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Japan is known for plenty of cute franchises such as Pokemon and Sanrio, so it’s no surprise that they always have some of the most adorable makeup collaborations coming out.

The most recent one we can’t resist is the Sumikko Guraishi cosmetics line. Sumikko Guraishi is owned by the stationery company San-X, which also owns the popular Rilakkuma.

How it works

This dreamy and adorable cosmetics line is a part of Ichiban Kuji. Translated to “number one lottery”, it is a limited-run lottery system created by company Banpresto.

All you have to do is front the cost for a ticket for the series you want (like this Sumikko Guraishi series, for example), and then receive a random prize from the series in return. The prizes are typically labelled alphabetically from A downwards, with A being the most limited item.

If you are in Japan now, you can get these tickets for 840 yen (~S$9.81) at FamilyMart, bookstores, hobby stores, game centres, drugstores, official Ichiban Kuji Lottery stores, participating Sumikko Guraishi stores, and Ichiban Kuji Online, while stocks last.

We’re hoping that resellers will bring these adorable makeup items to our shores. For now, we’re going to share with you all of the prizes in this adorable cosmetics line.

Prize A: Sumikkolium Pact – Neko to Issho

Sumikko Guraishi Cosmetics Sumikkolium Pact - Neko to Issho

This compact features the shy and body-conscious Neko and the optimistic shrub Zassou in a terrarium-like design.

It is a natural-looking, sheer powder that comes with a convenient puff and mirror.

Prize B: Sumikko Lip Balm

Sumikko Guraishi Cosmetics Sumikko Lip Balm

How cute are these lip balms? One features the sensitive-to-cold polar bear Shirokuma, which holds a light pink colour.

The other one, the lizard-pretending dinosaur Tokage, has a more rosy red tone to it. These balms contain moisturising honey, so it is perfect for daily use.

Prize C: Tapioca Nail Oil

Sumikko Guraishi Cosmetics Tapioca Nail Oil

Yes, you read right. These nail oils are decorated after tapioca pearl characters, who were too hard to suck so were left over in the milk tea cup.

They might be the cure you need for brittle nails and cuticles. There are three scents to choose from: yuzu, vanilla, and mint.

Prize D: Eye Colour Collection

Sumikko Guraishi Cosmetics Eye Colour Collection

With six types of eyeshadows to choose from, they come in gorgeous colours suitable for everyday use.

These eyeshadows feature many of Sumikko Guraishi’s characters, so you might have to keep drawing to get your favourite!

Prize E: Omekashi Colour Nail Polish

Sumikko Guraishi Cosmetics Omekashi Colour Nail Polish

We’re in love with all ten shades of nail polishes that this cosmetics line has to offer. Most are light and pastel colours, which are very reminiscent of the Sumikko Guraishi characters themselves.

We’re especially fond of the light teal coloured nail polish, which features the cucumber-loving character Penguin.

Last One Prize: Sumikkolium Pact – Togeito to Issho

Sumikko Guraishi Cosmetics Sumikkolium Pact – Togeito to Issho-new

The Last One Prize is the prize you get when you buy the very last ticket at a shop, so you have to be super lucky to get this item!

The last product in the line, it is a powder compact that comes with a mirror. It features Tokage and the slug with a shell, Nisetsumuri.