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Grappling with scalp issues? Shiseido understands your woes and has released a new haircare series dedicated to your scalp.

Whether your scalp is dry, oily, or plagued by dandruff, the SUBLIMIC FUENTE FORTE can address your concerns and guide you towards optimal hair health!


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Created by SHISEIDO PROFESSIONAL, SUBLIMIC delves into the essence of inner beauty and recognises that healthy, beautiful hair stems from within.

The brand utilises cutting-edge technologies and focuses on unlocking the inherent beauty potential of Asian women.

Its innovative Hair Reforming Technology targets the structural damage of hair, correcting its shape and texture for a smoother appearance. Meanwhile, the Self Moisturizing Technology taps into the skin’s natural moisture-producing mechanism, strengthening its barrier function for optimal hydration.

Additionally, there’s also a Daily Shielding Technology to shield hair and scalp from external stressors, preserving their health and vitality.

As a bonus, complementing these advancements are uplifting aromas that were scientifically formulated to evoke positive emotions and enhance well-being!

FUENTE FORTE: SUBLIMIC’s Latest Launch for Scalp Care


Photos taken by Daily Vanity.

Experience the rejuvenating power of FUENTE FORTE, a revolutionary series designed to nurture your scalp and hair back to vitality!

In our hectic lives, the scalp often endures unnoticed damage from stress, dryness, and stickiness. FUENTE FORTE’s advanced formula delivers much-needed moisture to the scalp, strengthening its barrier function and addressing underlying issues for overall scalp health.

With soothing scents like lemon and bergamot, it offers a holistic spa experience and calms the mind while nourishing the scalp.


Credit: Shiseido Professional

Recognising the subtle yet significant impact on scalp health for overall well-being, FUENTE FORTE employs a Scalp Double-Enhancing System that combines moisturising and barrier care.

By harnessing the skin’s natural hydration abilities and shielding against external stressors, it promotes optimal scalp conditions for healthy hair growth!

SUBLIMIC FUENTE FORTE retails from S$27.75 to S$82.84 at YesStyle, Shunji Matsuo website, and selected partner SUBLIMIC SALONS.

SUBLIMIC Scalp Complete Spa with Guasha

SUBLIMIC Scalp Complete Spa with Guasha


Of course, you can “DIY” a scalp spa at home by yourself, but why not visit the salon for a truly pampering experience?

In today’s beauty landscape, where self-care and holistic well-being take precedence, Shiseido Professional has enhanced its SUBLIMIC Scalp Complete Spa treatment with an additional Guasha service for the head.

This revitalising experience combines the ancient art of Guasha with specialised techniques to promote physical and mental relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the day.

SUBLIMIC Scalp Complete Spa with Guasha

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During the treatment, a personalised consultation ensures that individual needs are addressed. A refreshing or relaxing FUENTE FORTE Aroma Spa Drop massage oil is expertly applied to the scalp, along with the gentle manipulation of the Guasha tool.

This combination promotes circulation, relieves tension, and enhances the overall efficacy of the treatment!

The Head Guasha massage involves the use of a smooth-edged tool to gently massage the scalp, releasing tension and stimulating blood circulation. This process not only alleviates stress and headaches but also supports scalp health, ultimately promoting hair growth and preventing premature greying.

The benefits of the SUBLIMIC Scalp Complete Spa with Guasha are manifold, including improved cognitive function, stress relief, enhanced hair follicle stimulation, and increased blood circulation to the head.


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Enjoy the SUBLIMIC Scalp Complete Spa with Guasha and receive complimentary SUBLIMIC Ice Globe Massage Balls (worth S$20) at only S$145 (first trial promotion)!

This in-salon scalp massage service is exclusively available at selected partner SUBLIMIC SALONS. Meanwhile, the first trial promotion is only available at the three Shunji Matsuo salons below.

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