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The cutest SK-II Facial Treatment Essence bottle ever? We surely think so!

Sk Ii Facial Treatment Essence Kimono2

SK-II has introduced its latest limited edition design for its famous Facial Treatment Essence and it’s inspired by the unique style of girls in Tokyo.

The bottles feature the design of two women in traditional Japanese kimonos in bold and vivid colours to signify hope, encouragement, and a new beginning. There are two options: Red Kimono (left) and Pink Kimono (right).

If you ask us, this has got to be the most adorable version of the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence bottles and are certainly collectibles if you’re a fan of the brand.

For the uninitiated, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is seen as a holy grail by many beauty enthusiasts and is loved by millions globally. It contains more than 90% PITERA. The creation of PITERA was inspired by a discovery made 40 years ago in a sake brewery in Japan, based on the chance observation of miraculously youthful-looking hands of the brewery workers, contrasted with their wrinkled faces.

The new SK-II Limited Edition PITERA Essence retails for S$300 and is available at all SK-II counters and Sephora.