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Bangkok is every shopper’s paradise. From clothes to food, it is a haunt for tourists from all over the world. Bangkok is gaining popularity in the beauty scene with plenty of homegrown Thai skincare and makeup brands sprouting up everywhere in the city. If you are already planning a quick getaway to Bangkok, then be sure to check out these 37 Thai skincare and makeup products to add to your beauty haul!

Gino McCray

Touted as the MAC of Thailand, Gino McCray is a cosmetics brand that is wildly popular with the locals and beauty junkies all over the world. On your next trip to Bangkok, you must grab some of these products. Gino McCray’s makeup products are found in Beauty Buffet retail outlets around Bangkok.

1. Gino McCray Professional Makeup Trio Cheek Palette

Gino McCray’s professional makeup cheek blush has been touted by fans as a dupe for MAC’s blush palettes. The trio cheek palette comes in two shade variations to suit Asian skin tones, Pink Flash and Peach Glare. Each trio comes in three complementary shades to suit every occasion. It retails at THB375.00 (approximately SGD16.51).

2. Gino McCray Professional Makeup Lipstick

Gino McCray’s lippie has a shade range that’s wide enough for you to find a colour suited to your skin tone. The formula includes collagen peptide and Vitamin E, making this lipstick from Gino McCray very  moisturising with a semi-matte finish. This retails at THB249 (approximately SGD10.37).

3. Gino McCray Professional Makeup 24 Eyeshadow Palette

This palette boasts a good range of warm and cool colours. If you are looking for a palette that includes some blues and greys, then this palette will fit your needs. Their shadows are famous for being highly-pigmented, and are formulated with nourishing extract of vitamin E. This retails at THB590.00 (approximately SGD24.58)


Lansley is a brand under the Beauty Buffet group of beauty products, and its skincare products are also a must buy when you are in Bangkok. Their product range covers eye creams, eye and face serums, body whitening products, and masks.

These are some of the products that are highly raved about by beauty bloggers when they share their beauty hauls from Bangkok. Lansley skincare products can be found in Beauty Buffet outlets around Bangkok.

4. Gold perfect Anti-Wrinkle eye cream

Featured as a recommended item on Thailand’s Beauty Buffet site, this eye cream’s main selling point is that it is formulated with 99.99% pure gold, which is meant to keep the skin around the eyes fresh. Its ingredients also include collagen and elastin, which are effective in eradicating wrinkles. They currently retail at THB505.00 (approximately SGD22.23)

 5. Lansley Miracle Beauty Brightening Supreme Serum

Another recommended Lansley skincare product on Beauty Buffet’s website is the Brightening Supreme Serum. This skin serum promises radiant-looking skin, by brightening and evening out skin tone. It also contains anti-blemish properties.

Lansley’s Brightening Supreme Serum is made from Gigawhite, an extract from seven Alpine plants developed in Switzerland and Tahitian Black Pearl. This popular serum in Bangkok is currently selling for THB490.00 (approximately SGD21.57)

6. Lansley Anti Acne Advanced Solution Purifying Gel Cleanser

Lansley has a purifying cleanser targeted at those who suffer from acne. It is formulated with an emollient plant extract, glycolic acid and triclosan, and  is gentle enough on the skin while it effectively exfoliates clogged pores to prevent further breakouts. These are retailing at THB170.00 (approximately SGD7.48)


This is another popular Thai beauty brand in the Beauty Buffet group and the brand’s products are frequently seen in the Bangkok beauty hauls of many beauty junkies. It boasts an array of lotions and potions for your skin in a myriad of scents. Scentio is sold at Beauty Buffet stores nationwide.

7. Scentio Milk plus whitening Q10 facial scrub

This Scentio facial scrub is well-loved by its fans for its ‘milky’ scent, and frequently touted as a beauty must-buy in Bangkok. It has co-enzyme Q10 that nourishes and regenerate your skin. It retails at THB205.00 (approximately SGD9.03)

8. Scentio Whitening Body Lotion Milk Plus

Scentio also has a body lotion in the same Milk Plus range as the previously mentioned body scrub. Like the scrub, the body lotion has a distinct “milky” scent, and will leave your skin soft, supple, and smelling really good! It is retailing at THB220.00 (approximately SGD9.69)

9. Scentio Apricot Sherbet Body Scrub

Something about the name Apricot Sherbet already makes this scrub sound extremely yummy. Even if apricots are not your favourite fruit you can still find many fruity alternatives such as raspberry, avocado, and even pineapple jam. Each bottle costs THB210.00 (approximately SGD8.75)

Oriental Princess

Don’t miss out on local Thai beauty brand Oriental Princess on your next visit to Bangkok. Oriental Princess carries a wide range of products that takes care of every part of your body, from body care, facial care, hair care, to makeup too. Their product range is just as impressive as it is comprehensive. You will definitely be leaving the store with a few bags of cosmetics products from Oriental Princess.

