Lego Makeup Stone Brick

We thought we’ve seen it all – and then a new makeup brand from South Korea launched products that remind us of Lego. And just like the popular toy system, you can also “build” with it.

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This new brand is Stonebrick, launched by South Korean retail conglomerate Shinsegae. According to Cosmetics Design Asia, there are over 200 products for consumers to create different combinations.

The brand told the website that Stonebrick allows consumers to build products based on their taste and personality. For instance, you can use two lipsticks in one holder, or you can mix a variety of shades to create your signature colour.

Designed to be fun, the products are colourful but are also very practical. The brand shared that with this modular concept, consumers are able to declutter as they are able to combine a few products into one.

Stonebrick has opened a standalone store in Hongdae, and are also at Boots COEX and LOB’s Itaewon. They also have plans to enter other multi-brand stores such as Olive & Young. The brand also has their eyes on China and the Philippines as part of their expansion plans, they told Cosmetics Design Asia. A representative from the brand said that they hope to enter the Philippines market this year or next year.

You can find out more about Stonebrick from their website.

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