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You didn’t hear that wrong. There’s an entire floor in Tangs Plaza Orchard that’s dedicated to pampering you in style, and it was officially launched on 27th July. Simply titled Beauty Services, this haven located in the heart of Orchard but yet tucked away from all the bustle is located at the newly revamped Level 4 of TANGS at Tang Plaza.

Beauty Services is a sanctuary for the beauty junkie, featuring a slew of premium beauty and skincare brands. Get ready to be pampered from head to toe! Take a look below to see what services and brands are available at Beauty Services.

For skincare, makeup and eyes

Inoue Olive

tangs beauty services inoue olive

You’ve heard about the benefits of coconut oil for your skin, but have you wondered: why not olive oil? Inoue Seikoen started off as olive farms on the island of Shodoshima in western Japan, but the quality of their extra virgin olive oil ensured their growth and success in domestic online retail.

The family-owned business decided to expand to Singapore, opening their first physical store here in Takashimaya in late 2015, before moving to TANGS last month. Their olive oil-based skincare products are the perfect balance of hydration and comfort, without a greasy residue on your skin as you might expect.

They also sell flavoured olive oil and other condiments for cooking in the store as well!

For information: Please call +65-6311-3317, or visit Inoue Olive at TANGS Beauty Services.

THREE Cosmetics

tangs beauty services three cosmetics products

Hailing from Japan, THREE is a skincare and makeup brand that focuses on having a holistic approach to beauty. This means that they don’t simply concentrate on improving your outward appearance, but also in improving your mind, body and skin in order to achieve beauty in its entirety.

Using essentials oils and plant-based ingredients, THREE aims to support the skin’s natural mechanism to enhance beauty. They believe that beauty truly comes from within, encouraging a positive, open attitude which is conscious of its place in the natural world.

For information: THREE Cosmetics will be opening in September 2017.


tangs beauty services qween 1

You don’t have to make do with unruly hair situations anymore. Qween is a premium boutique specialising in eyelash extensions, body hair removal and eyebrow reconstruction. As you might be able to guess, they aspire to give all clients a #Qween makeover with their top notch brow and lash services. Get ready for the royal treatment that you’ve always known you deserved.

For appointments: Please call +65-6735-0013 / +65-9666-8843 or visit Qween at TANGS Beauty Services. By appointment only.

For body

M’pir – The Nail Bar

tangs beauty services mpir 1

They used to be tucked away in another corner of TANGS, but their growing popularity and client volume has necessitated M’pir’s shift to a much bigger shop floor on Level 4 Beauty Services. The priority at M’pir is not merely just achieving the mani or pedi of your heart’s desire, but also to ensure that your nails are well taken care of in the process.

Products used at M’pir are three-free, meaning they do not contain toluene, formaldehyde and DBP. They also specialise in non-abrasive gel manicures, using the Shellac brand from the USA, or Magelic from Japan. Non-abrasive gel manicures means that they are easily removable with nail polish remover, and don’t have to be scraped off painfully with a metal tool!

P.S. Their name is pronounced ’em-pire’.

For appointments: Please call+65-6732-9001 or visit M’pir – The Nail Bar at TANGS Beauty Services.

Orchard Health Lifestyle

tangs beauty services orchard health lifestyle 1

Helmed by UK registered osteopath Martin John and his wife, Adela Yeo, Orchard Health Lifestyle is a brand new offshoot of the Orchard Health Clinic located in Somerset. While the clinic is for more pressing and severe cases, Orchard Health Lifestyle was born out of the need for properly supervised recuperation for patients with recovering joint and muscle problems.

Their innovative Joint Centralisation Technique, or JCT™, attempts to combine soft tissue and mobility techniques in order to re-align joints to their optimal axis of rotation. The body’s range of movement should be improved. Orchard Health Lifestyle also aims to prevent potential joint problems, which is particularly salient for those of us who engage in physically strenuous activities as hobbies or as part of our jobs.

For appointments: Please call +65-8113-0129 or visit Orchard Health Lifestyle at TANGS Beauty Services. Walk-ins are welcome, but subject to availability.

For hair


tangs beauty services drhair

This is the first hair treatment spa to be opened by the DrGL® brand, established by celebrity doctor and aesthetician Dr Georgia Lee. It promises quality results based on the precision of science and utilising top-notch ingredients. Expect only the best services from hair and scalp professionals, with premium doctor-backed products from the DrGL® brand.

For appointments: Please call +65-6734-9885, or visit DrHair® at TANGS Beauty Services. By appointment only.

UrbanHair Ginrich Aveda

tangs beauty services urbanhair ginrich

Established in 1988, Urbanhair Ginrich has attracted a wide and diverse regular client base. They have long been a popular fixture in TANGS Level 7, the predecessor of the new Level 4 Beauty Services, and now enjoy a much bigger shop space, decked with elegant marble paneling and ceiling-to-floor glass windows for a truly luxuriant experience. Urbanhair Ginrich uses premium products from Aveda, and are committed to their vision of being a people-oriented salon.

For appointments: Please call+65-6737-7813 or visit UrbanHair Ginrich Aveda at TANGS Beauty Services.

