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As part of their Beauty Diaries series, Insider Health recently published an article in which a Sugar Baby details the astronomical beauty-related expenses that are paid in full by her Sugar Daddy. Needless to say, we were shocked. (A “Sugar Baby” is a person who gets into a romantic relationship with another in exchange for monetary benefits. The person who gives these benefits are usually called a “Sugar Daddy” or “Sugar Mummy”.)

The 24-year-old Sugar Baby is based in Los Angeles, California. She connected with her Sugar Daddy on the U.S.-based dating website Seeking Arrangement, which specialises in matching Sugar Babies to Sugar Daddies.

She gets a monthly allowance and half her rent paid

Sugar Baby Beauty Spending 1

Not her actual apartment; Source: No Ordinary Home

The Sugar Baby states that her Sugar Daddy gives her an allowance of USD1,000 a month, as well as paying for half the rent on a “nicer apartment” which he moved her in to recently.

The allowance does not include any beauty-related expenses that she incurs from having to look good to accompany him for an event or a date.

She has her own personal professional stylist

Her Sugar Daddy works in finance, so part of this Sugar Baby’s obligations is to accompany him to gala events, dinners, and company parties. For the really special occasions, he pays for a pro to come in and style her.

“I have a professional stylist I use for special occasions like art galas, company parties, or large dinners. We do about three to four of those a month, depending on the time of year,” the Sugar Baby says.

Her stylist also cuts her hair four times a year, and touches up her hair colour every six to eight weeks. Her hair colour is not to be too crazy as well. “My hair needs to mirror his image, which is very classic.”

She spends upwards of USD6,400 on makeup a year

Since the larger social events only happen three to four times a month, this Sugar Baby does her own makeup and styling the rest of the time. For that purpose, she buys high-end makeup products for her own use, though she keeps in mind her Sugar Daddy’s preferences.

“He likes a more natural look,” she says, then listing down the various products from NARS and Bobbi Brown that she uses to achieve it. She only shops from the best too, “For products, I like going to Lord & Taylor, Bobbi Brown, Chanel counters — places like that. I’ll go into Sephora if I’m looking for a few quick things.”

Needless to say, all of these expenses are reimbursed by her Sugar Daddy.

She does her nails every two weeks

According to this Sugar Baby, nails are “a big standard in the Sugar Baby society”. In order to keep hers looking polished and presentable, she goes in for a pedicure every two weeks, and a proper manicure once or twice a month.

Even with her nails, she also plays to her Sugar Daddy’s tastes. “He’s never told me ‘no’ to the French tips, but I’ve heard him say to other people that they look tacky, so I took a mental note.”

She gets cosmetic procedures done with his cash

Although she’s only 24 years old, this Sugar Baby has already begun doing preventative botox on her forehead and crow’s feet area. She has also recently discussed with her Sugar Daddy on the possibility of “getting [her] lips done as well”.

However, she’s careful to disclaim that the procedures she goes for is entirely her choice. “Those are all more of my personal preferences and at the end of the day, it’s the kind of look I’m looking for. If he’s up for paying for it, then great.”

Her yearly beauty spending, broken down

  • Hair: ~USD6,485 a year
  • Makeup: ~USD6,480 a year
  • Grooming and waxing: ~USD5,412 a year
  • Nails: ~USD1,620 a year
  • Others: ~USD2,160 a year

Total: ~USD22,157 a year!

There is an actual Sugar Baby community in the U.S.

Sugar Baby Beauty Spending 2

Source: NextShark

If you thought that this Sugar Baby is an one-off case, you are so, so wrong. We only did more research on this after reading this intriguing interview by Insider, but we were shocked to find out that the Sugar Baby community is actually bigger than we dared to expect in America.

Sugar Baby Beauty Spending 3

Source: 20 Minuten

In fact, in 2015, the inaugural Sugar Baby Summit was held in New York, where beginner and veteran Sugar Babies can get together to learn from each other the tricks of the trade to succeed in the “Sugar dating world”.

It was arranged by the website SeekingArrangement.com, which is essentially a dating platform for Sugar Babies and Daddies to connect. Here’s a fact that might surprise you: SeekingArrangement.com was founded by Singapore-born businessman, Brandon Wade, who is still the CEO of the company.

Sugar Baby Beauty Spending 4

Sugar Baby Summit 2015; Source: NY Daily News

Finding a married Sugar Daddy is not only uncommon (about forty percent of Sugar Daddies listed on SeekingArrangement.com are married), but securing one is apparently “hitting the jackpot”, according to Mariella Mosthof, a Bustle journalist who attended the 2015 Sugar Baby Summit. “Most of them are acting with permission from their wives,” reports Mosthof.