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Think SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and its sleek, understated bottle probably comes to mind. So imagine our surprise when the Limited Edition for Christmas 2018 arrived at our office.

Bam! This tops our wishlist of Christmas must-haves, for sure!

Sk Ii Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition Group Shot

Based around the theme of #PiteraWonderland, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition is designed by Amsterdam-based illustrator Karan Singh. Thanks to Karan, the iconic bottle has a brand new look, featuring a bold pop-art inspired design that illustrates the power of PITERA™ with dynamic patterns.

We have never seen our beloved facial essence in something as bold and whimsical as this, but we must say we are obsessed with this refreshing facelift!

The Christmas must-have? Absolutely!

We’re constantly on the lookout for gift ideas during the Christmas season, and we have our eyes on the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition because we know it’s something that anyone would love to receive.

But we’re going to be honest with you: it’s something we’re keeping for ourselves! (Friends reading this article, please take note! Ehem!)

Sk Ii Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition Red

Three reasons why this is making its way to our Christmas wish-list:

1. Who doesn’t want glowy skin for Christmas?

We’ve worked hard in 2018, but it doesn’t have to show up on our faces – no!

We’ve tried the Pitera™-infused essence and have been a fan of it. We know that it is exactly what we need to pamper our skin with, to achieve glowy, crystal-clear skin in time for Christmas and to usher in the new year.

2. We love just how beautiful it looks

Let’s face it, we are visual creatures and can’t resist gorgeous packaging. This pop art-inspired design is so vibrant and cheery, it brings a smile to our faces every time we look at it. Imagine how it’s going to brighten up your day every morning when you reach out for it at your vanity table!

The press kit that is sent exclusively to the media also features an augmented reality element that makes the concept of #PiteraWonderland come to life. Breath-taking!

Psst, follow us on our Instagram in the next week, as we unveil the amazing, out-of-the-world AR elements that bring Christmas Wonderland to a whole new level.

3. The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition is worthy of collection

The SK-II facial essence is already an icon in its own rights, and as a fan, we like the idea of having a uniquely designed bottle for keepsake. Let’s just say that it’s a collectible that we’re going to want to add to our beauty stash.

The Limited Edition bottles are available in a vibrant tri-colour palette of purple, red, and blue – you can definitely find something that you like. Or even better, pick one that stands out at your vanity table!

These gorgeous bottles are packaged into exclusive, limited edition festive sets with other bestselling products from SK-II. One of our favourites is the SK-II Pitera™ Welcome Set! Read till the end to find out more.

Sk Ii Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition Festive Aura Set

SK-II Pitera™ Aura Set: Brighter skin that looks good even when you have no makeup on? This set is your best bet. Available at SGD568, worth SGD775.

Sk Ii Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition Festive Heritage Set

SK-II Pitera™ Heritage Set: Get the all-rounded Pitera experience with this set and watch your skin transform to achieve crystal-clear results. Available at SGD369, worth SGD485.

Sk Ii Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition Festive Original Set

SK-II Pitera™ Originals Set: If you’ve heard a lot about the brand and are ready to give its best-sellers a go, this set can get you started. Available at SGD418, worth SGD580.

Sk Ii Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition Festive Youth Set

SK-II Pitera Youth Set: This set has all the products that you need to achieve youthful-looking, firmer skin. Available at SGD497, wrth SGD715.

Sk Ii Limited Edition Christmas Welcome Set

SK-II Pitera™ Welcome Set: This set has all our favourite SK-II essentials that you need to get started on the quest towards crystal-clear skin this festive season. Available at SGD115, worth SGD162.

Love the gorgeous SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition as much as we do? It is now available at all retailers as part of any SK-II limited edition festive sets. Find out more about the Facial Treatment Essence here. From experience, these are going to fly off the shelves quickly, so make sure you get your hands on them before it’s too late! If you’re interested to find out more about the facial essence, click here to read our reviews.

This article is brought to you by SK-II.