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K-beauty and J-beauty trends have had a tight grip on us for the past few years. Since then, we’ve been obsessed with achieving the perfect aegyo-sal look like our favourite K-idols and J-drama actresses.

For the uninitiated, aegyo-sal is the little pocket of fat beneath our eyelids. Enhancing this opens up our eyes and gives the entire look more depth.

Photo source: @欢欢(眼妆分享)/XiaoHongShu

In most makeup tutorials, beauty gurus will swipe a line of light eyeshadow over the line where the aegyo-sal ends with a flat-tipped brush.

This can sometimes cause an uneven distribution of pigment that makes the aegyo-sal line look choppy.

Photo source: @hukusuke831/LIPS

Thankfully, you’ll no longer have to struggle with this problem because Japanese beauty brand Canmake has launched liners that are specifically designed for highlighting the aegyo-sal!

The best part is that the shade it features is reminiscent of strawberry milk, which also helps to add a more youthful edge to the look.

Photo source: @hukusuke831/LIPS

The Canmake 3 Way Slim Eye Rouge Liner in #03 Icy Pink may look like a regular eyeliner but while you can certainly use it as one, it is best used as an aegyo-sal highlighter.

Photo source: @mishiko/LIPS

It has a sheer formula that won’t make your aegyo-sal liner too jarring. Instead, it will naturally melt into your skin and blend out with your eyeshadow for a natural looking under eye look.

Photo source: @paris__01/LIPS

The shade #03 Icy Pink isn’t as striking as you might think and reminds us more of a cold glass of strawberry milk that’s creamy and sweet.

Photo source: @wing_lris/LIPS

There isn’t any science behind the application of this liner too. Simply feel for the fold where your aegyo-sal ends and gently sweep a line over it. The sheer pink formula will create a sweet-looking shadow over this pocket of fat and open up your entire eye look.

Canmake 3 Way Slim Eye Rouge Liner in shade #03 Icy Pink retails for S$16.37, available at Yesstyle.