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Smashbox is founded by Dean and Davis Factor, great grandsons of Hollywood makeup legend Max Factor, in 1990, where beautiful photos belong to the glossy pages of a magazine.

Fast forward 27 years, the brand that focuses on creating makeup that makes you look best before a camera is more relevant before. After all, this is a time when everyone is armed with a camera phone and it’s common to have a picture taken, and shared immediately onto social media.

After a quiet exit from Sephora, Smashbox is now back with a bang – with a promise of bigger and better offerings. From now onwards, you’ll be able to find Smashbox products again at Sephora ION Orchard, and Sephora.sg.

If you’re ready to try this much raved-about brand or to rekindle your love for it, here are the products we recommend.

1. Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Think Smashbox and there’s no way you won’t be reminded of their legendary primer. This was first created to minimise touch-ups during a shoot so a photographer’s flow wouldn’t be disrupted. Now, this is made for everyone – with one for every skin concern. The fast-absorbing primer helps moisturise your skin so foundation application can be seamless, and create the look of smooth and flawless skin. Different prices apply to each primer, and you can find all of them here.

2. Mascara collection

A great mascara makes all the difference between a selfie that’s magnifique and meh. If you’re big about lashes, then you’re going to be pleased that Smashbox offers lots of options. Their mascara collection consists of a lash primer, and various mascaras that provide you with different intensity and looks. But all of them have something in common – they feature unique Film Fibers that hug lashes snugly and help lengthen them, and innovative brushes that can help you achieve better results. Each mascara retails at SGD39.

3. Studio Skin 24 Hour Waterproof Concealer

Everybody wants a concealer that is long-lasting yet moisturising. This is why we recommend this concealer, that’s designed to last throughout an all-day shoot. It promises to camouflage imperfections, is waterproof yet moisturising. It retails at SGD45 and is available here.

4. Always On Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipstick is the order of the day, and everyone is looking for one that doesn’t just look great in person, but also look fantastic in photos. Smashbox has a comfortable matte option that lasts for eight hours, with 10 gorgeous shades (mostly nudes and mauves) to choose from. It retails at SGD42 and you can find it here.

5. Step-by-step Contour Kit

No professional shoots can be done without a contour kit as part of its magic. This palette is made up of blendable powders that you can use to redefine your features. An angled brush is included in the kit and a tutorial to teaches you how to contour properly for five different face shapes. Two shades are available, and they retail at SGD80 each. Find them here.