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You’ve probably heard us nagging about the importance of sun protection for as long as we have been around, and for good reason.

All the dermatologists and aesthetic doctors we have spoken to have continually emphasised the importance of sun protection in every scenario.

For those of us who have already made sunscreen an essential part of our every day morning routine, good for you! For those of you who haven’t, we have news that might make this essential skincare component more palatable to you.

Sunscreen gummies?!

OK, they are not gummies made out of sunscreen – that would be palatable to nobody!

An American team headed by a Harvard-trained doctor began intensive R&D on the fern Polypodium leucotomos, native to Ecuador in South America, following clinical studies on the strong photoprotective potential of this herb.

That means ingesting the plant is actually going to help your cells resist the harmful effects of UV rays.

We don’t know how the plant itself tastes when eaten raw, but we can imagine it wouldn’t make anyone want to repeat the dose in a hurry. The team decided to package protective effects of the Polypodium fern in an attractive exterior and launched their product on Indiegogo: sunscreen gummies called Sundots.

We have to say that their strategy works – looking at photos of these Sundot gummies is giving us strong candy cravings. It probably wasn’t just us, either. The Sundots Indiegogo campaign achieved more than two times their goal in funds within 24 hours of its launch.

P.S. The gummies come in a tropical berry flavour – sounds delicious to us!

Why do you need gummies if you already use sunscreen?

So you might be thinking: that’s cool and all, but I’m already in the habit of using sunscreen, why do I need sun protection gummies on top of that?

The Sundots team provides us with a few reasons:

  • Sunscreen is not user-friendly: Slapping on sunscreen just once in the morning isn’t enough. You have to re-apply the thing every two hours for maximum efficacy, on your face and all over your body.
  • Sunscreen is weak against the skin-ageing UV ray: Did you know SPF only takes into account UVB, which is the UV ray responsible for sunburns? The “PA” factor is actually the one guarding against UVA rays, which are responsible for ageing your skin.
  • Many sunscreens may contain potentially harmful chemicals: Sunscreens commonly contain an ingredient called oxybenzone, which causes hormonal disruption, according to the Sundots team.

However, this doesn’t mean that Sundots can replace sunscreen – they’re meant to be a supplement. Sundot gummies fill in the gaps of your other sun protective measures

The most ideal sun protection regime includes Sundots, sunscreen, and sun protective clothing.

How to get Sundots

The good news is that Sundots ship internationally, but shipping rates will, of course, apply. You can see their Indiegogo page here. Take note that they won’t be shipping out the products until July this year.

  • 1 month of Sundots: USD35
  • 3 months of Sundots: USD85
  • 6 months of Sundots: USD159
  • 12 months of Sundots: USD309

You can also check out their really, really long but thorough FAQ to find out more about the product.