For facial treatments

Aesop Facial Appointment

tangs beauty services aesop products

Australian skincare brand Aesop was established in Melbourne in 1987, and have achieved worldwide popularity for their quality hair, skin and body care products. Now, witness their brand new concept, the Facial Appointment, which is a series of treatments to balance, stimulate and nourish the skin through touch.

Facial therapists here are specially Aesop trained, and their every movement, stroke and gesture during the facial have been meticulously designed to restore serenity and equilibrium to not only your skin and but your mental well-being as well. Aesop believes that attention must be paid to sounds, scents and the space in which your facial is done, on top of the quality of products used, so as to deliver the most efficacious experience possible.

For appointments: Please call +65-6836-4748, visit their website, or visit Aesop Facial Appointment at TANGS Beauty Services.

Clé de Peau Beauté

tangs beauty services cle de peau products 1

Ever wondered what Clé de Peau means? It’s actually French for ‘the key to beauty’. Utilising the best of Japan’s innovative cosmetic sciences with the French concept of elegance and beauty, Clé de Peau Beauté aims to give premium facial treatments specially tailored to your skin type.

For appointments: Please call +65-6235-6126 or visit Clé de Peau Beauté at TANGS Beauty Services. By appointment only.

Dior Institut

tangs beauty services dior institut products 1

Dior Institut uses exclusively Dior Skincare products, which aims to distill the best of youth and radiance while infusing balance and energy into your skin. Treatments are customised to each client’s specific needs, and takes your lifestyle and beauty expectations into consideration.

For appointments: Please call +65-6738-6618 or visit Dior at TANGS Beauty Services. By appointment only.


tangs beauty services drspa 1

This is the second DrSpa® outlet to be opened by the DrGL® brand, established by celebrity doctor and aesthetician Dr Georgia Lee. Blending science and skincare, DrSpa only uses the best quality ingredients for their treatments, which are developed through extensive research and development supervised by Dr Georgia Lee herself. They promise visible results from the very first visit.

For appointments: Please call +65-6734-9885, or visit DrSpa® at TANGS Beauty Services. By appointment only.

Espace Beauté Chanel

tangs beauty services espace chanel products

Enter into a space devoted to your beauty designed by luxury brand Chanel. Personalised treatments are held in maximum comfort, luxury and relaxation. Give your self-confidence a treat with a trip to this Chanel-exclusive spa.

For appointments: Please call +65-6734-1307, or visit Espace Beauté Chanel at TANGS Beauty Services. By appointment only.

Lancôme Beauty Institute

tangs beauty services lancome beauty institute products

With more than 80 years of heritage behind them, the Lancôme Beauty Institute employs only the best beauty therapists trained by Lancôme themselves. Your skin will be pampered with generous amounts of Lancôme’s iconic skincare lines, such as the Génifique or the Absolue range of products.

Cabins here are specially curated to optimise the multisensorial experience you will receive, using aromatherapy, music, and chromotherapy to complement the treatment that you are undergoing.

For appointments: Please call +65-6734-7114 or visit Lancôme Beauty Institute at TANGS Beauty Services. By appointment only.

Shiseido Facial Studio

tangs beauty services shiseido facial studio products

Balance your Qi with Shiseido’s Qi facials. Your massage will incorporate relaxing rhythmic techniques that will soothe your mind and body into a luxuriant state of rest.

Their specially trained facial therapists will use Shiseido brand lotions and fine masks to stimulate microcirculation to encourage smooth flow of Qi throughout the body.

For appointments: Please call +65-6311-3317 or visit Shiseido Facial Studio at TANGS Beauty Services. By appointment only.

Spa de La Mer

tangs beauty services spa de la mer products 1

The name of La Mer has long been synonymous with premium luxury skincare for a long time, so it is no surprise that everything about Spa de La Mer reflects the brand’s heritage and philosophy to a tee.

Harnessing light and sound energy in a bio-fermentation process, La Mer aims to incorporate “energy” into all their treatments in order to maximise its healing benefits for your skin. Personal skin analysis is done for every client before each facial, so appropriate La Mer products can be used during the facial according to your personal needs.

For appointments: Please call +65-6735-6762 or visit Spa de La Mer at TANGS Beauty Services. By appointment only.

Sulwhasoo Facial Treatment Studio

tangs beauty services sulwhasoo products

Korean skincare has become a force to be reckoned with in recent years, and Sulwhasoo is undeniably one of its leaders in luxury beauty. Using the traditional Korean aesthetic philosophy of “sang-seng”, the belief that all things exist in relation to one other, Sulwhasoo aims to achieve optimal vitality for their clients where mind and body can exist in complete harmony and balance.

Precious stones such as jade rings, amber and white jade are used by their therapists to massage over your skin, to clear toxins and impurities. Therapists may also clench hot stones, or cold jade rings, before massaging to improve relaxation. You can also choose between four earthy, Oriental scents for your specialised aromatherapy during the whole session.

For appointments: Please call +65-6736-0339 or visit Sulwhasoo Facial Treatment Studio at TANGS Beauty Services. By appointment only.