyebrow embroideries in the 20 years since she began her practice. What’s more, Jenny Xu Pte Ltd is the only eyebrow embroidery company in the industry with registered patents and trademarks.

At her home studio, she performs an array of semi-permanent makeup services for her customers, ranging from lip to eyebrow embroidery. Most noteworthy of all are her eyebrow embroideries, which she performs using a microblading technique; she creates hair-like strokes that blend easily with the customers’ brow strands.

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - jennie xu eyebrow embroidery (1)

The salon’s signature Eyebrow Embroidery will get your brows not just on fleek, but still looking like your own.

First, Jenny will observe your face shape and features to advise a best brow design for you. Then, she’ll fill in your brows with ultra-fine hair-like strokes as well as with organic dyes that best match your eyebrows’ natural strands.

The result are brows that are darker and more defined, yet with an effortlessly fluffy and textured look.

If you’ve had a bad experience with eyebrow tattooing at another salon, you’ll also find a solution here at Jenny Xu Eyebrow Embroidery.

The salon’s expert Brow Removal and Repair service involves using a laser treatment to remove the poorly done brows, then creating a pair of natural microbladed brows to take their place.

Jenny Xu’s Eyebrow Embroidery service is priced at S$1,284 and includes a free touch-up within the first month. Book an appointment here.

Address: 16 Ipoh Lane, Imperial Heights, Singapore 438620
Contact: 97161920

IceMichelle & Quinn – Ice’s Secret

singapore beauty brands - ice's secret (1)

The brainchild of mother-daughter duo Icemichelle Chen and Quinn Chen, Ice’s Secret is a local skincare brand which offers products that are specially formulated for Singapore’s hot and humid climate.

Icemichelle realised that few products are created specifically for use in Southeast Asian weather, which is why she set out to develop lightweight skincare products of her own.

At the beginning, the products were only used in spas until daughter Quinn discovered that they were so effective at treating her own acne-prone, sensitive skin even at home.

She transformed the brand so that its products are available, not just to spas, but to anyone who’s looking for great skincare formulations. It’s thanks to her that we’re let in on Ice Secret’s skin-loving secrets and can purchase its products to use on our skin!

Skin experts since 2012, the brand treats skin concerns like acne, eczema, sensitivity, and hyperpigmentation with its dermatologically-tested skincare products, which give results in as little as seven days.

Most uniquely, Ice’s Secret’s serums let you cut down on the next step in your skincare routine. Formulated to already bind moisture to your skin, the serums don’t have to be paired with regular cream moisturiser to leave your skin feeling silky-soft and ultra-hydrated after!

Proven to show results in one use, Ice’s Secret masks are the ones to turn to. Their daily treatment masks treat skin concerns and are suitable for all skin types, leaving anyone with clearer and smoother skin.

It’s no wonder that the brand’s Miracle Secret Mask, Acne Purifying Facial Mask, and Youth Filler Mask are popular amongst local celebrities and influencers such as Jamie Chua, Calista Cuaca, and Carrie Wong.

Whether serums, masks, or cleansers, Ice Secret’s formulations are designed not just to make skin look better, but to improve the skin’s health over time!

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - ice's secret

The Acne & Pore Oligopeptide Complex Serum is a must-try product for those who desire to treat existing acne or prevent breakouts on their skin.

Spiked with small-molecule oligopeptides that penetrate deep into the skin, the serum repairs the skin at a cellular level.

By stimulating natural cell turnover, the serum clears clogged pores, removes blackheads and whiteheads, as well as minimises the appearance of pores.

Use the serum for seven days, and you’ll already begin to experience clearer, more radiant skin!

Ice’s Secret’s Acne & Pore Oligopeptide Complex Serum retails for S$98 at Ice’s Secret. You can also find it at Supreme Boutique Spa at Bishan, and Dr. Lash at SingPost Centre, Orchard Central, and VivoCity.

Jasmine Kang – Skinlycious

singapore beauty brands -

If you have acne-prone skin, you’re one step closer to saying goodbye to those pesky breakouts with Skinlycious’ range of gentle acne-fighting skincare products!

Skinlycious was founded by Jasmine Kang, who struggled with acne for 14 years herself. She then spent eight years researching and developing the brand’s acne-combating skincare products, all of which are tried and tested by many others with troubled skin.

This local skincare brand offers everything you need for clear skin, from award-winning cleansers to highly-praised spot treatments, with all of its products made to complement one another. Free from ingredients that could irritate sensitive skin, such as essential oils or artificial fragrances, Skinlycious products are suitable for all skin types too.

Skinlycious even has suggested skincare routines for unique skin types and ages, so you know how to get the most out of your skincare regimen.

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - skinlycious

If you’re new to the brand, we recommend going for the Clear Skin Complete Starter Kit. The starter kit equips you with all the essential products that you need to achieve healthy, balanced skin: the Soothing Cleansing Gel, Calming Cleanser, Hydrating Serum, Barrier Booster Moisturiser, Mineral Sunscreen, and two spot correctors.

