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These days, there’s no doubt that the beauty landscape in Singapore is a fast growing one and the need to understand the consumer behaviour of beauty shoppers in Singapore will give marketers an edge in reaching out to them.

Just look over at the Cosmetics and Personal Care Report conducted this year: it forecasts that the revenue garnered in Singapore’s cosmetic market could amount to US$937m in just 2018. In fact, the market is even predicted to grow annually by 2.3%.

This, thus, shows that there is a lot of potential to be explored in Singapore’s beauty landscape, particularly for marketers in the field.

Daily Vanity Beauty Survey 2018 Browsing

If you’re a marketer and are curious as to what are the needs of a beauty consumer, the annual consumer survey conducted by Daily Vanity should be of interest to you. To better understand Singaporean beauty shoppers, we have conducted a beauty survey with 2,021 women in Singapore, with the results answering several questions that could aid you in better marketing your beauty products to your audience.

Intrigued and want to know how you can improve on your cosmetic digital marketing skills in Singapore? Read on to discover how you can get the full aggregated report for free.

How accurate is this study about beauty consumers in Singapore?

With over 2,000 women surveyed, it indicates that the study is statistically significant*, at a confidence level of 95%, it yields an error margin of just +/- 2%. What does this mean? Well, simply put: 95 times out of 100 times this survey is reported, you’ll only see a maximum of +/- 2% difference in results, making this study a highly significant one.

This year, we also have a better spread of participants across all age groups.

Read on to discover our findings, and to find out what you can do to get the full aggregated beauty consumer report for free.

*Based on sample size of 2 million, which is the female population in Singapore between 15 and 54 years old.

How should you market your beauty product so that it addresses the concerns that Singaporean women have?

Daily Vanity Beauty Survery 2018 Skin Concerns

Results indicate that across the board, blackheads and whiteheads (70%) still remain a top concern amongst women below 25 as well as women from 25-34. This results is similar to 2017. On the other hand, women above 34 are more concerned about dull, uneven skin tones, with dark eye circles following (58%) close behind.

There has also been an increase in women expressing concern for visible and enlarged pores (53%) this year, which puts it at a tie with acne and acne scars. This is an interesting trend that may be worthwhile to look into.

With this information in mind, ask yourself these: Does your product address the concerns of the consumer? Does your product indicate that it does so? Is your marketing communication skewed towards the “pain points” of consumers so it grabs their attention?

In your full report, you’ll be able to see the full ranking of all 25 beauty concerns expressed by Singapore female consumers, and also find out the breakdown by different age groups, to understand how these concerns evolve over time. We’ll share with you how you can get hold of a free copy of the full aggregated report towards the end of this article.

Which beauty culture yields the most influence over Singaporean women, thus allowing for more effective cosmetic marketing?

Daily Vanity Beauty Survery 2018 Culture Influence

The figures largely remained the same as last year’s, though there have been slight changes. Korea still reigns over every other country, coming in at more than 30% overall for all respondents. However, there looks to be a slight decrease in percentage compared to last year. Could this be an indication that the craze over K-beauty is dwindling? Will it continue to slide over time?

America comes in second for overall respondents, and has overtaken Japan as the second most influential culture for women aged between 25 and 34.

Does your product reflect the dominant beauty culture in Singapore? What does it mean for your brand, if it does? What does this mean for you in terms of your angle for content marketing?

In your full report, you’ll be able to identify the varying interest levels for country as indicated by respondents, based on their age group, as well as the actual percentage divide for them. The data will help you market your product in a way that appeals to your audience. Scroll to the end to see how you can get hold of a free copy of the full aggregated report.

How should you market your beauty products so that it encourages women in Singapore to purchase?

Daily Vanity Beauty Survey 2018 Purchasing Behavior

97% of respondents are willing to try out new beauty products, which is an increase from last year’s 79% (makeup) and 74% (skincare). This is a very encouraging number, as far as new entrants in the beauty industry is concerned. However, 77% claims that they would not purchase if one specific element is lacking – we will share more in the full aggregated report, as well as all other factors that can encourage and deter purchase from happening.

The full aggregated report will also show you how far consumers across different age groups trust different publications, local influencers, and other marketing platforms you may be using for your current campaigns.

Questions to ask yourself after getting hold of the full report data: Have you been advertising your product on the right platforms? What is the impression your consumers get when they search for your brand or product online? How much ROI will investment in influencer-marketing give you?

In your full report, you will be able to see:

• An in-depth look at consumer’s purchasing behaviour.
• A full breakdown on what are the popular makeup and skincare products.
• Who are the top media channels they view as credible.
• Most popular products in each category.
• Most trusted beauty brands.

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