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It’s 2019 and we have come a long way in gender equality. Indeed, women can now drive, vote, and hold office positions. While we should be happy at the huge progress we’ve made, we also know that there’s more to be done to achieve genuine gender equality.

Through a simple riddle that was asked to members of the public on the street, we could tell that there are still stereotypes when it comes to roles that are played by different genders in society.

For instance, most people assume that doctors are male while nurses are female. And this perception is coming from people who certainly aren’t outright sexists, which means that most people have unconscious gender biases.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, Daily Vanity hopes to encourage everyone to take another step towards eliminating sexist biases so that one day, we would no longer be surprised that a doctor, an engineer, or a managing director is a woman, and accept that a man can also be a nurse, a kindergarten teacher, or a home-maker. We can let our daughters and sons know they can be anything they want if we break down these stereotypes.

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