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No one can resist an adorable pout that’s dressed in a pink hue and this “strawberry yakult” lipstick will help you achieve just that.

Photo source: @Zoë Chow/XiaoHongShu

We think that a shade like this is great for ushering in the New Year. A vibrant yet wearable pink hue is a great way to start things fresh. Plus, it’s versatile enough to suit any occasion.

Photo source: @Zoë Chow/XiaoHongShu

We’re talking about the Peripera Airy Ink Velvet 26.

Most K-beauty fans will know Peripera for their lippies that make anyone look like they’ve stepped out of a K-drama.

Photo source: @Zoë Chow/XiaoHongShu

One line that stands out from the rest would be their iconic Airy Ink Velvet line. With its dropper bottle packaging, it’s easily recognisable among the crowd of lippies.

Photo source: @霏霏FEIFEI/XiaoHongShu

You can paint the centre of your lips and dab with your fingers to blend the pigment outwards. This will give you the most flattering gradient lip look.

For a more pigmented lip, simply line and fill your lips with the hue to create fuller, bolder lips.

Photo source: @Zoë Chow/XiaoHongShu

Since it has a lightweight texture, it’ll appear as if the pigment was airbrushed onto your lips, creating a soft velvet finish.

Photo source: @败家小娘们儿/XiaoHongShu

Peripera Airy Ink Velvet 26 retails for S$15.90, available at Watsons.

Featured image credit: @霏霏FEIFEI/XiaoHongShu and @Zoë Chow/XiaoHongShu