Since everyone’s skin responds to ingredients differently, Skinlycious offers two spot correctors: one that is vitamin-based, and the other that’s acid-based.

The brand advises that you perform a “half-face test” with the spot correctors in your starter kit. The vitamin-based Clarifying Serum goes on one side of your face, and the acid-based Glow Exfoliant on the other half. Simply observe to find out which one works better on your skin!

Overall, the Clear Skin Complete Starter Kit has products that reduce acne overnight, normalise sebum production, lighten acne scars, and more. That’s right, you’ll be covered on all fronts of the acne-fighting battle!

Skinlycious Clear Skin Complete Starter Kit retails for S$74 instead of S$93 on Skinlycious, for a limited time only.

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  1. Lynn Wee - Lynn Aesthetic

Lynn Wee – Lynn Aesthetic

singapore beauty brands - (4)

From soothing facials, satisfying body massages, to effective slimming treatments, Lynn Aesthetic’s array of services lets you enjoy high-quality pampering at affordable prices.

All this, within the spa’s enchanting interior, which offers you a comfortable, cosy respite away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s city.

Founded by Lynn Wee in 1985, the previously single-outlet spa at Hougang has since expanded into two branches located at Stars of Kovan and Tampines 1, with the team constantly upgrading their techniques and equipment to best serve their customers.

37 years later, Lynn Wee still makes sure that her customers enjoy a most heavenly experience every time they step foot in the spa.

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - lynn aesthetic (1)

The Synergetical Pigmentation Collagen Facelift Facial is Lynn Aesthetic’s ultimate anti-ageing facial that’ll help to tighten sagging skin, boost collagen production, and smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles.

Using Photon Light Therapy, the facial zaps at your dark spots and fades hyperpigmentation for clearer, brighter skin. It also uses Ultrasound Technology to firm and plump the skin, lifting your cheeks and reducing a pesky double chin!

Address: Click here to view all outlets
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 6pm (Sat, Sun & PH)
Contact: Click here to view contact details

Mika Hayashi – Mirage Aesthetic

singapore beauty brands - (6)

Even if you’re familiar with Mirage Aesthetic’s pampering facials, you might not recognise the face behind this local beauty brand. Well, it’s time you got acquainted.

Mika Hiyashi started her beauty career in Singapore at the young age of 22 and later travelled to Seoul, Korea – the beauty capital of Asia – to learn from a well-respected doctor in the aesthetic industry.

Bringing all the knowledge she had gained whilst studying there, she came back to Singapore to get Mirage Aesthetic going from the ground up.

Mirage Aesthetic is a multi-award-winning aesthetics centre with two outlets located in the heart of town (Tanglin and Scotts Square) and another two conveniently located at Westgate and VivoCity. It offers everything from luxurious facials, body treatments to teeth-whitening.

The spa uses skincare products that are from Korea only, carefully picking ones that work for their customers’ unique skin types and are suitable for Singapore’s weather.

It also combines its superior skincare products with the latest skincare technologies, so that your skin gets a serious glow-up after a session at this spa.

Since Mika is passionate about providing only the best services to her customers, she provides monthly training sessions for her staff to make sure that they uphold the highest standards when it comes to serving anyone who steps into the spa.

While all outlets are clad floor to ceiling in green turf and draping vines, Mirage Aesthetic’s newest outlet at VivoCity boasts a European Luxury Train theme. Staff are dressed like cabin crew, emphasising the spa’s commitment to providing luxury service every time you visit. It’s a pampering well worth the while!

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - mirage aesthetic

Bring an instant glow to your skin with Mirage Aesthetic’s signature Premium Glow Facial Treatment!

The Premium Glow Facial Treatment works wonderfully to encourage your skin’s cellular turnover – new cells replace old ones so that your skin looks fresh and smooth. It also plumps the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks pores, as well as retexturises the skin for a smooth, dewy finish.

Brightening facials aren’t always suitable for acne-prone skin, but this one is uniquely compatible with skin that’s vulnerable to breakouts. Plus, the facial helps to clear clogged pores and lighten acne scars so that your skin feels good as new.

Address: Click here to view all outlets
Opening hours: Click here to view the opening hours for each outlet
Contact: Click here to view contact details

Junying and Kay Kay – Supersenji

singapore beauty brands - supersenji

The top official distributor of Susenji’s products in Singapore, Supersenji retails everything from the fan-favourite drink Orange MOFA+, which helps with slimming and detoxification, to Gold Slimming Gel, a gold-speckled formula that helps with toning and fat-burning when applied to the skin.

Junying and Kay Kay were first introduced to Susenji through the popular Gold Slimming Gel. The two fell in love with the product, believed in the brand, and then did what they had to in order to bring these gentle, certified-safe weight management products to the Singapore market!

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - supersenji (1)

While there are many bestsellers from Supersenji, Ollie is the newest addition that helps with managing weight. A delicately sweet strawberry premix made with ingredients like OleaVita, Innoslim, and Guarana, Ollie gives you a boost of energy whilst encouraging your body to burn fat at the same time.

