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If you enjoy changing your hair colour every other month and have tried every shade on the planet, there are five new magical colours in town that we’re sure you haven’t tried.

Sounds exciting, right? Well, we found a hair dye that changes colour with temperature to give you the most unique tonal spectrums you can imagine.

If you’re like us and have the spontaneous urge to change your hair every few days, this is the ultimate hair dye for you, so stay tuned to find out how it works.

The world’s first holographic, colour-changing hair dye


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London-based beauty brand THE UNSEEN has released the COLOUR ALCHEMY™, a hair dye that is inspired by the beautiful shades of nature, like beetle shells and peacock feathers.

This revolutionary hair dye was formulated in collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional, one of the world’s leading haircare brands, to dye your hair in never-before-seen colour spectrums using the power of science.

What’s even better is that this cruelty-free collection is bleach-free, which means it won’t harm your hair or scalp and will even work on the darkest hair tones. Talk about versatility!


the unseen colour alchemy

Fortunately, no black magic was used in the creation of this game-changing innovation. COLOUR ALCHEMY™ works by scattering light in kaleidoscopic hues that transform and shift in response to temperature, activating from 28 to 33ºC.

the unseen colour alchemy

The colour-changing effect would then be triggered by sunlight, body temperature, the use of heated tools, and even simple movements.

This mimics the visual effect of nature’s “structural colour” phenomenon, similar to how you might see a holographic rainbow effect on an oil spill puddle by the roadside on a hot sunny day.


COLOUR ALCHEMY™ is extremely easy to use; simply paint or sponge the gel-cream formula into your hair, allow it to dry, and wait for the magic to happen.

There are five vibrant holographic shades to choose from, and because they wash out easily, you’ll never get bored with your hair colour since you can easily switch to a new COLOUR ALCHEMY™ dye:

the unseen colour alchemy

  • SCARAB: This hair dye will apply with no visible colour on your hair but will change to a blend of orange, green and blue for a refreshing, cool look!

the unseen colour alchemy

  • PEACOCK: When applied, this hair dye turns your hair blue before transforming into an array of green, blue, and ultraviolet with heat, resembling fancy peacock feathers.

the unseen colour alchemy

  • BOREALIS: This dye appears purple on your hair but becomes a blend of green, orange, and violet with heat, resembling the holographic rainbow effect of an oil spill puddle.

the unseen colour alchemy

  • ANDRITE: For those who adore pink, this is the dye for you! This pink hair dye transforms into green, ruby purple, and blue, creating a striking statement that is sure to turn heads.

the unseen colour alchemy

  • PHOENIX: The amber red changes into a stunning combination of burnt orange, yellow, and ultraviolet. If you have warm complexion, this will be your perfect match!

THE UNSEEN COLOUR ALCHEMY™ retails for EUR66 (~S$96.58)  and is available on THE UNSEEN website. You can ship the product over using a courier service like Parcel Monkey.

Featured image credits: @beautyinsider/TikTok, @theunseenbeauty.uk/TikTok, @victoriasharp_/TikTok