10. Oriental Princess Beneficial face illuminator pearly duo base

Part of the Beneficial product range of foundations, this face illuminator will be a good addition to your makeup collection. It comes in two shades: Gorgeous, a yellowish-gold tint; Romantic, a pinkish-pearl finish that claims to be suited to Asian skin tones. This is currently retailing at USD11.54 (approximately SGD15.82)

11. Oriental Princess Hair cologne spray

Oriental Princess’s Hair Cologne Spray is the brand’s best-seller: it is a unique product that eliminates any odours that stick to your hair. It comes in a handy spritz bottle – convenient enough to put in your handbag so that you can spray it as and when needed. With a variety of different scents, you will be spoilt for choice. These go for USD8.49 (approximately SGD11.64)

12. Oriental Princess Natural Sunscreen UV Tinted Perfection SPF 40/PA+++

This sunscreen from Oriental Princess doubles as primer and tinted moisturiser to prep and protect your skin. Use under your foundation or even as a concealer to hide dark circles and blemishes.

The natural sunscreen is formulated with SPF 40 to protect the skin from harmful rays. It is also alcohol-free, making this suitable for all skin types, even for those with sensitive skin. These are selling for USD16.99 each (approximately SGD23.30)

Srichand Powder

37 best Bangkok beauty product Srichand Powders

Source: The Laotongs

An oldie but a goodie, Srichand Powder has been around in Thailand since 1948. It is a household name and a trusted home brand for many locals, making this a must-buy beauty product in Bangkok that you have to experience and try. Srichand has undergone a massive rebranding and has expanded into makeup as well. These are sold at most Bangkok drugstores and convenience stores, such as 7-11!

13. Srichand Translucent Powder

Part of the classic range, Srichand’s translucent powder is a delicate, non-pigmented white powder and suits all skin types. It is recommended that you use it to set  your makeup, and it will control excess sebum and shine throughout the day. This is one of the award-winning,best-selling powders in Thailand, which explains why it is coveted by all beauty aficionados in their Bangkok beauty sprees. Each pot retails at THB139.00 (approximately SGD6.12)

14. Srichand Tanaka Gold Powder Mask

The Tanaka gold powder mask, as the name suggests, has a gold finish which is meant to help with oil control and create radiant skin. All you need to do is mix it in with water and apply to your face. It is suitable for all skin types, but works especially well for those with combination and oily skin. Each pot of 4.5g retails at THB90.00 (approximately SGD3.74)

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Cosluxe is a homegrown Thai brand that has clearly made a name for itself in the beauty and makeup world. Their motto is simple: Everyone has their own beauty and style, and Cosluxe is the perfect tool to find their beauty in their own way. Cosluxe’s products are sold in Sephora in Bangkok.

15. Cosluxe Slim Brow Pencil

37 best Bangkok beauty product Cosluxe Brow Pencil

Source: Sephora

You cannot leave Bangkok without one (or many!) of these. Cosluxe grew to fame with this Slim Brow pencil and is on every beauty junkie’s shopping list. It is highly-rated and a must buy. It has a thickness of only 1mm, which help to create fine strokes for a natural-looking brow. Each set costs THB215.00 (approximately SGD8.95)

16. Cosluxe Wanderlust Eyelashes Natural

37 best Bangkok beauty product Cosluxe Lashes

Source: Sephora

Cosluxe’s false eyelashes are also a Thai Sephora best-seller. These are handmade and very lightweight, so that you can flaunt flattering and natural-looking peepers. These come in a value pack of four pieces – all the more reason to stock up on them when you are in Bangkok. Each pair of lashes retails at THB120.00 (approximately SGD5.28)

17. Cosluxe Trust me Auto Eyepencil liner

37 best Bangkok beauty product Cosluxe Eyepencil

Source: Sephora

Listed as a best-seller, this super slim liner from Cosluxe is waterproof and easy-to-use. It is retractable so no sharpening is needed, which makes it super convenient to use. It comes in seven colours, and will make a great addition to your eyeliner collection. Cosluxe’s Trust Me Auto Eyepencil Liners are being sold in Bangkok at THB219.00 (approximately SGD9.64)

Flawless Me by Onnbaby

Founded and created by popular Thai beauty blogger, Onnbaby, the Flawless Me brand was borne from her sheer love of beauty and makeup. She prides herself on choosing the best ingredients which are in line with international standards. Plus, how could we resist the cute packaging! Flawless Me by Onnbaby products are available at Eveandboy.

