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Since the Korean 10-step skincare was introduced, we’ve all been raising our expenditures on all types of skincare products to achieve the best version of our skin.

Sure, there are a lot of steps in these routines and regimens, and it can be a long process of finding the best product for you, but we’ve all been there (it’s almost like a rite of passage per se).

Here’s where the real questions come: what are the skincare products our skin actually needs and what are the “skippable” ones that we can live without?

Enters the practice of minimalism, which is thought to have originated in Japan and touches nearly every aspect of Japanese life. Instead of multiple products, Japanese women use skin conditioners and highly functional products — maybe this is why they always look so youthful?

Ahead, we dispel any doubts you may have about your beauty routine, the importance of a skin conditioner, and the best skin conditioning serum you should invest in!

Why we need to start using skin conditioners

skin conditioner, astalift jelly aquarysta

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Remember when our mothers sat in front of the vanity after emerging from the shower and were lightly patting their faces? Chances are they were probably using a form of skin conditioner.

Regardless of how well-versed we are in skincare, many are unaware of the power of skin conditioners and how they’re game-changing for dry, ageing, and texturised skin.

Also known as a pre-essence, skin conditioners are not to be confused with a toner or moisturiser. Instead, these mighty products are specifically used to hydrate and soften the skin.

Made to be applied after cleansing and before a serum or moisturiser, pre-essences are typically lightweight or in a liquid form. Most will require you to apply with a cotton pad or to massage the product into your skin in one way or another.

It gets absorbed into the skin quickly and sets your skin to be the perfect canvas for increased absorption of skincare products and boosts your skin’s moisture-retaining capabilities.

What’s the difference?

skin conditioner

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You can overlook skin conditioners if your skin has been doing fine till now, but why stop at just fine when you can hit the jackpot of reaching your skin’s optimal stage?

Whether your skin conditioner is liquid like a toner or thicker like a serum, it works differently from these other products. The main role of a toner is to help balance the skin’s pH levels while skin conditioners are all about filling the skin up with hydration.

Similarly to serums, skin conditioners have a lower molecular weight than a moisturiser. Meaning to say, it has the ability to penetrate the skin better and more deeply than any other product!

Other than giving you a hydration base for cosmetic humectants or the next skincare steps (moisturisers and so on), skin conditioners can also provide nutrients from vitamins, organic herbs, essential oils, and water-soluble botanicals.

A formidable skin conditioning serum for plump and firmer skin

astalift jelly aquarysta skin conditioner

Thinking of embarking on your skin conditioning journey? We’ve got just the product for you!

Used as the first step in skincare routines, ASTALIFT’s Jelly Aquarysta is a leave-on skin conditioner that restores and strengthens the skin’s defence, repairs barrier function, and improves the absorption of beneficial ingredients.

Aptly named and made with an approach for highly functional skincare, this jelly-like pre-essence has the power to deliver multiple benefits and address skin concerns like dryness, ageing, and rough skin.

Benefits of using the ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta

astalift jelly aquarysta skin conditioning serum

The ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta works to rebalance the skin’s water and oil levels. At the same time, it promotes the skin’s moisture retention capacity and increases the skin’s natural protective ability to fight against environmental factors like dryness and pollution.

This conditioning serum has key ingredients of tri-functional collagen, triple human-type nano-ceramides, nano-lycopene, and nano-astaxanthin, a trending skincare ingredient in 2023.

There’s also a plant-derived asenyaku extract that’s newly blended and encourages firmer skin.

With regular use, you can expect improved skin elasticity, smoother and more hydrated skin, and minimised appearance of wrinkles.

The science behind ASTALIFT’s skin conditioning serum

astalift jelly aquarysta skin conditioning serum

With an ethos that includes how “beauty is a science”, you can be assured that ASTALIFT churns out the best skincare products that can help you reach your skin goals.

Their skincare concept, and the very core of their nourishing products, centres around keeping the skin’s supporting layer (stratum corneum aka skin barrier) healthy.

After all, the stratum corneum is vital in being a protective barrier against external stimuli and a ‘moisture hotbox’ to keep the skin hydrated from the inside.

astalift jelly aquarysta skin conditioning serum

To lay the groundwork for firmer, brighter, and more radiant skin, ASTALIFT uses their proprietary nanotechnology to create the world’s smallest 20nm fine particle and enhanced penetration moisturising ingredients, namely the triple human-type nano-ceramides.

Just like how some furniture can’t fit through the door till it’s taken apart into pieces, the beauty ingredients found in the Jelly Aquarysta have been nanolised to go deep into the skin at a cellular level.

How to use the ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta

astalift jelly aquarysta skin conditioning serum

Credit: @soooanna/TikTok

After getting your hands on this radiant-inducing skin conditioning serum, it’s important to know whether you’re using it the right way. Yes, there is a right, or rather better, way to apply a skin conditioner!

First, cleanse your skin and make sure it’s dry after. Then, scoop an adequate amount of the Jelly Aquarysta with the spatula provided and spread it evenly onto the face and neck area.

It’s important to apply the Jelly Aquarysta right after cleansing and before any other skincare products, as this will help your skin to optimally absorb beneficial ingredients from your skincare regimen.

Next, gently press your palms against your skin and let it work its magic! You won’t even need to massage the product into the skin, thanks to its nanotechnology feature.

Lastly, follow with your usual toner, lotion or moisturiser, and sunscreen during the day.

Where to get the ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta

astalift jelly aquarysta skin conditioning serum

This skin conditioning serum promises to give plumper “jello skin” in just five days and reduce wrinkles and fine lines in four to six weeks…need we say more?

Collect a FREE ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta sample and try it for yourselves!

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ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta retails for S$148 (40g) and S$222 (60g) at astalift.com.sg, Shopee, Lazada, and ASTALIFT retail outlets at Raffles City and Plaza Singapura. A 5g travel-sized tub is also available for S$19 at their website and refills are priced at S$141 (40g) and S$212 (60g).

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This article is brought to you by ASTALIFT.