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Move over, fillers and Botox. The latest anti-ageing secret sweeping the K-pop scene is rooted in ancient wisdom, not a syringe.

In recent interviews, K-pop idols Jeon Somi and ex-Sistar member Soyou revealed that they’re ditching invasive procedures for the holistic power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

No, we’re not talking about herbal concoctions (although those can be amazing too!), but a simple yet transformative technique called “guasha”.

What is a Guasha Facial Massage?

Intrigued? You should be. Guasha is an ancient TCM massage technique that uses a smooth stone tool to sculpt, lift, and detoxify the face. Think of it as a natural facelift in the palm of your hand.

By gently gliding the stone across pressure points, you boost circulation, drain toxins, and stimulate collagen production – all of which translate to a brighter, tighter, and more youthful complexion.

kpop idols using guasha

The results are undeniable. Guasha devotees like Jeon Somi and Soyou boast envy-inducing glows, sculpted cheekbones, and a reduction in puffiness and fine lines – all without needles or downtime. Plus, the massage itself is incredibly relaxing, offering a welcome dose of stress relief in the midst of their hectic schedules.

And K-pop isn’t the only fan club. Hollywood A-listers like Ashley Graham, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston are also known to incorporate TCM into their beauty routines.

So, how can we get our hands (or should we say, face?) on this massage technique so we, too, can experience it for ourselves?

Read on to redeem a gua sha facial at just S$48!

Available in Singapore! Syoujin Guasha Detox Facial

Thankfully we won’t have to take a flight to South Korea just to get a guasha therapy; you can simply head down to Syoujin 匠人, which is well known for its pampering 60-minute Guasha Detox Facial.

syoujin storefront guasha facial

With 14 outlets across Singapore, Syoujin isn’t just a spa, it’s an experience. They combine the best of Japanese hospitality with the ancient wisdom of TCM to create a truly holistic approach to wellness.

Steps of the Syoujin Guasha Detox Facial

Imagine stepping into the cosy space of Syoujin and after your consultation, you change out into a comfortable robe and wait for your therapist to come in.

Step 1: Your face is cleansed thoroughly but gently of impurities and any residue of makeup. to make sure that it’s clean and ready for the pampering and skincare goodness that will come later, a double deep cleanse is performed.

Step 2: Your therapist applies a moisturising essence or an essential oil – depending on your skin needs. Then, she prepares the guasha tools.

Syoujin uses guasha tool made from natural stone and water-buffalo horn, which are of better quality than what you’ll find cheaply in the market. This ensures that the guasha massage is performed gently and without any irritation.

syoujin guasha

Step 3: As you close your eyes and relax, your therapist use the guasha tool to massage on your acupressure points and gently scrape it all over your face. Special attention is paid to your cheekbones, temples, and brow area to achieve a lifting effect that’s also therapeutic.

If you’ve done guasha on the body, you might be worried that it may leave marks or is painful. But don’t worry about it – the Guasha Detox Facial at Syoujin is light, gentle, and painless, and is even suitable for those with delicate and sensitive skin!

Step 4: The massage is completely and you feel a subtle lifting effect on your skin. Your therapist applies a hydrating mask to soothe your skin – you might have dozed off at this point, which is a sign of a relaxing treatment and a good chance for you to catch up on some well-deserved rest!

Benefits of the Syoujin Guasha Detox Facial

syoujin guasha facial results

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The Syoujin Guasha Detox treatment has multiple benefits, and they include:

  • Reversing signs of ageing
  • Slimming the facial contours
  • Removing the appearance of double chin
  • Enhance blood circulation so skin appears radiant and glowing
  • Detox and removing skin impurities

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