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Singapore’s beauty industry continues to experience a surge.

A recent Cosmetics and Personal Care Report predicts a staggering US$1,244 million in revenue for 2024, a significant jump from US$1,056 million projected in 2019. This translates to an annual growth rate of 0.99%, indicating a flourishing market with immense potential.

Consumers are embracing e-commerce, with a projected 26% of total beauty and personal care revenue generated online by 2024. This shift highlights the importance of understanding consumer behaviour in the digital age.

To help you navigate this dynamic landscape, our 2024 Singapore Beauty Industry Consumer Behaviour Report offers valuable insights. Find out what’s in the report and how you can claim your FREE copy that’s worth S$3,000.

Beauty Industry Consumer Behaviour Report 2024: How We Conducted Our Survey

how we conducted Beauty Industry Consumer Behaviour Report 2024

For a decade, Daily Vanity has been at the forefront of understanding Singapore’s beauty consumers through our annual large-scale survey.

This in-depth research provides highly sought-after insights for marketers, business owners, and industry leaders looking to navigate the ever-evolving beauty landscape in Singapore.

As the official data partner for Statista, the world’s leading business data platform, our findings empower informed decision-making across the globe. This year’s report builds upon our legacy of excellence, with over S$200,000 invested in advertising, data collection, and analysis.

To capture a comprehensive picture, we recruited 462 participants in Singapore primarily through Meta ads, ensuring we reached beyond our existing readership. The in-depth online survey, conducted in February 2024, took participants 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Through our rigorous methodology and expert analysis, we are committed to delivering actionable insights that propel businesses forward in Singapore’s dynamic beauty market.

The best part? Our report is completely free! Read till the end of this article to learn how to claim your copy that’s worth S$3,000.

Insights That Can Be Discovered From Our Beauty Industry Consumer Behaviour Report

Beauty Industry Consumer Behaviour Report 2024 insights

Daily Vanity’s 2024 Singapore Beauty Industry Consumer Behaviour Report goes beyond demographics. We delve deep into the psyche of beauty consumers across generations (Gen Z to X), uncovering:

Generational Nuances

Understand the unique skin types and top beauty concerns (across skincare, makeup, haircare, and bodycare) that define each generation. Craft targeted messaging and product offerings that resonate with each audience segment.

Beyond Beauty

Gain insights into your audience’s hobbies, interests, sleep patterns, and digital habits. Learn how and where they search for beauty reviews, their preferred phone apps, and the type of beauty content they crave. Optimise your marketing strategies to reach them at the right time and place.

The Power of Influence

Discover the promotion mechanics that trigger purchases (discounts, free gifts, etc.) and the sales festivals that drive buying decisions (e.g. 11.11, Black Friday, Cyber Monday). Identify the top trusted websites for beauty content and the influencers that hold sway.

Most Trusted Beauty Brands

Understand which beauty brands command the highest trust from Singaporean consumers. Analyse top beauty product categories and most used products (day and night routines) to inform your product development and marketing strategies.

Our report unveils the top 10 factors that influence brand trust among Singaporean consumers, just one of the many insights it offers.

In addition, learn how often consumers indulge in facials to gauge the demand for in-store or at-home treatment options.

With this wealth of knowledge, you’ll be empowered to make data-driven decisions, personalise your marketing approach, and develop products that truly resonate with Singapore’s beauty consumers.

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