18. Flawless Me Puff-it-up Vitamin Loose Powder (Translucent)

37 Best Bangkok Beauty Products Flawless Me Puff It Up Vitamin Loose Powder Translucent

This lightweight and ultra-fine loose powder doesn’t only help to set your makeup, but also nourishes your skin with its skin pampering ingredients. It is packed with Zinc PCA, Co-enzyme Q10, Collagen peptides and Vitamin C, much like a moisturiser, which help to achieve that flawless finish for all skin types. These are sold at THB699.00 (approximately SGD30.78)

19. Flawless Me Aqua Splash Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel

37 Best Bangkok Beauty Products Aqua Splash Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel

This moisturiser promises to calm, soothe and nourish the skin. It is made with Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel,  and Vitamin E to deeply hydrate the skin. You’ll also love the cute packaging, which will look absolutely adorable on your vanity table. These retail at THB699.00 (approximately SGD30.78)

20. Cute Press x Disney Collection

37 Best Bangkok Beauty Products Cute Press X Disney Collection

Cute Press is a Thai brand, and if there’s one brand collection that you can’t miss, it’s the full-fledged Disney series. This is sure to appeal to the princess in you. The collection currently has two ranges: the Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast range. These two Thailand-exclusive collections include lip balms, eye palettes, foundation and highlighters.

You can purchase Cute Press x Disney Collection at Eveandboy outlets in Bangkok. The prices range from THB11.75 for a balm tint to THB900 for a Lipstick Box set (approximately SGD0.52 to SGD39.63)

PiM Cosmetix

21. PiM Velvet Kiss Liquid Lip Colour

Founded by two visual artists, PiM Cosmetix is a Thai indie cosmetics brand that was inspired by art, fashion, and music. The brand’s first launch was this lipstick line, complete with the boldest and brightest shades.You will also be happy to know that these gorgeous lippies are vegan friendly, cruelty-free and paraben-free. The lipsticks’ retail prices range from THB495.00 to THB550.00 (approximately SGD21.79 to SGD24.22)

Water Angel Masks

Just like in Korea, sheet masks are wildly popular in Thailand. If you are looking to buy masks from a Thai brand when you are in Bangkok, you have to check out Water Angel, which is one of the most popular brands around. The brand has over 15 types of masks to choose from. Water Angel Masks are available in convenience stores, so you can grab these from 7-11 when you are in Bangkok. The Thai masks cost between THB69.00 to THB79.00 (approximately SGD3.04 to SGD 3.48)

22. Snail Aloe Mask

37 best Bangkok beauty products Water Angel Snail Aloe Mask

Source: Water Angel

Those familiar with K-beauty would know the benefits of snail mucin, which helps to soothe and repair damaged skin. Snails are also widely used in Thai beauty, so it is not surprising to find this in Water Angel’s luxury range. The Snail Aloe mask is suitable for people with large pores, sebum and sensitive skin.

23. Water Angel Horse Oil Mask

37 best Bangkok beauty products Water Angel Horse Oil

Source: Water Angel

Targeted at people with rough and dry skin, this mask contains horse oil which can help to strengthen the skin tissue. Use this Horse Oil mask on the days you feel your skin getting dehydrated, and you’ll notice your skin becoming moist, smooth and glowing.

24. Water Angel Bee Venom Mask

37 best Bangkok beauty products Water Angel Bee Venom

Source: Water Angel

Last but not least, another interesting mask you have to try from Water Angel is the Bee Venom mask. It is a charcoal-based mask that contains bee venom, which supposedly reduces wrinkles, dullness and inflammation of the skin.


Thailand is truly the land of the exotic – just see their beauty scene! Produced in Thailand, Phutawan boasts a wide selection of nature-based products that are as interesting as they are effective These are sold in organic shops and also any 7-11 in Bangkok.

25. Phutawan Magic Cocoon Facial Soap

37 best Bangkok beauty products Phutawan Magic Cocoon

Source: Amazon

These special yellow silk cocoons are native to Thailand, and are rich in protein. These cocoon soaps can help slowdown the degeneration of the skin and give you healthier skin over time. One bottle costs THB150.00 (approximately SGD6.60)

26. Phutawan Bath Bombs

37 best Bangkok beauty products Phutawan Bath Bomb Pandan

Source: Phutawan

If you are looking for an alternative to Lush bath bombs, then look no further than Phutawan. Fancy some lemongrass, melon or even pandan scented bath bombs? Be sure to list these in your beauty haul. These also make great gifts for your friends, so buy as many of these as your luggage allows when you are in Bangkok! Each bath bomb sells for THB120.00 (approximately SGD5.28)

Namu Life Snail White

If you frequent Bangkok but haven’t tried this yet, put this on your shopping list and keep an eye out for this. There are already a couple of products that include snails on this list, but this is, by far, the most popular one in the Thai beauty scene. There are imitations of Namu Life Snail White’s products in the market, and you know what they say about imitation being the best form of flattery!

