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Lip balms are such a necessity as they help to moisturise your lips and keep them from getting dry and cracked.

But let’s face it, lip balms can also be pretty basic. They’re just a stick of blended, nourishing waxes housed in a simple case.

The Beast Lip Balms both bullets

So, why don’t you make your lip moisturising routine a bit more fun with these balms that hide a beautiful design on the bullet?

Chinese beauty brand BEAST has released two cute and hydrating lip balms, both of which have different designs on their bullets.

The Beast Lip Balms Sea Salt Clary Sage

The Sea Salt Clary Sage lip balm is a gorgeous, clear blue bullet that takes the shape of a seashell, perfect for any ocean fan. We’re really digging its beautiful aesthetic.

The Beast Lip Balms Wild Mint Rosemary

Cat lovers will adore the Wild Mint Rosemary lip balm, which is a pastel yellow balm that sports an adorable cat’s paw on the bullet.

If you enjoy lip balms that provide a refreshing sensation, you can choose this one due to the presence of the wild mint.

The Beast Lip Balms both balms

Say goodbye to chapped lips with these lip balms as they provide long-lasting hydration for up to eight hours.

Formulated without alcohol and harsh preservatives, they also contain vitamin E to soothe and heal damaged skin and strengthen its natural barrier.

These lip balms not only look cute but will also do their job well.

Will you be adding these to cart? We certainly can’t wait to show them off to our friends.

The BEAST Lip Balms retail for ¥100 (~S$21.49) each on Taobao.

Featured image credit: RED