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“SPF wardrobing” was one of the terms that popped up a few times when Daily Vanity met up with Amanda Baldwin for an interview recently. Baldwin is the President of Supergoop!, a unique lifestyle brand that’s 100% dedicated to UV protection.

Supergoop Amanda Baldwin

Supergoop!’s Amanda Baldwin spoke to Daily Vanity about the importance of sunscreen.

What exactly is SPF wardrobing? Baldwin explains that just like how you put on an LBD for a gala dinner or your sneakers when it’s a casual day out, everyone should have different sunscreens in their stash that are intended for different occasions. The sunscreen that you put on when you go for a hike is different from the one that you wear to a weekend brunch. The former should have high sun protection factor and is sweat-resistant, while the latter can have a slight tint to brighten up your complexion.

SPF wardrobing also means to layer on your sunscreen like how you would your apparel. Just like how you put on your lingerie, followed by a light dress, and then a blazer, and perhaps a scarf, try to have as many products with SPF in your routine as possible. This way, you will be sure that you’ll not miss a spot.

This is why when asked if wearing a foundation with SPF is good enough, Baldwin says that it’s a good start, but more is better.

“Of course, having some SPF is better than having no SPF. But you see, the thing about foundation is that you’d want to apply as little as possible, but with sunscreen, you should be generous with the amount you put on.”

This is why she believes that the concept of SPF wardrobing is an important skincare tip to pick up: sure, go ahead and use a foundation with SPF, but also put on a moisturiser with SPF, followed by a primer with SPF and so on.

Supergoop Products

This is why Supergoop! has a variety of products that carry SPF that you can’t usually find in any other beauty brands out there. These products include a lip balm, setting powder, and even eyeshadows. SPF in eyeshadow is an innovation that was unheard of before Supergoop! and this product ensures that the delicate eyelid area isn’t left unprotected. All Supergoop! products are exclusively distributed by Sephora in Singapore.

And there will be more variety of products with SPF you can look forward to from Supergoop! In fact, they’re launching something exciting next year and have asked us to keep our eyes peeled for it.

Since Baldwin has taken over Supergoop!’s marketing, sales, and a few other functions two years ago, the company is on track to triple in size. However, the beauty industry veteran told Daily Vanity that the brand isn’t just about making money; it’s first and foremost on a mission to help spread the importance of sun protection.

She told us that the story of Supergoop! traces back to the experience of founder Holly Thaggard. Since her friend was diagnosed with skin cancer in her early 30s, Thaggard has felt the need to raise awareness about the harmful effects of the sun. Supergoop! was then established and has been dedicated to changing the way people feel about sunscreen.

This is why they make sure the products they offer don’t have negative traits that turn people off from sunscreens.

“We make sure that our formula feel good and lightweight on skin and are also focusing on formats that you’ve never seen before so you can be creative and would want to wear (sunscreen)”, she shares. The brand is also working on cleaning up the formulas to get them free from toxic and potentially toxic ingredients.

Baldwin says that creating the types of sunscreens Supergoop! has been putting out is a “chemistry challenge”, which she believes that the brand has managed to figure out and is the “secret sauce” to who they are.

Sunscreen Tips Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

And if you ask the sunscreen expert what her favourite go-to product is, she recommends the Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF40. This is an oil-free sunscreen that has a clear formula and doubles up as a primer.

But of course, “you should have more than one sunscreen – SPF wardrobing is how you can ensure that you get enough coverage!” Baldwin advises.