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The Singapore dating scene isn’t daunting. Dating in Singapore doesn’t have to be a nerve-wrecking experience – if you know insider’s tips to getting it right. We spoke to Singapore’s dating agency, GaiGai, the expert in providing modern matching services to find out how to manoeuvre around the dating scene in Singapore.

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What is GaiGai?

A dating agency that uses a customised matching system, GaiGai helps organise dates for their members with prospective partners that fit their requirements. They also organise regular social events for singles to meet in a comfortable setting, so that dating becomes fun and relaxing. If you’d like to tap on their matching expertise, fill in your profile so a GaiGai relationship manager can start finding suitable partners and organising dates for you!

Otherwise, read on to pick up dating tips and grooming tips from GaiGai that can make the Singapore dating scene less daunting and more fun.

Grooming tips to help you with dating in Singapore

1. Avoid getting a haircut just before your date

We certainly want to look our best on our first date with someone promising because we know that first impressions count – as far as the Singapore dating scene is concerned. Getting a nice trim, touching up hair roots that have grown out, or maybe even getting a refreshing colour may be how we want to prepare for our date.

However, many people may feel awkward about a new haircut and may need some time to get used to it, learn how to style it well, or let a bold colour wash out to look more natural. It is important to feel comfortable and “be yourself” when you’re at any date – especially the first one – so the last thing you want is to feel self-conscious about your new ‘do.

So, if you’re intending to visit your hairstylist – go ahead. But make sure you do it at least a week before the date so you have sufficient time to ease into your new look.

2. Full face of makeup or go all-natural for a Singapore date?

This really depends on the setting of the date.

If it’s an outdoor date, light, natural makeup that performs well under hot and humid conditions work best. Try this: a BB cream to even out skin tone, neatly drawn brows and eyeliner, a coral or nude coloured lipstick for a healthy glow, and then dust some finishing powder to weather-proof your makeup.

If it’s a dinner at a stylish restaurant, you can certainly do with a more glamorous look. A winged eyeliner look to accentuate your eyes and a bolder shade of lipstick can help you achieve a polished, date-appropriate appearance.

Most importantly, choose a look that you feel best in, and one that you’re familiar with creating so you won’t find yourself running late for your date!

3. Wear your signature scent to the date

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Scents help to trigger emotions, so wearing a signature scent will help him retain the memory of your first date. Smelling good is also good etiquette for any meeting, so bring along a small vial of fragrance or a roll-on perfume for touching up, especially if you’re meeting him after a long day at work.

However, a huge no-no is to go OTT with your fragrance – you won’t want to overwhelm him with the scent. A good fragrance should be like soothing background music – it enhances the ambience without distracting conversations.

4. Bring along a beauty kit on your date

Besides the roll-on perfume or perfume vial that we mentioned in the previous point, you can also pack these essentials in your beauty kit as you manoeuvre the Singapore dating scene:

  • a lipstick for touching up after a meal,
  • blotting paper to get rid of shine and oiliness so you’ll feel more comfortable,
  • highlighting powder to freshen up your look if you’ve had a long day
  • dental floss, in case food particles get lodged between your teeth
  • cotton swabs and a clear lip balm – besides using the latter to moisturise your lips, you can also use it with a cotton swab to clean up makeup smudges easily

Think you need more grooming tips to help you make dating in Singapore easier? Fleek, an image consultant agency affiliated to GaiGai, will be able to help you with it. The agency offer one-to-one sessions with experts to help you work on your personal style so you’ll feel your best at every date.

To have an idea of what Fleek offers, sign up for its Get on Fleek workshop that provides tips to make a good first impression and up your Singapore dating game. Find out more about the workshop here.

Dating tips to help you find your soulmate

1. Avoid the club scene for dates

If you believe that by “socialising” more and “putting yourself out there” at a club may help you to find a partner, think again.

Getting picked up by someone who is intoxicated and that you can barely hear over the loud dance music may not be the best setting if you’re looking for a prospective partner you’d like to eventually settle down with. While you may know of people who have eventually married someone who picked them up at a club, there are plenty of other ones that didn’t work out.

2. Allow yourself to be “set up” for dates in Singapore

If you’re serious about settling down with an eligible and suitable partner, don’t just “leave it up to fate”. Just like how you manage your career or other aspects of your life, take initiative and take things into your own hands, and this can include asking your friends to set you up with someone, or approaching a dating professional.

Singapore dating agencies are becoming a popular option for singles, because single men and women in busy and successful careers prefer to utilise their time more wisely, and having professionals help them find suitable dates is one of the ways they do so. Professional help definitely makes the Singapore dating scene seem less daunting.

A dating agency like GaiGai conducts face-to-face interviews with every member to ensure quality dating candidates, and to make sure the most suitable members are matched up. They also promise to be more effective than having a friend set you up with her/his friends, because the dating agency have a larger pool of single members to match you up with, and are able to look at your profiles and requirements in a more objective manner.

Try it out for yourself by filling in your profile and start going for dates that your relationship manager organise for you!

3. Keep conversations light on the first date

If you’re already going on a date, remember that good conversations are important. Keep conversation casual on your first date, with enough exchanges to have an idea of the lifestyle and personality of your date.

At the date, focus on sharing your interests (and hearing about his!) and avoid “heavy” topics such as past relationships and politics. Topics such as your latest or most memorable travel experience, a movie that you’ve recently watched, or a restaurant that you’ve read about and would like to check out are good conversation-starters.

4. Put down your phone during the date

You may feel like replying to your best friend’s texts asking about your date. Or perhaps you have the habit of scrolling through your social media feeds when you’re feeling nervous just so that you can avoid the gaze of the person you’re with. Resist it. Instead of placing your phone somewhere visible to you, leave it in your bag and turn it to silent mode.

Checking your phone incessantly gives the impression that you’re uninterested in your date (even if you’re actually gushing about him to your friend), but also distracts you from a good conversation. You’ll also be encouraging him to pick up his own phone to check it – and we’re sure you’d prefer that he pays attention to you. If you have to check your messages, do it only when you’re in the restroom.

5. Don’t give up on the Singapore dating scene

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It may take you a few dates before you find the right person. But going for more dates help you to learn more about what you want in a partner, and help you feel more comfortable on dates, in general. So if the date didn’t turn out as well as you hoped, don’t give up just yet – remember that you’re one more date closer to Mr. Right, with every date you go for.

Ready to meet someone special?

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