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Bad hair days are the ones we dread the most. With our humid climate, we often get frizzy hair that sometimes can’t be tamed without additional styling.

To make matters worst, plenty of us love to change up our hair colour, which can damage our hair further, causing it to become brittle and dry.

Photo source: @basicbtchcloset/TikTok and @thebeautyspy/TikTok

Luckily for us, there’s a new trending haircare product that TikTokers are calling “magic in a bottle”. The best part about it is that it won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

We’re talking about the Moremo Water Treatment Miracle 10, which has been raved about on TikTok recently.

Users of the platform said that this haircare really stays true to its name and worked like a miracle. They claim that in just 10 seconds, their dry, frizzy hair felt silky smooth again.

All you have to do is apply it on your hair in the shower right after you’ve shampooed your tresses. It’s super convenient, right?

Photo source: @aksj._/TikTok

10 seconds may seem a little short for a haircare product to do much, but this product promises results, and it’s all thanks to its water-like texture and Magic Formula System.

Instead of providing temporary softness, it infuses nutrients into the hair to provide deep protection from within the cuticle.

Photo source: @aksj._/TikTok

And don’t freak out if you feel a slight warming sensation on your scalp after application. You’ll be getting a steam hair pack effect because this Magic Formula System generates mild heat.

This heat generated will react with the moisturising components and silk amino acids in the formula, so it can heal damaged cuticles.

Photo source: @basicbtchcloset/TikTok and @imquiteshushy/TikTok

Most haircare formulas also tend to have silicones in them which can cause build-up on your hair that is hard to remove, but this hair treatment doesn’t contain them.

If you’re a damaged hair girlie on a tight budget, this product is really the perfect solution for you.

Moremo Water Treatment Miracle 10 retails for S$21.15 at Guardian.

Featured image credit: @aksj._/TikTok