27. Namu Life Snail White Gold Facial Cream

37 best Bangkok beauty products Namulife Gold Bottle

Source: Namu Life

The gold facial cream from this Thai beauty brand is popular for its anti-ageing properties. Its formulation is said to help firm up the skin and reduce wrinkles, so that you tout more youthful-looking skin with every application. Each bottle retails at THB990.00 (approximately SGD43.59)

28. Namu Life Snail White Miracle Intensive Recovery Serum

37 best Bangkok beauty products Namulife Snail White Miracle

Source: Namu Life

If you have tried the gold facial cream and want to get your hands on more of the brand’s products, you can consider the Miracle Intensive Recovery Serum. The concentrated serum is easily absorbed into the skin and promises to deliver brighter, smoother and firmer complexion. This retails for THB1190.00 (approximately SGD52.39)

29. Namu Life Snail White Sunscreen CC Cream SPF50+/PA+++

37 best Bangkok beauty products Namulife Sunscreen Cc 1 Bottle Font

Source: Namu Life

The Snail White sunscreen CC cream is described as non-greasy and lightweight, making it suitable for daily use. For extra coverage, you can also wear this under makeup. Each bottle is sold for THB690.00 (approximately SGD30.38)

Erb Asia Cosmetics

Inspired by the majestic Siamese beauty treatment, Erb Asia flaunts a myriad of body creams, soaps, and even home fragrances. If you are looking to splurge on products in Bangkok as a pampering treat, you even have the option of customising a bespoke fragrance for yourself.

30. BF Passion de Pear No.22

Deliciously described as just-ripe pears mixed with lemon and orange perfume oils and a bouquet of blooming freesias and a hint of fresh patchouli, this Eau de Parfum is a unisex fragrance worth splurging on for a special treat. This  retails at THB2,900.00 (approximately SGD127.68)

Mistine Cosmetics

Touted as the L’Oréal of Thailand, Mistine is one of the most popular and well-established Thai cosmetics brands. These are found in most drugstores, such as Boots. You cannot leave Bangkok without buying at least one beauty item from Mistine.

31. Mistine Cosmetics Super Black Fixed Liner

If you have been on the hunt for a super black liner, then look no further than Mistine. As the name claims, this liner uses ink that is as jet black as it can get, and will truly make that winged liner stand out. This retails at THB 125.00 (approximately SGD 5.50)

32. Mistine Cosmetics 24 Cover All Translucent Powder

Mistine products are as reliable as any drugstore brand and worth every penny.  This translucent powder from Mistine is ideal for setting your foundation and removing shine, making this a must-have in our hot, tropical climate. This retails at THB 125.00 (approximately SGD 5.50)

33. Mistine Cosmetics BB Gold Wonder Cream

37 Best Bangkok Beauty Products Bb Gold Wonder Cream

BB creams are a must-have for those “no makeup” days where you need minimal coverage, but enough to help you have a good complexion. This Mistine BB cream is enriched with caviar extract and rosemary extracts, and promises to brighten your skin and control shine. This costs THB 110.00 (approximately SGD 4.84)

Siam Botanicals

Natural, chemical-free cosmetics and beauty products are growing in popularity within the beauty scene. Siam Botanicals is a Thai brand that is getting more popular locally and abroad for hitting all the right notes with those opting for natural beauty products.

All the products are 100% natural, and not made with any synthetics at all. They have a storefront in Sukomvhit that needs to be in your list of places to go in Bangkok.

34. Siam Botanicals Rose Geranium Milk Cleanser

This is a  very lightweight cleanser that is suitable for normal and sensitive skin. It has a subtle rose scent, and does not dry out your skin while effectively cleansing it. For those with sensitive skin, this is a must-have in your beauty regime.

35. Siam Roots Skin Conditioner with Lemongrass and Ginger

If you are looking for a lotion that will not only moisturise but also condition your skin, then you must get your hands on this award-winning skin conditioner by Siam Botanicals. Made with lemongrass and ginger, this lotion will smell as good as it feels.

36. Siam Botanicals Rudis Oleum Repair Formula Face Serum

Many beauty bloggers have incorporated face oils or serums into their makeup and skincare routines to improve skin texture and elasticity. If you are looking for a facial oil or serum to add to your beauty routine, this will do the perfect trick. The Rudis Oleum range combines argan, moringa and tanamu oils into a wonderful  blend that will heal and restore your skin.

37. Men’s Shaving and face care set

Last but not least, Siam Botanicals has a  Men’s shaving and face care set, which makes for the ideal gift for yourself or your significant other. This product has been featured on British GQ and is also a finalist in the Beauty Shortlist 2016 awards. The set contains a pre-shave cleanser, shave oil, after shave toner and after shave balm. This retails online at THB2987.00 (approximately SGD131.51.)

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