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Every time we visit Japan, we were sure to stock up on the suisai Beauty Clear Powder. (Yes, it was featured in our article about drugstore products to look for in Japan!)

It is the number one facial wash in Japan for three consecutive years and is one of the most sought-after products from suisai.

Now, we no longer need to make luggage space for it, because the hit skincare range is finally in Singapore!

Why is the suisai Beauty Clear Powder so famous?


The suisai Beauty Clear Powder provides an effective skincare solution for several concerns: rough skin texture, unwanted shine, clogged pores, and excessive sebum. It helps to decompose keratin plugs and exfoliate dead skin cells thanks to the two unique enzymes and amino acid cleansing ingredients found in its formula.

Packaged in capsules filled with granule-structured powder, this facial wash is used by lathering into a fine and soft foam that can envelope and remove pore impurities to achieve deep cleansing.

Many users profess that the product leaves their skin feeling hydrated, smooth, and significantly more radiant.

This amazing product retails at SGD27 (pack of 32) or SGD14 (pack of 15).

How do we like it?

Many of us in the Daily Vanity team have tried it and love it. We like how easy it is to lather the product up into a firm and voluminous foam that feels very gentle and luxurious on skin. Skin is left feeling soft and smooth after cleansing, and a few of us find our pores looking more refined too. The capsule packaging also makes it an absolute convenience to bring around for vacations.

Check out other suisai products too

And while you’re shopping for the Beauty Clear Powder, don’t forget to check out the other products from the brand. The products that will also be available in Singapore include:

  • Oil Cleansing (SGD23)
  • Creamy Gel Cleansing (SGD23)
  • Cream Soap (SGD20)
  • Skin Tightening Cool Lotion (SGD31)
  • Lotion (SGD31)
  • Emulsion (SGD34)
  • 3D Mask (SGD21)

suisai products are now available at Welcia BHG (Bugis), and will also be available at Don Quijote (Orchard Central) from December 2017. Like suisai on their Facebook page to get the latest updates from them!