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You can’t have a skincare routine without having a moisturiser. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: moisturisers are the cornerstone of any respectable skincare regimen, and we don’t think anyone would dispute that.

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But what if you could supercharge your moisturiser so it works even harder for your skin?

The latest offering from DrGL, the all-new DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost, promises to do just that, and we have to say we were convinced by the before and after photos.

Check out the before and after photos

If you didn’t think that a moisturiser could have so much goodness packed within, you need to see the before and after photos of a lady who tried it out.

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Drgl Moisturiser Collage Boost Review After 2

After 4 weeks of application

With any regular moisturiser, you’d probably get well-hydrated skin after four weeks. With the DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost, however, you get well-hydrated skin – and more! The cheeks are more lifted, and the face appears smaller after four weeks of application.

Here, you can really see how the skin appears more youthful and radiant with four weeks of the DrGl Moisturiser. The additional suppleness of the cheeks can be seen in how there seems to be more shadow underneath the cheekbone.

Although you’ll see the most difference after you’ve applied it for four weeks, but the premium ingredients in the DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost will also exert immediate changes to the texture and firmness of your skin even after the first application!

How does this crazy nourishing moisturiser work? We decided to break down their ingredients list to see exactly how much value it can add to your skincare routine. But don’t just take it from us! We also approached celebrity aesthetic doctor Dr. Georgia Lee to take us through exactly how each of the components will be able to contribute to any existing skincare arsenal.

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Three hyaluronic acids

Drgl Moisturiser Collage Boost Review Hyaluronic Acid

These days, hyaluronic acid is one of the must-have in any skincare cocktail that brands themselves as remotely “hydrating”. The DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost doesn’t stop there: it includes three types of hyaluronic acid.

They’re basically hyaluronic acid of different molecular sizes, put together in a revolutionary formula called the HA-Triplid.

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Why is it important to have different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acids?

High molecular hyaluronic acid will specifically target the topmost layer of the skin, locking water molecules and moisture within and also reinforcing the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Your skin needs this to look glowy and luminous!

Medium molecular hyaluronic acid will penetrate into the mid layer of your skin, bringing moisture along with it. Your skin needs this to look plumped and firmed from inside out, and it will also reduce the appearances of fine lines too.

Low molecular hyaluronic acid, the smallest of the three, will go straight into the deepest layer of the epidermis where your skin’s moisture reservoir is. It not only helps your moisture reserves hold on to more moisture, but also stimulates your skin to produce more collagen as well, lifting your skin and helping it look younger.

korean skin care routine 9

You know how confused you get when facial therapists tell you that your skin is dry on the outer or inner layer? The HA-Triplid in the DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost solves that problem by targeting and hydrating all three layers of the skin at the same time.

“When all these ingredients are formulated together, they help to repair, nourish and protect the skin while providing intense hydration and a dewy radiance,” says Dr. Georgia Lee.

Three supercharged plant-based ingredients

Above everything, a moisturiser needs to moisturise, and we’ve already seen how the DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost is able to do that in abundance. It doesn’t just stop there. When we say it’s supercharged, we mean supercharged.

The DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost contains three primary plant-based ingredients: sea buckthorn oil, algae extract, and jojoba oil. The three ingredients work together with the hyaluronic acids for a multi-layer, targeted hydrating and lifting effect.

Sea buckthorn oil repairs the skin

Drgl Moisturiser Collage Boost Review Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil is actually extracted from the berries and seeds of the sea buckthorn plant, and they’ve long been anecdotally known for its skin and internal benefits.

In fact, its berries and seed oils can be applied directly to the skin to prevent sunburn, to soothe sunburnt skin and inflammations.

“[Its] antioxidant benefits are very high and can help reduce the onset of infection if exposed to environmental hazards or bacteria,” says Dr. Georgia Lee.

The nutrition profile of sea buckthorn oil is also staggering, says Dr. Georgia Lee. It contains “vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, K and P, carotenoids, flavonoids, amino acids, phenols, folic acid, organic acids, and 20 mineral elements”.

That’s not even mentioning its essential fatty acid profile (the good type needed by your skin), and may also be the only plant in the world to contain all four omegas: omega-3, omega-6, omega-7 and omega-9.

Algae extract protects the skin

Drgl Moisturiser Collage Boost Review Algae Extract

The hydrating power of algae extract has long been known in the world of skincare: it can instantly moisturise and condition your skin, and using products with the ingredient will immediately make your skin feel softer and more supple to the touch.

Aside from that, algae extract can also reduce the depth of wrinkles, and therefore lessening their appearances. It’s also an antioxidant, which will help to soak up environmental and sun damages that cause premature ageing.

“It is high in essential amino acids, proteins, and a variety of vitamins—including vitamins A, B, C, and E,” says Dr. Georgia Lee of algae extract.

She also adds that the best candidates to use algae-infused products are those with “dry skin, sensitive skin, and those who want to combat and prevent signs of ageing.”

Jojoba oil nourishes the skin

Drgl Moisturiser Collage Boost Review Jojoba Oil

While it’s an oil in itself, jojoba oil can actually help to balance out your skin’s oil levels. Although water and moisture is essential for our skin, so is a certain amount of oil, which helps to keep the water in and prevent it from evaporating off our skin surface.

Jojoba oil is not a new ingredient in the skincare world, and it’s commonly included for good reason. It’s an excellent emollient, which moisturises our skin and prevents irritation, and it’s also non-comodogenic, so you don’t have to worry about clogged pores.

To add to its already long list of benefits, jojoba oil is also an antioxidant, and can help to prevent your skin from ageing before your time.

“Jojoba oil works as a protectant and cleanser,” says Dr. Georgia Lee. “[It] is rich in iodine, which fights harmful bacteria growth that leads to breakouts. It can also accelerate the wound healing process, speeding up wound closure and stimulating collagen synthesis.”

All those ingredients are better together in one premium products

Korean Skincare Routine 2018 6

OK, so this moisturiser is packed with multi-targeting hyaluronic acids and supercharged natural ingredients. It has to stop there, right?


The DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost goes the extra mile and added in Vitamin E to improve the cell turnover for your skin, giving it a smoother and more youthful texture, and Squalene, which has powerful antioxidant effects against UV damage.

By themselves, each of these ingredients are already packed with natural skincare goodness, but as a premium blend carefully formulated by DrGL, the individual ingredients come together, working in tandem to deliver a power-packed efficacy that more than justifies its price point.

Its packaging is unique for a reason

Drgl Moisturiser Collage Boost Review 2

When you first open the box of a DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost, you might be wondering why the brand chose to sell it as a four-part set instead of a regular pot or tube as most other products on the market.

It’s actually for your own good! In order to make sure that the premium ingredients inside the product is able to optimally exert its effect and help to make your skin look better, the product was separated into four 10ml jars, which are sealed so they stay fresh until you open them.

Let’s face it, tubs are also not the most hygienic way of dishing out skincare, especially when you have to dip your bacteria-laden finger into the product each time.

Drgl Moisturiser Collage Boost Review 3

The four-part set of the DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost minimises this contamination problem, and it also comes with a spatula to help you make your skincare routine as hygienic and beneficial as possible.

Plus, the spatula can be used to massage away laugh lines and fine lines under the eyes while nourishing your skin with the DrGL Moisturiser Collagen Boost.

DrGL® Moisturiser Collagen Boost retails at SGD268 from April 2018 onwards at all DrGL counters, DrSpa boutiques and online at https://drgl.com/.

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