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If you’ve ever felt lost and tired about your skincare routine, you should know that you’re not the only one. Each of us has struggled with our skin and felt so overwhelmed by everything around us.

But now, we can let AI and technology guide us throughout our skincare journey using the +SABI AI app, the world’s first 360 wellness and skin health coach.

The baby of Skin Inc Supplement Bar and +SABI AI Corp, the +SABI AI app is designed with the goal of improving your overall wellness and skin health while acknowledging and accepting the beauty of imperfections.

The collaboration also sees the launch of the new Tri-Light +SABI Skincare Device, which you’ll definitely enjoy if you’re fans of Skin Inc’s Tri-Light series.

What the app does and what you can look forward to

+SABI AI & Tri-light PDP

The +SABI AI app works by using AI and algorithms to analyse consumer patterns, leveraging more than a million profiles and 200,000 face scans.

When you download the +SABI AI app, you can enjoy:

  • Wellness and skin health goals – By choosing your goals, the app can coach you on how to improve your wellbeing and skin health daily.
  • Wellness and skin identity quiz – Analyses lifestyle behaviours such as water intake, sleep, stress levels, menstrual cycles, blue light exposure, and environmental stressors that represent up to 80% skin health.
  • Face scans – Just by taking a simple selfie, you can receive a 360 AI diagnosis, progressive skin report, and coaching based on assessing characteristics, such as overall skin health, skin barrier, acne, eye bags, dark circles, and more.
  • Community interface – The app is designed to enable and encourage the journey of betterment and progress with others for recognition, feedback, and advice. Gains and setbacks can be shared with your #SkinTwin by using the application to share your results with your friends across all social media platforms.
  • UV & Pollution Index – Location-specific UV index and pollution levels recommendations are provided based on the world’s largest weather database.

+SABI AI & Tri-light PDP

You’ll also be able to order products from Skin Inc as well as other complementary wellness and skin health products recommended based on your goals via the app.

Some selected wellness products from Motherswork and Spa Esprit Group are already available, and the brand has plans to include more products and services in the future.

One upcoming feature you’ll be able to enjoy in the future is the Clean Skincare Scanner, which helps you scan the labels of your products and identify and earmark controversial product ingredients.

The +SABI AI is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Introducing the new Tri-Light +SABI Skincare Device

Tri-Light +SABI Skincare Device packshot back

The launch of the +SABI AI app comes in conjunction with the new Tri-Light +SABI Skincare Device, which is a smart device with five times the versatility – equivalent to 3,000 at-home facials!

Here are a few key features of the device:

  • Bluetooth – Thanks to the smart Bluetooth connection, the device is controlled by the app, and provides valuable feedback on treatments and moisture level.
  • Schedule reminders – Through the app, you can schedule reminders for facial-in-flash, LED, and other treatments.
  • Micro-current – Electrical current to help tone, lift, firm, and sculpt facial muscles.
  • Pulse-sonic – The device’s micro-pulsation technology is at a level of 3 MHz – much higher than the industry average – to help promote collagen tissue, reduce wrinkles, erase fine lines, and lift skin.
  • Pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) – Low-level magnetic waves penetrate deeply to promote healthy cell function and recharge the cell membrane, allowing nutrients to enter the cell and eliminate waste while rebalancing and restoring optimal cell function.
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) – Five-colour chromotherapy (yellow, blue, red, orange, and purple) activate light receptors in skin cells and improve overall skin quality.

Tri-light +SABI AI Banners

If you’ve got the TRI-LIGHT device, you can enjoy an additional feature on the +SABI AI app, which is Hydro-sensor technology – the sensor at the bottom of the device can determine your skin hydration at any time, allowing you to understand the most important part of your skin’s health.

The Tri-LightTM +SABI Skincare Device retails for S$458 on Skin Inc’s website, Skin Inc Flagship Concept Store at ION Orchard, Skin Inc Institute at Scotts Square, and Sephora.