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True-blue makeup junkies are going to remember the gorgeous jelly lipsticks with flowers in them by C-beauty brand Kailijumei.

If you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on them yet – here’s some good news: you can now make one yourself.


We’re talking about attending a lipstick-making class conducted by M.Y. Time Works, a handicraft workshop that has its roots in Taiwan and now has a branch in Singapore.

At its lipstick-making workshop, you’ll get to customise a lipstick according to your preferences and learn how to make a lipstick from scratch.


Choose your favourite lipstick from among 100 options and and edible dried flowers that you want to add to your lipstick.

Next, choose the shade you’d like your lipstick to take by adding edible colouring till it gets to your desired colour.

With these preparations taken care of, the lipstick-making process begins. Sterilise and mash your gold leaves and flowers to be combined with the melted beeswax.


Then, pour your mixture into the mould before allowing it to cool and solidify.


Finally, remove it from the mould and enjoy your brand new jelly lipstick that you’ve made on by yourself!

You’ll be happy to know that all ingredients used are natural, and the workshop says that they’re so safe even children can use them.

Their courses are taught in either Mandarin or English, and typically last for about an hour.

The jelly lipstick workshop by M.Y. Time Works is available for S$55.

Photos from RED and @mytimeworks