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You’d think there would only be one way to use a sunscreen spray. After all, the action is in the name, so it’s natural to spray it directly on our faces. Besides, it’s a much more convenient way to top up our SPF too.

But what if we told you that you’ve been using it incorrectly this whole time?

The wrong way to use a sunscreen spray

Beauty junkies know that applying one layer of sunscreen is simply not sufficient for a day out.

In our Singapore weather, it’s recommended to reapply our SPF every two hours if you’re under the sun, which is why many of us have turned to sunscreen sprays.

However, TikTok user @skingapore has something to say about this method.


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Samuel is a general practitioner (GP) who often shares skincare-related tips and tricks on his TikTok page. This time, he delivered a shocking revelation: spraying sunscreen directly onto your face is not good for you or your skin.

Why you shouldn’t spray sunscreen directly on your face

Firstly, spraying sunscreen directly onto your face causes you to subconsciously breathe in the product.

Even if you hold your breath, it will still enter your nose one way or another, because when you release your breath, some of the product will still enter your body. Though not harmful in small amounts, we should aim to reduce the amount of chemicals we breathe in.

Secondly, simply spraying on sunscreen may not provide sufficient coverage for your face which is not a good thing for your complexion. UV rays are harmful to us as they often cause inflammation or harmful reactions.

GP Samuel shares that a fine mist is not going to provide enough protection against the sun. The mist deposited is too fine to tell whether the amount you are applying is sufficient.

On the other hand, if you take it too far and spray in excess the product may pile up, causing your face to look chalky.

But if the method we’re accustomed to is wrong, what exactly is the right method?

The right way to use a sunscreen spray

The right way to use a spray sunscreen is actually pretty simple.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends we spray the product on our hands first and then rub it on our face to apply.

As you spray the product onto your hand, you can gauge how much product you should be using and ensure that no sunscreen will be inhaled.

But how should I reapply sunscreen over makeup?

If we can’t spray sunscreen over our faces anymore, how can we top up our SPF without ruining our makeup looks?

One solution is using a powder SPF. You can use powder sunscreens as a setting powder and an SPF reapplication method, making it super convenient and effective. It soaks up excess oil and strengthens your skin’s defence against UV rays at the same time.

When all is said and done, sunscreen sprays are still a good way to refresh your SPF. So if you’re someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or just need a sunscreen for your body, we’ve compiled a list of sunscreen sprays just for you.

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20 sunscreen sprays to try

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Spray SPF 50

Shiseido’s secret to their high-quality sunscreens would be the SuperVeil-UV 360™ technology used in the formulations. It is specially processed to be water-resistant and maintain protection against harmful UV rays throughout the day.

However, water-resistant doesn’t mean that it’d be hard to remove. The sunscreen washes off easily with soap and water, which makes cleansing that much easier.

Other than using it for your face, it is also great for your body and even hair. The spray function allows quick application over large, hard-to-reach areas like the neck and back.

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Spray SPF 50 retails for S$61.43 on Amazon.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Sunscreen Lotion Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 60

Unlike usual sunscreen mists, La Roche-Posay’s dispenses a visible lotion on your skin, which is both quick-absorbing and non-greasy.

Besides the usual protection against UVA and UVB rays, this spray can also protect you against infrared-A and pollution which are common harmful elements that can damage our skin.

It’s also armed with an anti-stinging formula, so you won’t have to worry about the product getting into your eyes.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Sunscreen Lotion Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 60 retails for S$89 on Amazon.

Kokuryudo Privacy UV Mist SPF 50+ PA++++

Housed in a portable bottle, this product from Japan is great to have in your bag when you’re on the go.

Because of its fine mist, it is great for a quick and refreshing cool-down. Customers mentioned that there is no white cast from this product, so it won’t affect your makeup or leave you looking like a ghost.

Kokuryudo Privacy UV Mist SPF 50+ PA++++ retails for S$21.59 on Yesstyle.

MUJI Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 PA+++

If you’re looking to get a dewy glow for your face, this lightweight spray is one you can welcome to your skincare stash. Its hydrating formula leaves a shine that you may need to blot down with powder or tissue after.

MUJI Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 PA+++ retails for S$20.53 on Yesstyle.

Clarins Sun Care Water Mist SPF50+

Clarins is here with a hydrating sunscreen spray that will moisturise and protect your skin. Because of its aqueous texture, this mist will remain invisible after application.

You’ll be getting plenty of natural goodness with this plant-based formula. Senna is infused into this to protect your skin from sun damage, pea extract will protect your skin’s elasticity fibres, and aloe vera will moisturise your skin.

Clarins Sun Care Water Mist SPF50+ retails for S$41.30 on iShopChangi.

Pixi Sun Mist

Pixi has brought us a sheer sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 30 to keep your skin safe from UV rays.

Its lightweight formula will prevent sunburn and premature ageing while delivering a veil of expert protection onto your skin. A combination of sunflower and cucumber extract will condition, hydrate, and cool your skin.

Pixi Sun Mist retails for S$23 on Lookfantastic.

Supergoop! (Re)setting Refreshing Mist SPF 40

Supergoop! always brings us a wide range of SPFs to choose from, but one you’re probably sleeping on is their sunscreen spray.

The bi-phase formula sets makeup, refreshes it, and tops up your SPF throughout the day, so spray it on your hands first before patting it on your skin. It even has a soothing rosemary and mint scent to lift your mood.

Supergoop! (Re)setting Refreshing Mist SPF 40 retails for S$55 on Sephora.

Sun Bum Baby Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray

Want something for the whole family to use? This sunscreen works amazing for those with sensitive skin and young kids.

Natural zinc oxide, coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter are some ingredients that will nourish and hydrate our skin, making this plant-based sunscreen perfect for delicate skin.

