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11.11 and Black Friday have served up some truly amazing deals this year, but if you thought your wallet was going to be safe for a while before the Christmas shopping, here’s where our favourite social commerce retailer will prove you wrong.

For those who know, Taobao is a treasure trove full of unexpected goodies at unbelievably affordable prices, and the prices go even lower during major sale periods – like 12.12!

New to Taobao and don’t know what’s worth your yuan? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back with a round-up of only the best-selling beauty products on Taobao that have received fantastic (and legitimate) reviews from satisfied customers!

1. Fake Eyelashes (that don’t require glue!)

Taobao 12.12 Fake Eyelashes

Not all of us are genetically blessed with naturally long and lifted lashes, which is why we turn to alternatives like mascara and falsies. However, those options can be very time-consuming, and you’ll also run the risk of infections from unsafe eyelash glue on the falsies.

This nifty product may just be the answer to your short lash woes – no glue is needed to stick them on, no makeup remover needed to take them off, and the best part is that you can even reuse them for up to five times to make your money’s worth!

Tip: Buy more pairs of falsies so that your order reaches CNY200 and you get to enjoy additional CNY20 off!

Get these at CNY29.90 (SGD5.80) for 3 pairs here.

2. Double Eyelid Tape

Taobao 12.12 Double Eyelid Tape

Want to change your monolids to double eyelids without the pain and risks of surgery? We highly recommend this double eyelid tape that comes in various shapes and sizes to suit your eye shape.

Unlike other tapes that look very obvious when stuck on, this one comes in a net-weave design so that it blends seamlessly into your skin – you can barely tell where it is even when you have eye makeup on!

Get this at CNY19.90 (around SGD3.85) for 1 sheet here.

3. MISHITI Eyebrow Pencil

Taobao 12.12 Mishiti Eyebrow Pencil

Beauty junkies would know that many holy grail brow products can be really pricey, and not all of us can afford to invest in brow embroidery.

The good news is that Taobao offers a myriad of amazing brow products, including this brow pencil!

This comes with a spoolie and lead of suitable hardness in five shades (including a light blonde!) – even beginners will have no problem sporting a strong brow game with this gem.

Tip: Brow pencils are essentials that you should stock up on – why not buy more to get CNY20 off your CNY200 order?

Get this at CNY9.90 (around SGD1.90) here.

4. CAIJI Sunset Eyeshadow Disc (Best value!)

Taobao 12.12 Caiji Sunset Eyeshadow Disc

If you are just starting out on eyeshadow and don’t want to buy a palette worth SGD100, but still want the variety and quality that comes with such expensive palettes, you’re in luck because we’ve found one that offers 16 wearable shades – for less than SGD4!

That’s right, you didn’t read that wrong: one customer was so impressed, she even left a review saying that this huge palette is such value for money that it scares her!

Besides the good shade range, many reviewers also highly recommend this due to the amazing colour payoff for both the matte and shimmery shades, as well as the blendability of the buttery formula.

Tip: Share this with your fellow beauty junkies and collate one order of at least CNY200 to enjoy a discount of CNY20!

Get these at CNY19 (SGD3.67) here.

5. Mack Andy Diamond Glitter Eyeshadow

Taobao 12.12 Mack Andy Diamond Glitter Eyeshadow

Glittery coral eyeshadows are all the rage these days, so this palette really encourages you to pack on the glitter in order to create the most glamorous makeup look you can pull off this festive season.

This palette comes in two variants: we highly recommend picking #1 if you are looking to create modern diva vibes (just look at that neon green shade!), and #2 if you lean towards warm, rosy colours that are wearable on a daily basis.

Tip: Why choose between the two when you stand to get a discount of CNY20 by getting both shade variants?

Get this at CNY59 (around SGD11.40) here.

6. fmr Oil Control Paper

Taobao 12.12 Fmr Oil Control Paper

Blotting sheets are a must-have for people with oily skin – we want skin that glows from within, not shining from excess sebum!

Unfortunately, some blotting sheets have the tendency to be too good at what they do, where they absorb too much oil and even moisture from our face, but this one on Taobao only whisks away excess oil without taking away the moisture in your skin.

You’ll enjoy using these blotting sheets that are soft to the touch while relaxing in the faint fragrance of essential oils. Who would have thought that blotting oil from our faces could be such a sensorial indulgence?

Get this at CNY10.90 (around SGD2.10) here.

7. NOVO Liquid Blush

Taobao 12.12 Novo Liquid Blush

Liquid blushes are gaining popularity these days: in contrast to powders that emphasise bumpy skin and do not last long, the liquid formula actually makes your skin look naturally dewy and stay put for much longer.

Whether you are a fan of bright blush colours to create the juicy makeup look, or darker nude shades for a contoured and elegant effect, you’ll love these liquid blushes that blend easily and adhere well to the skin.

You could even use these as lip stains, so our advice is to stock up on these affordable babies!

Get this at CNY12.80 (around SGD2.50) here.

8. SWEET PINK My Princess Blush (Sweetest shades!)

Taobao 12.12 Sweet Pink My Princess Blush

You would have heard of the famous Korean gradient lips by now, but what about gradient cheeks?

