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We’ve seen our fair share of creative and unique nails, but these nails just might be the wildest set ever!

Nail artist Morgan Gilbertson (@_haus_of_nails_ on Instagram) has been going viral for nails that are decorated with a functional tea set.

Yes, you’ve read that right – from the teapots to teacups and even sugar, these nails have everything you need for a miniature cup of actual tea!

Credits: @_haus_of_nails_/Instagram

They may be impractical for daily life, but we still can’t get enough of these whimsical nails. Plus, who knows when you’ll need an extremely tiny cup of tea on-the-go? (No? Just us?)

We’ve got all the details on this one-of-a-kind set, along with other equally impressive nails that the artist has done. Read on to check them out!

The Tea Set Nails

Credits: @_haus_of_nails_/Instagram

The nails feature sculpted teapots with removable lids, and teacups matched with elegant little saucers

Completing the look are hand-painted details of intricate blue and gold floral designs, reminiscent of classic fine china.

But they’re not just for show – the nails can also contain real tea!

With a bit of careful manoeuvring, Morgan Gilbertson manages to pour actual tea from a mini teapot into a teacup on another nail.

Credits: @_haus_of_nails_/Instagram

Prefer your tea sweet? No problem! The creator uncovers yet another mini teapot to reveal that it’s filled with real sugar.

She then uses a tiny spoon to scoop out the sugar and mix it into her drink, making the perfect cup of tea.

The Artist’s Nail Sets

With such gorgeous artistry and creative designs, Morgan Gilbertson’s nails never fail to deliver.

Since we’re in awe of her incredible talent, we’ve rounded up a few more examples of her work!

Sparkling Teacups

Credits: @_haus_of_nails_/Instagram

After the viral popularity of the original tea set nails, Morgan Gilbertson created another set of nails featuring a teacup – this time decorated with colourful roses, pearls, and gold detailing!

To add an extra touch of sparkle, she even adds tiny crystals inside the teacup. And if that wasn’t enchanting enough, one of the nails features a miniature pocket watch, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

Enchanted Forest

Credits: @_haus_of_nails_/Instagram

These nails truly transport you to a whimsical storybook world, with vibrant mushrooms, iridescent butterflies, and leaves that mimic a real forest floor.

They’re perfect for taking your cottagecore aesthetic to the next level, and showing the world how connected you are to the mystical charm of nature.

Sweet Tooth

Credits: @_haus_of_nails_/Instagram

If you’re partial to sweet treats, these mouth-watering nails are sure to catch your eye!

Featuring sculpted gummies, lollipops, and enticing rainbow hues, this set of nails is everyone’s childhood dream come true.

Barbie World

Credits: @_haus_of_nails_/Instagram

Celebrating the Barbiecore aesthetic, these nails are decorated with the iconic Barbie logo, along with lots of rhinestones and flowers for a glamorous and girly manicure.

But the star of the show is, without a doubt, the massive fluffy pom-pom attached to one nail!

Featured image credits: @_haus_of_nails_/Instagram.