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If you’re an avid fan of Japanese snacks, you would have definitely tried the Tabekko animal biscuits before. An extremely popular snack in Japan and a childhood favourite for many, these animal biscuits have now made their way into a makeup collection!

tabekko snack makeup collection

Image Credits: Ginbis Tabekko

This collection features various eyeshadows and lipsticks of versatile colours, a translucent powder, as well as makeup puffs.

tabekko snack makeup sponges

Image Credits: Ginbis Tabekko

Thought these were packs of Tabekko animal biscuits? Well, you thought wrong! These are actually makeup sponges that look just like the edible biscuits themselves. You might accidentally take a bite out of it!

tabekko snack translucent powder

Image Credits: Ginbis Tabekko

With the extreme heat we experience in Singapore, translucent powder is essential to get sopping up of all the sebum that builds up on top of our makeup throughout the day. Housed in this cute portable case, you’ll definitely want to stow this compact powder in every purse and bag you’ve got.

tabekko snack lipstick

Image Credits: Ginbis Tabekko

Available in four different shades – from pink to a burnt orange and red – these lipsticks are all suitable for everyday wear. The adorable packaging sport intricate designs on every case too.

tabekko snack eyeshadow

Image Credits: Ginbis Tabekko

Last but not least, we have a range of eyeshadows in the collection. First up, a cute palette with pans that are shaped just like the Tabekko animal biscuits, with six different brown and neutral tones to help you create that perfect natural eyeshadow look or even smokey eye looks!

tabekko snack duo eyeshadow

Image Credits: Ginbis Tabekko

Next, there are the twin colour eyeshadows that are available in 10 different shades. If you enjoy creating bolder, more colourful eye makeup looks, then you should definitely consider giving these twin palettes a try. Can’t pick a colour? Let the cute animal characters on the packaging be your deciding factor!

The Tabekko animal makeup collection will be launching officially on 29 May at Family Mart in Japan and on Ichiban Kuji’s online site. This collection is unfortunately not available for purchase in Singapore yet, but we will definitely keep you updated if it reaches our shores!