OleaVita enhances the fat-burning function of naturally-occurring mitochondria (often referred to as the powerhouses of the cell) in the body. The body’s fat is converted to carbon dioxide, water, and energy, so that you feel invigorated even as you shed the fats in your body.

The other notable ingredient, InnoSlim, is a patented blend of two extracts: the medicinal herb Astragalus Membranaceus (often used in traditional Chinese medicine), and Panax Notoginseng, or Chinese ginseng. Together, they help to reduce excess absorption of glucose, thus allowing the body to better maintain its weight.

Susenji Ollie retails at S$75 on Supersenji. You can also get two boxes for S$142.50, four boxes for S$255, and six boxes for S$360.

Johanna Monange – Maison 21G

singapore beauty brands - (2)

There’s nothing quite as special as a fragrance that’s personalised for you… by you. And that’s what Maison 21G empowers everyone to do, to curate scents that are a unique expression of themselves and for any occasion.

A haute fragrance brand, Maison 21G lets you put together one-of-a-kind perfume blends at its three perfumery boutiques located at Marina Bay Sands, Ngee Ann City, and Duxton in Singapore.

The nose (and brains) behind Maison 21G is Johanna Monange, a French scent designer who has created perfumes for 20 years alongside renowned brands and professional perfumers.

She’s developed fragrances like Lancôme’s sweet, vanilla La Vie est Belle, Paco Rabanne’s spicy One Million, and Armani’s aquatic Acqua di Gioia. But beyond creating perfumes that indulge the senses, she wanted to help people feel connected to themselves and the things that matter most to them.

How? Through fragrances that they create on their own and resonate with deeply. She said it best: “More than ever, as we are surrounded by the intensity of the digital world, we need, more than ever, our senses to connect with reality”.

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - (2)

The Perfume Creation Atelier is a perfume-making session that lets you explore an array of fragrances to create a blend that’s uniquely you.

A hands-on experience, this decadent two-hour workshop allows you to choose the scents that you want in your perfume, infuse them into an alcohol base, and, finally, even personalise the bottle that’ll hold your final scent-masterpiece.

You can create a scent for yourself, or even bring your partner along and create intimate fragrances specially for one another. Maison 21G welcomes solo to ten-people sessions, which makes its Perfume Creation Atelier wonderful for anyone.

Don’t worry about making a mess out of your perfume, because you’ll be whipping up the fragrance with the guidance of Maison 21G’s expert scent designers.

At the end of the day, you’ll be bringing home not just an elegant, personalised perfume but a memory that you’ll get to keep forever!

The Perfume Creation Atelier is priced at S$160 per person. The Atelier is available at all three Maison 21G Boutiques in Singapore, at Duxton, Marina Bay Sands, and Ngee Ann City. Book your session here.

Address: Click here to view all outlets
Opening hours: Click here to view all opening hours
Contact: Click here to view contact details

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  1. Remi - BREI

Remi – BREI

singapore beauty brands - brei

The eyes are the windows to the soul; at least this is what local eyebrow embroidery brand, BREI, believes.

Framing the eyes, of course, are the brows, which play an important role in emphasising a person’s character and charm. That’s why when you get your brows embroidered at BREI, the eyebrow artists will create brows that don’t just accentuate your features, but that complement your demeanour too.

The detail of the brows designed at BREI is possible because of Japanese founder, Remi.

Amazed by how Korean brow embroidery is able to produce such natural-looking results, she moved to Korea to sharpen her skills and learn more about the style.

Remi learned from three masters at various schools, and went on to earn the prestigious PhiBrows Artist Certification – PhiBrows being the world’s largest academy for art makeup.

But what’s special about BREI’s brows is that they’re not just K-style brows, but a natural fusion of Korean and Japanese styles. Remi brought the two together to create a unique brow style that looks especially effortless, complements natural brows, and brings out each customer’s personality.

Our pick:

singapore beauty brands - (1)

BREI offers three types of eyebrow embroidery styles: Embo Brow, Powder Brow, and Combo Brow.

We recommend that you go for the Embo Brow for crisp yet natural brows, which will be designed using a microblading technique. Your brow artist will fill in your brows with strokes that resemble real hair, giving your eyebrows a totally effortless finish.

If you desire a soft and powdered brow style, you can also consider BREI’s Powder Brow, which uses a micro-dotting technique to shade the brows. The result? Brows that look like they’ve been freshly filled in with a brow pencil and spoolie!

The Combo Brow lies somewhere in the middle because it uses a combination of microblading and micro-dotting to create a powdered, gradient brow style that boasts especially defined tails.

Regardless of the brow embroidery style you choose, you’ll be stepping out of BREI’s cosy home salon with eyebrows that are not only more defined, but also that make you feel more confident than ever!

BREI uses non-toxic pigments that fade over time without discolouration. Embroidered brows can last three to seven months, or eight months to 1.5 years with one retouch.

Book an appointment for BREI’s Embo eyebrow embroidery here

Address: 271 Queen Street (full address will be provided after your appointment is confirmed)
Opening hours: 12pm – 8pm (Mon to Sun) (morning appointments are available upon request)
Contact: Instagram DM only

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