Rather than piling on one solid colour on your cheeks and running the risk of looking like Pikachu, gradient blush helps you to spread the colour evenly for a more natural look.

P.S. Did we also mention that this comes with a cute heart-shaped blush, and everything costs only SGD5?! Unbelievable!

Get this at CNY25 (around SGD4.90) here.

9. AMORTALS Eyeshadow Brush Set (Essential for travel!)

Taobao 12.12 Amortals Eyeshadow Brush Set

If you’ve been struggling to create a gasp-worthy eyeshadow look because you use those tiny, miserable brushes included in your palette, it’s time to make a (small) investment in this set of five eyeshadow brushes.

Hailing from famous Korean beauty tools brand AMORTALS, there is a brush for anything you need, be it a flat brush to apply the base colour, or one with a smaller tip to dab on the glitter at the corners of your eyes.

Get this at CNY52 (around SGD10.10) here.

10. Chioture Ferment NO.1 Cleansing Water

Taobao 12.12 Chioture Ferment No.1 Cleansing Water

Don’t belittle this bottle of cleansing water – it may look ordinary, but it sells over 450,000 bottles per month!

This cleansing water is actually formulated with ten types of fermented flowers and seawater from France for the most amazing cleansing powers you’ve ever seen, according to reviews by actual customers.

It is also fragrance-free and alcohol-free, making this a great option for those with highly-sensitive skin.

Get this at CNY59 (around SGD11.40) here.

11. Temix acrylic nails

Taobao 12.12 Temix Nail Art

No need for expensive nail manicures anymore when you can get 24 acrylic nails on Taobao for less than SGD3!

These come in pretty pastel shades of baby blue and powder pink – you get two different variations in one set, where some of them come with flowers and pearls embedded on the acrylic nails. Simply stick these on your nails, and you’ll have a gorgeous set of nails in a fraction of the time that elaborate manicures take.

Tip: This merchant also sells other types of acrylic nails such as matte nudes and gradient gel – we recommend that you get a few varieties so that you can get CNY20 off your purchase!

Get this at CNY13 (around SGD2.50) here.

12. SPOLIR Lipstick

Taobao 12.12 Spolir Lipstick

MLBB lippies, particularly those red bean paste shades of red, are a must-have in any beauty junkie’s lipstick stash – but why limit yourself to the same old boring designs when you could get something unique at the price of a large cup of bubble tea?

Aside from its range of classic shades, this lipstick also offers two other options: one with vintage carvings, and another with gold flakes! It costs an extra CNY10 (about SGD2) if you want those unique options, but it is a small price to pay for a product that will look absolutely stunning.

Get this at CNY24.90 (around SGD4.80) here.

Promotions to make the most out of your 12.12 shopping spree

If the thought of purchasing all these amazing beauty products at an unbelievably low price has already made you excited, here’s even more good news: you get to enjoy additional discounts, cashback, and promotions from Taobao’s 12.12 campaign!

DV-exclusive promotion: Here’s a sweet treat only for our readers: use code TBDVSG for CNY40 off a minimum spend of CNY399! This code is valid for use on 12 Dec 2019 from 0000hrs – 2359hrs.

(Note: Code is limited and can be claimed on a first-come, first-served basis. Code is for in-app purchases and one-time input per user only. Singapore address must be used at checkout. Other T&Cs apply.)

Tmall shopping coupons (天猫购物津贴): From 8 Dec, you can start loading your wishlist and collecting coupons. Discount stackable with hongbao, credit card payment offer, shop vouchers & promo code. On 12 December, you’ll get to enjoy CNY30 off every CNY300 spend with no cap on participating products when you use the Tmall shopping coupons you collected over the days!

Collect CNY12 Hongbao: From 10 – 12 Dec, get ready daily at midnight to snatch CNY12 Hongbao in the 12.12 Shopping Guide! Limited quantities for the fastest fingers only. Discount stackable with coupons, shop vouchers, credit card payment offer & promo code.

Credit card promotions: Starting from 12 Dec 0012 hrs, get SGD8 off when you pay with any Singapore credit card with a minimum spend of SGD80. Enjoy additional discounts when you use UOB, DBS or Maybank credit card from 12 Dec 0900hrs onwards.

(Note: Limited redemptions only.)

Partner bank promotions: UOB, DBS, and Maybank cardholders get to enjoy the following exclusive discounts.

UOB Cardholders

  • Promotion Period: 12 December 2019, 9am to 12 December 2019, 11.59pm
  • Mechanics: Spend SGD100 get SGD12 OFF
  • First 2,000 Taobao x UOB Cardmembers.

DBS Cardholders

  • Promotion Period: 12 December 2019, 9am to 12 December 2019, 11.59pm
  • Mechanics: Spend SGD100 get SGD12 OFF
  • First 2,000 Taobao x DBS Cardmembers.

Maybank Cardholders

  • Promotion Period: 12 December 2019, 9am to 12 December 2019, 11.59pm
  • Mechanics: Spend min. SGD50 get SGD5 OFF (first 1,000), min. SGD100 get SGD12 OFF (first 500)
  • Applicable to Taobao x Maybank Cardmembers.

Happy shopping!

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