The formula is also vegan, cruelty-, gluten-, and dye-free so it works for most skin types.

Sun Bum Baby Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen Spray retails for S$24.23 on Amazon.

Coola Classic Face Organic Sunscreen Mist SPF 50

Coola Classic Face Organic Sunscreen Mist SPF 50

Like most Coola products, this mist features its original Plant Protection Complex and naturally effective antioxidant-rich ingredients like buriti oil, which has antioxidants to protect your skin against UVA damage.

It also contains prickly pear extract to improve your overall skin tone and texture.

Coola Classic Face Organic Sunscreen Mist SPF 50 retails for US$28 on Coola.

Sunplay Ultra Shield UV Body Mist SPF 130

Worried about sweat or water activities affecting your UV protection? Sunplay’s Ultra Shield UV Body Mist has got you covered with its wet skin technology that allows for direct application on the skin regardless.

So whether you are taking a dip in the pool or going for a jog, the wet skin technology incorporated into this formula will ensure your sunscreen stays on your skin even if it’s wet.

Plus, your skin will stay hydrated all day thanks to aloe vera and vitamin E in the formula.

Sunplay Ultra Shield UV Body Mist SPF 130 retails for S$15.33 on Watsons.

Uriage Bariesun Dry Mist SPF 50+

Try this mist from Uriage for high protection against UVA rays, UVB rays, and free radicals. It’s enriched with Aquaspongines and Uriage Thermal Water to infuse your skin with moisture and protect it from dryness.

To top it all off, it has an invisible texture that can be quickly absorbed so you’re guaranteed a dry and non-sticky finish.

Uriage Bariesun Dry Mist SPF 50+ retails for S$38.90 on Shopee.

SVR Sun Secure Mist SPF50+

This sunscreen mist will give you that refreshing touch-up while protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Its formula is suitable for all skin types so even if you’re sun-hypersensitive.

The formula features Integral Secure Technology which provides protection from UVA, UVB, visible light, and infrared light. So whether you’re in the office, out and about, or even underwater, you can turn to this mist.

It even offers high dermatological protection thanks to SVR’s new patented filter combination, formulated to give you strong protection that won’t harm marine life.

Plus, it has a delicate summery scent which will soothe your senses.

SVR Sun Secure Mist SPF50+ retails for S$34 on Lookfantastic.

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Suncare Spray SPF50+ PA++++

This lightweight sunscreen spray boasts two types of technologies to give you comfortable yet durable sun protection.

Auto Booster Technology reacts with the air’s moisture to give you stronger protection against UV rays. The formula is further bolstered by Aqua Booster EX Technology, which enhances UV protection when it comes into contact with sweat or water. Truly impressive.

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Suncare Spray SPF50+ PA++++ retails for S$26.32 on Watsons.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Mist SPF50+

Two-in-one is the perfect way to describe this SPF. It not only protects your skin from UV rays, but it also colour corrects sallow undertones to brighten your overall complexion.

Sunplay Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Mist SPF50+ retails for S$13.93 on Watsons.

Kate Somerville SPF50 Duo

Once you’re done with your makeup routine, this sunscreen can act as a setting spray to mattify any shine.

However, that’s not all this product can do. You’ll also get a brightening effect from the antioxidant-rich rhodiola rose infused into this formula as well as a hydrating effect with the hyaluronic acid.

Kate Somerville SPF50 Duo retails for S$116 on Lookfantastic.

JM Solution Sun Spray SPF50+ PA++++

Let this sunscreen spray protect your skin while nourishing it with the addition of hyaluronic acid and pearl which drench your skin in moisture.

This non-sticky spray also lasts up to 12 hours on your skin, so you won’t need to reapply as often. Plus, there won’t see a white cast or residue with this product due to its lightweight and watery texture.

JM Solution Sun Spray SPF50+ PA++++ retails for S$10.60 on Lazada.

Heliocare Sunscreen Spray SPF 50

Your skin is going to love this spray for its spreadability and fast absorption. After rubbing this spray onto your face, you’ll notice a matte finish, so it’s great for those with oilier complexions.

Plus, the innovative phototechnologies incorporated into this product will protect your skin throughout the day. Its formula has been designed to suit all skin types, even acne-prone ones.

Heliocare Sunscreen Spray SPF 50 retails for S$56.17 on Watsons.

Ajuste UV Spray Tone Up

Another two-in-one product, this spray will help you correct any yellow undertones you might have with its soft lavender hue.

Since it gives your skin a soft glowing effect, you may even be able to skip the foundation on days when you don’t want to wear that much makeup.

On days when you do want a full beat, you can use the sunscreen as a colour corrector to perfect your base. It’s also fragrance-free, so it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

Ajuste UV Spray Tone Up retails for S$24 on Shopee.

Babo Botanicals Baby Skin Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF 30

Designed for young children, this sunscreen spray is formulated to be gentle on even the most delicate and sensitive skins.

It is formulated with 100% non-nano zinc oxide, which means it won’t be absorbed into your skin. Plus, it’s vegan and fragrance-free so if you have sensitive skin, this sunscreen is a good option for you.

To top it all off, it has a water-resistant formula making it durable even against sweat.

Babo Botanicals Baby Skin Mineral Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 retails for S$31.51 on iHerb.

Kiss My Face Purely Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Mineral Spray Lotion SPF 30

The aloe and olive oil in this sunscreen spray are the stars of the show. Olive oil gives it a nourishing, moisturising texture, while aloe vera soothes sensitive skin.

Not to mention, this spray is sweat- and water-resistant, so your skin will stay well protected no matter what activity you’re engaged in.

Kiss My Face Purely Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Mineral Spray Lotion SPF 30 retails for S$24.41 on iHerb.