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We’ve got yet another cute makeup item for you today – these adorable star-shaped lipsticks that certainly won’t break your bank.

You might be tempted to make a wish upon these lipsticks. These mini lippies come in a set of six and are all dressed in delicate pastel colours that really gives off that dreamy vibe that we adore.

DEROL Star Shaped Lippies Stars In Hand

An added cuteness is that they come in a semi-transparent container with a pale pink cover that looks just like a milk tea cup!

If you’re a fan of switching up your lipstick shades every day but don’t want to commit to a full-sized product, this set of mini lippies could be perfect for you.

DEROL Star Shaped Lippies Shades

Although they’re tiny, they pack a punch of pigmented colour.

We really like shade #03 Milk Coffee, because (besides the delicious-sounding name) it is a gorgeous toffee brown that will flatter any Asian complexion.

These lipsticks have a velvet matte texture, which promises to be light and silky without drying your lips out. Those who don’t like strong scents may have to pass on this, though, as many Vietnamese reviewers reported a strong fragrance.

DEROL Star Shaped Lippies Stained

Unfortunately, these cute lippies also seem to have a shipping problem. Sometimes, they might arrive with one lipstick uncovered, so it might stain the inside of your container.

We are unsure whether it is due to the shipping process itself, or if it’s because the caps of the lipsticks are a little loose.

But still, that’s not going to stop us from collecting these cute lippies!

The DEROL Star Candy Lipsticks retail for S$8.99 on Shopee but are currently at 48% off now at S$4.67 at the time of writing.

Featured image credit: Shopee Malaysia