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February is a month away, and the air is already awash with anticipation. Men and women are busy thinking of ways to make their significant others happy. This can be frustrating if you do not give much thought to the day ahead. The last thing you’d want is to try making a reservation on Valentine’s Day. You either won’t get a booking or will get one at a sub-par place. And the worst thing you could do is to forget about the day and show up in the evening with nothing in hand. Keep these two things in mind as the day nears.

Proposal Gift 1

Now, onto Valentine’s gifts! This day is often about presenting your loved one with gifts, though most of the emphasis should be on spending quality time with them. Your girlfriend or wife is probably dropping hints about what she needs. And if she has yet to, here are some ideas to inspire you:

A Red Mini Dress

Pair that dinner reservation with the perfect dress with the occasion as part of your gift. Yes, wearing red on Valentine’s Day looks so cliché, but it is a colour that will make any woman stand out, if you get the right shades and style. Get her a dress that works for her body type and one that will have her feeling like the queen she is. Whether you have a quiet dinner or decide to party it up, she will be dressed the part. If she’s not one to wear red, then a little black dress will do.

Makeup Kit

Now, you have to be careful with this. If your significant other does not wear makeup, skip this gift in case it looks like you are trying to say that she needs to wear more makeup. If she’s all about dolling up and is a beauty junkie, then a kit would be a good idea. There are so many options on the market, and shop assistants are always ready to let you in on the bestsellers at the moment. Alternatively, you could skip buying the kit and get a makeup artist to come to your home. That way, she can skip the effort to get ready and have look extra beautiful on the date night.


You can never go wrong with jewelry! She will need a stunning pair of earrings to go with your dress of choice. And here, you’d need to choose something that adds some subtle glamour to the look. Teardrop options would be great as they work with both casual and dressy looks. Hoops could also enhance the look. You want something that adds to the dress, without downplaying how gorgeous it is.

A Bag

Think of what would work best with the dress. Getting her a clutch would work great to bring the look together. If you have no idea what type of bags to go for, try to observe the styles that she prefer. Otherwise, go for something understated so she can easily match it with any getup.


No rule states that Valentine’s has to be an outdoor affair. It could be that she has had a long week and wants to stay in for the night. Or she could be more comfortable with being indoors, snacking, and watching a movie. Cater to her needs by getting her some sexy pajamas and cooking for her. Make her favourite dishes and paired with good wine. You can then watch a movie together, have a good long chat, or stare into each other’s eyes all night.

Remember, this day is about making her feel special. Figure out what she needs. You might find that all she wants is an hour with you, uninterrupted with emails and phone calls. All the best!