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Thomson Wellth is a subsidiary of Thomson Medical Group and offers a suite of health and wellness services. It is probably best known for preventive care services such as early health screenings.

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Did you know that the holistic health and wellness centre also offers skincare products and health supplements? Well, now you do.

One of the star products in the skincare collection by Thomson Wellth includes its Apple Stem Cell Serum that deserves quite a lot of space in this article.

What’s the Apple Stem Cell Serum about?

Some of us may have heard of stem cell technology. In particular, stem cells from animal sources (such as those that are extracted from animal placenta), which have created a huge buzz among beauty enthusiasts for a long time. Products created with these unique ingredients are well-loved because of their proven benefits for anti-ageing, and work especially well on women with urban lifestyles, who are constantly exposed to UV rays and blue light from their phones. Stem cell technology can help rejuvenate their skin and solve their skin woe at its roots.

Tmc Red Apple

The Thomson Wellth Apple Stem Cell Serum works on the same technology, but harnesses the power of plant stem cells instead. Specifically, rare apple stem cells from the Swiss alps.

There have been lots of studies and discussion done around these technology in the last few years, and plant stem cells have arguably been seen to work better than animal stem cells, because of how fast plants are able to rejuvenate itself compared to animals.

An editorial article by Women’s Health magazine reports that plant and fruit stem cells are able to stimulate the natural growth of human stem cells, protecting them from causes of ageing and are also rich in antioxidant to provide skin further defence. And as a bonus, the Thomson Wellth Apple Stem Cell Serum has a pleasant apple scent, making it great as a skincare treat just before bedtime.


The Apple Stem Cell Serum is the star product in the range of skincare products by Thomson Wellth.

This serum has moisturising properties to restore your skin’s hydration level, and at the same time deliver anti-ageing benefits to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Best part? It also offers a preventive benefit by keeping signs of ageing at bay with regular usage.

This incredible product retails at SGD89.90.

Try out other anti-ageing products from Thomson Wellth too!


Thomson Wellth Apple Stem Cells Collection 2

This range of products by Thomson Wellth are suitable for all skin types and skin conditions. Also formulated with other antioxidant and anti-ageing ingredients, these products are designed to repair, re-hydrate, and rejuvenate skin. You’ll also love that they contain no paraben and alcohol, and are lightweight and non-greasy – perfect for our hot and humid weather!

Stem Cell Activator Mask

Thomson Wellth Activator Mask

This isn’t just a pampering treat for your skin, it is also clinically tested to provide relief on damaged skin. This is recommended for use after dermatological procedures such as peeling, MTS, IPL, Fraxel, CO2, and other laser treatments, because it is gentle and has great skin-repairing benefits.

On top of these skincare benefits, the mask is also made with coconut fibre, which adheres to the contour to your skin, while delivering whitening, anti-ageing, and calming benefits.

This is also a biocellulose mask. Biocellulose acts as a physical barrier against irritants, making it great for soothing and healing sensitive skin, and skin that’s plagued by acne or wounds. The water-loving material also holds more nourishing ingredients and helps your skin absorb them better.

Use this at night, together with the Apple Stem Cell Serum, and wake up to a radiant glow on your skin the next morning.

This retails at SGD59.90 for a box of five.

2-Step Skin Peel

Thomson Wellth 2 Step Skin Peel

We can’t always make time for facial treatments, this is why we need something like the 2-Step Skin Peel at home as a fuss-free skin maintenance.

The first step of the product is a Surface Refiner, which gently clears accumulated dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, to reveal brighter, softer complexion. You’ll also notice pores that look more refined and skin that feels smooth to touch. The second step is the Deeper Treatment, a Hyaluron serum that contains a variety of active hydrating ingredients that restore moisture to your skin.

Those with acne problems or pigmentation are going to benefit most from this product, but note that it’s suitable for all skin types as a regular skincare booster, and is gentle enough as a daily treatment.

This retails at SGD21.90 for a box of five sets (Step 1 and 2).


Dark Spot Corrector

Thomson Wellth Dark Spot Corrector

While our Western counterparts see deep wrinkles when they age, Asians give their age away when pigmentation shows up on our complexion. Well, the good news is, if you start to prevent spots earlier, you’ll have a good chance at looking youthful for longer!

This is why the Dark Spot Corrector comes handy. This clear and lightweight product helps to repair skin and visibly lighten discoloration while brightening dull-looking skin. This is great for addressing dark spots, sun damage, and as an overall prevention against UV-induced signs of ageing – which we know affect every city woman!

This retails at SGD69.90.

UV Shield

Thomson Wellth Uv Shield

Most dermatologists would tell you that you should never leave home without a layer of sunscreen (of at least SPF30).

The UV Shield by Thomson Wellth gives you double of that; at SPF60++, it helps guard your skin against UV ray exposure. On top of that, the sunscreen also contains a whitening agent to provide your skin with an added brightening effect.

This retails at SGD39.90.

DV Tip: Apply a layer of UV Shield even if you’re intending to go makeup-free. The brightening formula evens out your skin tone. Dust a light layer of translucent powder over it if you’d like an even more airbrushed look.

Ready to try?

Thomson Wellth Swiss Apple Stem Cells Series 1

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