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This skincare brand is out of this world.

No, we mean that literally.

111SKIN is a luxe skinbrand brand that hails from Harley Street, London, the choice practicing venue for renowned English physicians in the past few centuries.

111skin Dr Yannis 2

It was first developed by Harley Street cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, for his patients’ exclusive use. The products he formulated became so popular and sought-after that he eventually began making it available to the general public.

If 111SKIN doesn’t already spell prestige, heritage, and legacy, we don’t know what will.

To officially launch 111SKIN’s first ever counter in Singapore at Robinsons The Heeren and the launch of a suite of facial treatments at the same counter, Dr. Yannis was in town and we were able to catch up with him about what drove his brand forward, and why he chose to use astronomical ingredients.

He stress-tested ingredients on astronauts

111skin Dr Yannis Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel Nac Y2

111SKIN Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel NAC Y2

The key ingredient of 111SKIN is something called NAC Y2. If that looks scientific already, that’s because it is.

The NAC Y2 is comprised of three active components:

  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
  • Sodium ascorbyl phosphate (Vitamin C)
  • Aesculus Hippocastanum Extract (ESCIN)

Essentially, what Dr. Yannis strove to achieve with this new compound NAC Y2 is to stimulate the production of a very important and very powerful natural antioxidant in our skin cells, called glutathione.

If you have seen other skincare brands or supplements include this ingredient itself in their list, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more powerful than NAC Y2.

111skin Dr Yannis Space Anti Age Day Emulsion Nac Y2

111SKIN Space Anti Age Day Emulsion NAC Y2

Many antioxidants aren’t able to penetrate into our skin by themselves, so it’s actually a lot more effective to simply provide the skin cells with ingredients or stimulants to help it produce more of these antioxidants.

So why test it out on astronauts of all groups of people?

“In space, skin is faced with extreme measures of cosmic radiation and pollution – fundamental in accelerating ageing, therefore, clinical-grade ingredients are needed to protect the complexion,” explains Dr. Yannis.

“This inspired me to research the most advanced actives inspired by space science to ensure my formulas truly heal and repair skin.”

111skin Dr Yannis Daily Orbit Energising Essence Nac Y2

111SKIN Daily Orbit Energising Essence NAC Y2

Essentially, space is the most stressful environment a human being could go through. Radiation alone is through the roof, let’s not even talk about microgravity’s effects on blood circulation. To protect astronauts from these harmful effects, you better bet your last buck that they’d use only the best of the best type of protective skincare.

In order to develop that level of skincare, Dr. Yannis collaborated with two cryologists to develop NAC Yand has since proven that it is able to stimulate the body’s natural defence mechanism and reverse cell damage.

The NAC Yrange includes:

  • Space Defence Bright Eye Lift Gel NAC Y2: SGD220 at Robinsons
  • Space Anti Age Day Emulsion NAC Y2: SGD260 at Robinsons
  • Daily Orbit Energising Essence NAC Y2: SGD120 at Robinsons
  • Space Anti Oxidant Booster: SGD170 at Robinsons
  • Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Booster Serum: USD135 on 111Skin’s website

They have another line using the rarest mineral on Earth

111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Cream

Not content with simply breaking planetary boundaries, Dr. Yannis has also created a line within 111SKIN that utilises the rarest mineral on earth – Black Diamond.

What’s the use of this in skincare? Aside from giving those who seek a really high-end skincare solution something worth its weight (and more) in gold, the Black Diamond is used as a carrier to transport active ingredients in the formula into the skin while protecting its potency.

111skin Dr Yannis Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion

111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion

“With innovation at the heart of our research, we are continuously looking for new ingredients and delivery methods to offer our patients cutting-edge and efficacious skin care,” says Dr. Yannis.

“We are situated on Harley Street – a world renowned hub of medical and aesthetic excellence – I am constantly inspired by the knowledge and expertise I am surrounded by in order to innovate and grow 111SKIN.”

The Celestial Black Diamond range includes:

“Prevention, not intervention.”

111skin review

Being a cosmetic surgeon puts Dr. Yannis in good stead for offering us proven and effective skincare solutions, but his explanation shows his deep concern for the skin issues that his patients face.

“As a cosmetic surgeon, I have an in depth understanding of skin, I look at skin as an organ which requires 3D healing – much more than just aesthetically,” he explained.

“I also speak to patients on a daily basis, so I can react to real life concerns, developing products that address existing and emerging skin issues.”

Dr. Yannis is also a strong believer in “prevention, not intervention”, an ethos which shouldn’t be anything new to us here in Singapore. “A good regime will delay if not prevent the need for plastic surgery in the first place.”

Now you can pamper yourself at the 111SKIN Facial Suite

111skin Dr Yannis Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask

111SKIN Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask

111SKIN hasn’t just opened a counter in Singapore – they’ve opened a whole facial cabin where you can pamper yourself in the most luxurious way imaginable.

The suite will offer a wide range of facials, and highly-trained therapists will help you decide on which one is the most suitable for your skin type and age. The treatments are also designed to be in line with 111SKIN’s collections.

  • The Dramatic Healing Facial (SGD190) feeds skin with vital antioxidants and vitamins in order to heal and repair skin
  • The Non-Surgical Facial (SGD280) is the most intensive facial which addresses ageing and damaged skin
  • The Cryotherapy Energy Facial (SGD220) uses a high-tech cryotherapy machine to cool the face offering a regenerative and tightening effect
  • The Meso Infusion Facial (SGD190) is suited to skin that requires deep hydration, volumising and brightening

He recommends doing a facial once a week for good maintenance of its results, enabling it to be longer lasting than it would be otherwise.

111skin Dr Yannis Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask

111SKIN Meso Infusion Overnight Micro Mask

So why do we need to go for these facial treatments if we have already invested in a power-packed skincare regime at home from 111SKIN?

“Facial treatments provide a deeper penetration of ingredients using expertly trained massage techniques,” corrects Dr. Yannis. “They increase blood circulation, relieve tension in muscles, and stimulate lymphatic drainage in order to detoxify skin.”

OK, consider us convinced.

Dr. Yannis’s favourite product in 111SKIN?

111skin Dr Yannis 1

As the founder of the brand, we’re sure that he loves and believes in all his products, but we had to ask him what was his ultimate favourite.

“Masks are brilliant for travelling,” says the frequent flyer. “I particularly like the Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask because it is pocket sized and offers intensive results – perfect for relieving signs of travel-induced fatigue.”

111skin Dr Yannis Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask

111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Eye Mask

As a cosmetic surgeon, he is also particularly in tune with skincare regimes and has a simplified one of his own. “My typical skin care routine is to cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise, and apply an eye serum.”

You heard it from the doctor, guys!

The 111SKIN Facial Suite at Level 1, Robinsons The Heeren is now open. Call +65-6732-1580 to make an appointment.